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  1. Greenbooth is a layout of two halves, at the front an industrial sorting yard, which is a direct crib of Yates Duxbury’s, with a line off to Ding Quarry in the North and another to the South serving Greenbooth bleaching and dyeing, a malodorous industry giving ample scope for the import of various toxic materials there. At the back is a small station, I must have been thinking of this whilst on ELR duty because I’ve subconsciously almost replicated Rawtenstall’s track plan as it is now. I was going to start joinery work myself as usual, but having chatted to a few people, decided t
  2. As North Ballchulish is now finished (barring a decision to replace the resident low flying Phantom with a Buccaneer), thoughts turned to what next, or more pertinently where. Whatever it was it was going to be a lot smaller, 1 car and two operators small to be precise, and for the last year or so have been toying with the idea of a Spotland Bridge Mk2, ie a branch with an industrial line, having a growing collection of industrial locos both steam and diesel. last year I picked up a superb book off Bill Hudson Transport Books "Industrial Locomotives and Railways in The North West" by Go
  3. Steam gala at the ELR this weekend featuring Union of South Africa and Repton visiting locos, plus the home fleet. A few images taken between pulling levers in the box at Ramsbottom yesterday.
  4. Can't attend this year as 100km North of Lillehammer in Norway. Otherwise would be a visit to the show followed by beer. Will be there with the layout in 2021 I think it is.
  5. Its also the Saltaire Brewery Beer Festival on the Saturday of the show. Every reason to visit the show then the beer fest. https://www.saltairebrewery.com/events/
  6. I think the move across to the dark side has paid off. Despite having to have my visa checked at the border post on the M62, and my Visa card checked considerably at the EMGS stores, the show had more people and a buzz about it it hasn't had for a few years now. The hall(s) are an improvement on Partington, and even though there are 3, they are all together so the show seamlessly morphs into one without negotiating any corridors. Its all a bit more appealing and cleaner than the previous halls both at Urmston and Partington. The catering, maybe a bit over hyped on here I thought before attendi
  7. I've been a member of the East Lancs RPS for a good few years, but despite being interested in getting involved as a volunteer and getting pressure of two fellow members of the Manchester MRS to throw my hat into the ring, steadfastly avoided it. Main reason - time. A job which could take me all over the North of England and Scotland, away from home at times, plus keeping modelling and organising the annual exhibition as well as playing in a band, no chance. The desire and interest was there, the time and commitment, no. I did say to the two Johns though that when I retired ..... T
  8. Ahh you mean this one and HeyfordDave111? http://forums.airshows.co.uk/ Crowdfunded 1:24 F111 model anyone
  9. until
    SHOW CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS CRISIS The Coach House Littleborough Rochdale Open 10:00 - 16:30 both days Layouts attending: Brew St - Chris Nevard OO Clayton End Signalman - David and Susan George OO, 60s -70s Ellesmere - Phil Greaves OO, WR Greenbooth - Andy Cooper (Work in progress / demo) EM, Industrial/ ex L&Y (BR) Inchyra Paper Mill - Tony Bucknell OO Scotland Junction City - Roger NicholsHO, USA Kitson Castle and Peckett Pier Light Railway OO9 Redwood LumberOn3, USA Other stands Todmo
  10. Given the fact he's had a go at every manufacturer, whom most think hes a joke, and been dropped by every commissioner he has had, as well as dropping them in the mire, I hardly think that's likely. Reputation counts. IMHO the hobby is better off without him or his like.
  11. The liquidator could and indeed should under due diligence if they found any evidence that DJM had done anything illegal. But also the customer has rights as well and personally if I felt that I had been scammed would be making a complaint to the police. They may not be able to do a lot to be honest, but at least the complaint would be registered.
  12. Before I retired I worked as a senior investigator tasked to investigate serious internal and contractual fraud within Central Government. I've got a degree in financial and economic crime. DJM as a business ticked enough boxes in the indicators that would trigger a formal investigation. What's been revealed in these statements would only reinforce the decision to investigate.
