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  1. 10 hours ago, 5050 said:

    A grand day out, mostly spent talking! (and drinking tea)  I like these smaller shows, no need to feel that you have to get round in a rush to see everything.  Next weekend is York - the exact opposite!


    Now at York, as the Rochdale MRG has 3 layouts there,  a lot of the same people you talked to at our show will be there, so that's some time saved then!


    Thank you to all our exhibitors and visitors, another successful show, we will be back 18 and 19 April next year (We have had to move as Easter has nicked our normal weekend)

  2. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend - we hadn't realised the significance until discussing it at our own show last weekend, but the Rochdale Model Railway Group actually have three of our group layouts in the show, and all in EM gauge:  My "North Ballachulish", Tony Bucknell's "Harkness" Harkness and Karl Crowther's "Hebble Vale Goods" :D





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  3. 1 hour ago, Ouroborus said:

    Didn't hattons have some problems with the golden arrow 71s?


    And a shed load of 14xx/48xx returns which were faulty.  You can talk the hind legs off a donkey but it only works to the point where you let someone down.  Dapol, Hattons, and Kernow all learned a hard lesson. 

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  4. Component parts of North Ballachulish now in the garage ready for loading onto the van tomorrow. The large silver bags are the new backscene. The temporary sky blue backscene used for the first shows has now gone - after a lot of procrastination about them and whether to go for a photo backscene (which had problems) or paint one (not confident) I had an offer from Mike Raithby to paint them for me. Superb they are but I'll wait for the grand unveiling at Preston!

    Backscene covers.jpg

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  5. The 55th Rochdale Model Railway Exhibition

    Sat 13th April 2019 – Sun 14th April 2019


    The Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough, Lancashire OL15 9AE

    OPENING TIMES: SAT 10am-4.30pm, SUN 10am-4.30pm
    ADMISSION: Adults £4.00; Accompanied Under 16s FREE


    List of Layouts Attending : We have 8 layouts lined up covering the popular scales and gauges:


    Culm - Dai Davies: GWR, EM
    Amalgamated Wagon - Ben Lord, 7mm O gauge
    Crows Nest Wharf - Trevor Hughes: Snailbeach District Railways 7mm
    Three Score Vale - Nigel Hopwood, EM
    Grange Lane - Steve Saxby : Diesel era layout 7mm
    Bridge Street Goods - Rex Ashton: BR OO
    Upper Cwmtwych - Les Nehrlich: Modern, N gauge

    Cyril Street - John Taylor: Vintage Hornby 3 Rail.

  6. I really think it's a good move, and I live North of Manchester. It might be further travelling by about 15 miles but the drive is less hassle and will take me not much longer. I suspect also the attendance will be better, as it always was at Holmesfield House and at Slewitt! The venue as I remember it is OK and far better than the - erm - house of ordure that Partington is. Well done to all concerned, I'd heard about the other contender in the Manchester area and thought if it went there that would really be the death of the show.

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  7. Not much sign of the lower bodyside valance turn-under being re-worked...


    The Nim.

    It wont be, that was the first EP which was still on show. I was told the tumblehome was on the work to do list - and as above painted sample in the next month, on sale mid year. Although at Ally Pally where I first saw the EP and was told it would be early 2019, so slippage is occuring.

  8. So determined are the folk of Partington to escape that the good people of Irlam had to put containers across the old Partington line over the Ship Canal to keep the tide of Partington refugees out.

    Partington. If the world had piles, this is where they would be.


    On a serious note though whether people who visited think it's easy to get to or not (definitely not by public transport) the common perception is clearly that it isn't, as the general exhibition going modellers are not attending. That needs to be addressed. If another venue in the Manchester area is considered then it needs to be in a centre with a good transport hub very nearby, not stuck in hall or school on a housing estate in some suburb.

  9. Any layout which has a flypast from a Phantom gets my attention!

    The Phantom is one of a few aircraft which graced the skies on low flying exercises in the Glencoe area in the period the layout is set in, 1970 - 1972. Other examples will appear! (23 Squadron Raf may be in attendance at Halifax if I get it airbrushed in time

  10. North Ballachulish is out at the Halifax show, 22 and 23 September at the North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax.










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  11. I wonder if the venue the Manchester MRC uses for their Christmas show is available? No problems with transport there.

    I think the price of the Barnes Wallis building is a tad more than the EMGS is prepared to pay!

  12. I've had a good weekend there behind Glaisden. As all say, its a good friendly show with an excellent selection of layouts and traders and the opportunity to buy most things you need, unless you want rtr boxes to open. A jewel in the crown of Northern shows. Ive chatted to loads of people, met up with people not seen for yonks and had a grand weekend.


    There's always a but though and my but is in keeping with most on here, the venue. An overspill estate in the backwoods of Manchester (cue Duelling Banjos. RIP Burt Reynolds) in a hall which is now run down is maybe not the place for a show like this, which primarily needs to attract modellers not the public. There's talk of going elsewhere in the Manchester area, to me its almost swapping like for like. Particularly today a number of traders mentioned to me that they were having a hard day.


    It pains me as a hard and fast Lancastrian to say this, but the board should consider going  t'other side of the Pennines, possibly back to its roots in Wakefield. Scalefour North shows what a good move that is, its easy to get to from most areas in the North (and the South). Longer journey for me, but I'd still go.

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  13. It's quite simple really, if it's designed like the Austerity is then I won't be buying one (a HC) because as you quite rightly point out as per the Austerity, I'd have to buy another chassis for it. If however its a more conventional one axle drive then I will probably get one and rewheel it or better still get my wheel puller on the job.

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