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  1. Now at York, as the Rochdale MRG has 3 layouts there, a lot of the same people you talked to at our show will be there, so that's some time saved then! Thank you to all our exhibitors and visitors, another successful show, we will be back 18 and 19 April next year (We have had to move as Easter has nicked our normal weekend)
  2. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend - we hadn't realised the significance until discussing it at our own show last weekend, but the Rochdale Model Railway Group actually have three of our group layouts in the show, and all in EM gauge: My "North Ballachulish", Tony Bucknell's "Harkness" Harkness and Karl Crowther's "Hebble Vale Goods" https://rochdalemrg.wordpress.com/
  3. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, Chris Nevard is unable to attend the show this year with Brew Street and has had to withdraw it from the show. He will be back next year though! He is replaced at the last moment by Amalgamated Wagon (7mm O Gauge) by Ben Lord. Our thanks to Ben.
  4. Due to unforeseen circumstances both Redwood Lumber and Junction City have had to drop out of this years show. They are replaced by Nigel Hopwood's "Three Score Vale" Our thanks to Nigel for stepping in at short notice.
  5. North Ballachulish set up and ready to go complete with the new backscenes
  6. And a shed load of 14xx/48xx returns which were faulty. You can talk the hind legs off a donkey but it only works to the point where you let someone down. Dapol, Hattons, and Kernow all learned a hard lesson.
  7. Component parts of North Ballachulish now in the garage ready for loading onto the van tomorrow. The large silver bags are the new backscene. The temporary sky blue backscene used for the first shows has now gone - after a lot of procrastination about them and whether to go for a photo backscene (which had problems) or paint one (not confident) I had an offer from Mike Raithby to paint them for me. Superb they are but I'll wait for the grand unveiling at Preston!
  8. Probably closer than you think lol. If you need accompaniment I'll bring the Les Paul and the big Marshall
  9. I read that with some dismay Andrew, but on looking at the floor plan we are at the other end of the pen from you and probably out of earshot, so feel free to carry on
  10. The 55th Rochdale Model Railway Exhibition Sat 13th April 2019 – Sun 14th April 2019 The Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough, Lancashire OL15 9AE OPENING TIMES: SAT 10am-4.30pm, SUN 10am-4.30pm ADMISSION: Adults £4.00; Accompanied Under 16s FREE List of Layouts Attending : We have 8 layouts lined up covering the popular scales and gauges: Culm - Dai Davies: GWR, EM Amalgamated Wagon - Ben Lord, 7mm O gauge Crows Nest Wharf - Trevor Hughes: Snailbeach District Railways 7mm Three Score Vale - Nigel Hopwood, EM Grange Lane - Steve Saxby : Diesel era layout 7mm Bridge Street Goods - Rex Ashton: BR OO Upper Cwmtwych - Les Nehrlich: Modern, N gauge Cyril Street - John Taylor: Vintage Hornby 3 Rail.
  11. Another episode in the comedy of errors that is DJM. It's quite clear from the replies here that people are bailing out of the crowdfunding, so even if he commissioned the project on break even, he is now well into loss. A recipe for insolvency.
  12. I really think it's a good move, and I live North of Manchester. It might be further travelling by about 15 miles but the drive is less hassle and will take me not much longer. I suspect also the attendance will be better, as it always was at Holmesfield House and at Slewitt! The venue as I remember it is OK and far better than the - erm - house of ordure that Partington is. Well done to all concerned, I'd heard about the other contender in the Manchester area and thought if it went there that would really be the death of the show.
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