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  1. I just used some dulux primer/ undercoat we had left from a big decorating job. I also primed the underside as well but didn't put on a top coat. It all took two coats as the ply just drinks it in. The top coats are gloss for the facia and back, and vynil matt for the backscene
  2. Ah well, Christmas over it was finally time to crack on, despite various calls on my time surveying pubs for the next Good Beer Guide, its a dirty job etc etc etc. The first quarter section of trackwork, the station throat, is now complete and its time to move on to the next quarter of the plan, the engine house side of the sorting sidings. The next bit also contains a three way, something Ive not built for a long while. It took a bit of looking at the wiring of it before deciding an order of construction. As the po
  3. The ELR will be holding a model railway show in the Bury Transport Museum on Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th April 2020. The show is open from 10am - 4pm each day. Admission is free but donations are more than welcome. Confirmed layouts so far North Ballachulish (EM), Hebble Vale Goods (EM), Haslingden (N) with more to be added and trade*. Come along and have a look at the models, have a ride on the railway (Blue Timetable in operation) and take some refreshment at the famous Trackside pub. * We are looking for a good RTR trader stocking all the red, blue and other boxes. Contact m
  4. until
    The East Lancashire Railway presents a Model Railway show to be held in Bury Transport Museum 4 and 5 April 2020, 10 am - 4pm each day. ENTRY FREE BUT DONATIONS APPRECIATED!! Layouts confirmed so far: Hebble Vale Goods (EM) North Ballachulish (EM) Haslingden (N)
  5. You mean this one? They do have a tendency to bend if you so much as look at them, especially when handling them. Soon rectified though.
  6. Following dropping new wheelsets in to EM Gauge as mentioned above, Ive been doing a spot of work on the new Hornby Stanier brake van. A few things irked me about it, not least the moulded verandah guard rails and the moulded lamp irons. Armed only with a Swann Morton 10a blade I carefully scored out the infill between the guard rail and the stanchion to reveal fresh air. All 4 have been left down. The lamp irons were scraped off and replaced by some folded up 1mm brass shim. The NEM pickets were unscrewed and discarded and the mounting block hacked back level with the bottom of th
  7. As flattering as it is to see North Ballachulish listed as a P4 layout, it is in actual fact EM Gauge. But what's 0.63 mil between friends lol
  8. I've just converted mine to EM. Wheelsets dropped in first time, no slop on the pinpoints so Ive not bothered drilling out for new top hat bearings for the time being. Only a little interference from the brake blocks which was cured by shaving off a slight sliver of plastic off the back of them. Hornby for once seem to have located the brake shoes not far off their proper position. Clearance between the inside of the W iron mouldings is a midges dick over 23mm, unfortunately my micrometer is out of batteries so had to use my guessing stick.
  9. I'm using Exactoscale chairs on the track. As it stands, especially in curves, the tension within the rail, despite pre bending, can pull the track out of gauge as the butanone cures the chair onto the ply sleeper, no matter how much you weight it down. The pins are there to help hold the track in gauge and are easier to apply than faffing around trying to drill holes and punch rivets in point timbers! There's an added advantage as well, in that you can solder the track feeds onto the bottom of the brass pin, thereby eliminating the need for unsightly dropper wires, with it making
  10. Following a three week hiatus, taking North Ballachulish to Warley, visiting a new grandson in Oslo, a day at Manchester show and administering a voting exercise for next years good beer guide, Ive finally this week been able to actually do some modelling. Track has actually started to be laid this week. As with all things theres always a snag and this one was realising that the new EM Gauge Society track disappointingly has incorrect sleeper spacing, so it was a case of upending it, cutting the webs out and re-spacing the sleepers prior to glueing them down. This was
  11. I'm hoping they will have arrived well before, and my 29 will be converted to EM in time to run on North Ballachulish.