  13. Not a lot I can say other than what a loss. I loved his down to earth approach to modeling, his layouts and his sharp sense of humour embodied as PMP says in "that" E mail address (they were always a delight to open) and a certain editorial he wrote. When we had New Hey at Expo EM South as it was then, he sought refuge behind the layout to escape the attentions of a certain well known individual, and kept us in stitches with his description of him. Roy is one of the four people who inspired / persuaded me to model in EM, as he did a lot of others. RIP Roy, and my and the rest of the Rochdale g
  14. You didnt have to carry the barrier (Scaffold Tube) up and down the Town Hall stairs at the set up and strip down lol I did the MRJ show at Central Hall with Trevor Hughes' Tan y Grisiau, that show was something else albeit a one off. Top class accommodation and an absolute superb show, stuff of legends. But for your annual show it has to be York. It will always be my favourite show as an exhibitor.
  15. All this talk of flogging on "Rare" DJH has got me thinking. Last Xmas in the Hattons bargain clearance sale I picked up a DJM J94 going for a song. Basically I wanted the body for an EM Gauge industrial layout that I have about to come in build. The intention is re chassis / wheel / motor and gearbox it, as Black and Decker Boy referred to many posts earlier. Well you have to, in its current guise it runs like a 3 legged dog sh*tt*g peach pits, its the worst piece of mechanical design I've ever seen in my life. But now I'm wondering should I not bother and stick it on Flea Bay and make a prof
  16. Nail hit firmly on head here. No one but no one was allowed to say anything perceived as negative, which is why now all of a sudden the dirty washing is appearing, and people are questioning "why wasn't I aware of that before". In actual fact it was there, but you had to look very hard for it in various places. This isn't character assassination after the event, its a repressed truth which inevitably emerges once the protections are gone. The question people should have been asking is how and why Jones created a firewall around himself.
  17. Very relevant TBH. Jones makes Alastair Campbell look like a rank amateur when it comes to spin. It's about time some of the more vacuous claims were challenged and put into perspective. The hobby needs Jones back like it needs a hole in the head to be frank.
  18. There's a lot of this "he's lost everything" assumption going on around here. I suspect at the end of all this sorry affair you will find that the only thing he has lost is whatever remained of his already tattered reputation within the industry. In my experience of dealing with folk like him before I retired, they have an uncanny knack of being able to walk away from train wrecks (sic) intact.
  19. Presumably from Dave Jones himself How can you actually say that with any degree whatsoever of certainty (see comment above) Until the liquidators have actually finished their job there is no certainty at all.
  20. Ill judged is being too kind, disingenuous is more like it. To come up with a very precise date of the 17th to have answers by was stretching credibility, but there was seemingly an automatic assumption, quite wrong, that he wouldn't have Internet access. Now to not even to give his investors a crumb of comfort whilst all this is going on, even if it is the usual empty rhetoric that emanates from DJM Tower is to be quite frank just extracting the urine.
  21. Of course if he does go belly up, then the 40 pages of this thread will be to blame..................
  22. Out of office? Oh how convenient, never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. You would expect, with the ordure hitting the fan at the rate it has done this last week, that the wise thing would be to do some firefighting and reassurance but no, ill stick my head under the blanket and hope it will all go away like a bad dream. Begs the question where is he then though.
  23. Indeed it was. But only once you had taken the body off it and thrown the chassis, wheels and motion in the bin, built a new chassis, and put a High Level box and can motor in it. Then you really have a decent loco. As for getting someone in to run the business with him, would anyone with the acumen required want to even think about it once they have done some due diligence on the business? I think not.
  24. Indeed and that applies to the manufacturers as well. Jones has made himself toxic within the industry, when he's gone, he's gone.
  25. An expensive mistake. Very expensive by all accounts.
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