  12. We were back home by 9pm and North Ballachulish put to bed until its next appearance at Model Rail Scotland in February 2020. A rather good show with the layout running very smoothly apart from the occasional "operator error" , the soldering iron never left the tool box and in fact the only tool to come out was the fibreglass brush for track and wheel cleaning. The set up and strip down were seamless, after last years debacle of waiting a hour and 45 for the van to get in the hall we were gone by 7pm. Like most of the exhibitors I saw relatively little of the show other than the tr
  13. And so it begins. A morning spent cleaning wheels in preparation for the show, so out with the trusty Duette. Clean wheels and clean track are essential for good running so its time well invested. I'll declare North Ballachulish a cake free zone, but there will be an over abundance of wine gums and probably 75cl of a beverage in keeping with the West Highlands of Scotland. No, not Irn Bru.
  14. So far the Greenbooth build had all been a bit arse about face in my usual order of construction, for example painting the finish on the baseboard outers and the basic backscene have been things always done at the end of the build. Continuing that theme I finished the lighting units this week, another job usually done at the end of the build. I've used two strips of warm white LEDs. I also started to prep track laying and building. First job was fitting a routing bit to the Dremel and attacking the baseboards, carefully routing out a recess in between where the tracks are go
  15. I cant remember which one exactly but think it was Autumn 2017 - According to my signalmans log I did the job in Townsend Fold box on 18 August 2017, so its sometime after that!
  16. I've converted a 122 to EM simply by spreading the wheels. I've had to reduce the BTB by . 5mm to get the over thick profile wheels through pointwork but it runs very well indeed. See my blog article https://newheymodelrailway.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/another-convert-to-the-cause/ It was also in the EMGS newsletter around 18 months ago.
  17. Will be there with North Ballachulish (C32) but not in the location on the floor plan, as despite supplying plans and a photo of how the layout is exhibited, someone decided to put it in the centre of a long bin, so you could only see one (the short) side of the layout! After a word with t'management good sense has prevailed and we are now relocated on the end where C48 /C47 were.
  18. Very good show and well worth a visit, some excellent layouts on display. Good trade support as well, picked up some useful items for the new layout build.
  19. Greenbooth's lighting pelmets went up for the first time on Friday. As with North Ballachulish, it will be LED strip, warm white probably. I also unwrapped the new Peco EM track. It's quite impressive. Ive got to honestly say this is the first time Ive used Peco track in over 40 years! Ive previously used SMP and C&L flexitrack, but the one thing I don't like about both is that they use thin sleepers. This makes ballasting harder and it works loose easy. The deep (1.5 mm) sleeper of the Peco will help get a more solid bond. All my pointwork is going to be hand-built, as usual,
  20. Good to see it out Mark. I was sizing it up for our show at Littleborough but I think it's a shade to big. Shame it's not EM gauge though, I'll get me coat :-)
  21. I like its approach, there's a lot less concentrating on the "characters" on the railway that tend to get front and centre in most programmes because they allegedly make good TV, and more on the Joe/ Josephine ordinary. Its also a lot better at explaining things too, technical but not so much that its unintelligible to the layman. If I've one very minor bug bear with it its whoever scripted the voiceover, the 3rd episode with the wedding on P3/4 at Bolton Street, the station was constantly referred to as "Bury St" despite the camera constantly panning to the running in boards! Thi
  22. Sub frame finished and baseboards finally connected together properly. I'm going to do a lightly different approach to this one, normally I'd be getting some track down right now, but have decided to do the lighting pelmet next so that the whole lot can be painted - White underneath to give some light whilst upside down at shows lol, and a smart gloss grey for the rest, The backscene boards will get a coat of a sky blue. By that time I hope Ive got some 1.5 mm thick point timbers, needed as I'm using the new EMGS PECO track, the thinner sleepers wont match up the track height. Han
  23. ELR is most definitely running this weekend, I'm rostered in Ramsbottom Signal box on Sunday.
  24. Work continues - second board completed last week and now building the sub frame - One hard lesson of setting up at shows I've learned over the years is to label and mark everything on the legs and frame, so no one has to guess where things go! newheymodelrailway.wordpress.com/2019/10/29/keeping-things-in-order/
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