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    Pottering with 0 gauge with a 1970s80s slant - both French and BR blue locos - weathered. Also interested in wider European O gauge - Plus French & Japanese rural railways / North Devon Railways / narrow gauge and industrial railways.

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  1. Thanks so much Russell. I do love the NZ EMDs. Some more progress to come on the loco - it’s my first scratchbuilt diesel. Split a great base for the area and the night sleeper from Split is still hauled by an EMD; with a mix of day and night coaches and a car carrier wagon. Heaven is the 2153 Split Zagreb with a 2044 class loco; powering up the steep gradient from Split and a glass of dark beer; with the carriage window open!
  2. Bogie side frames are all cut and I’ve started the layering to build up the thickness. If I was really clever I’d make a resin cast. As it was I made a paper template - took a few attempts until I was happy - then started cutting the plastic. Will work on over the weekend and post further progress. Paul
  3. You are very welcome Guy. I worked for the railway (still do); and had a real interest in wagon types. The 1980s saw large scale use of PGA 4 wheel hopper wagons for aggregate including ex salt carrying PGAs. The early to mid 80s started seeing (new) bogie stone hoppers appearing at both Whatley and Merehead. In the 1988 shot of Pride of Whtley youll see a bogie hopper (TOPS code PHA?) which carried Tarmac related aggrgate. Paul
  4. 2nd VGA nearly finished; had a run out today with the other VGA wagon I built plus an OCA wagon I built some ten years ago from a Mendip Models kit. Cracking on this pm with the Vanwide; working on its brake gear.
  5. Here we go - 261 at Whatley in July 1987 - Im fairly sure that Pride of Whatley arrived by October that year - it was certainly working when I went back to Whatley in 1988, late October. Both my photos/copyright. Paul
  6. You are correct Westerner; the door type gives the game away; mind my BR colleagues referred to all vac braked 4 wheel vans as Vanfits - vans and they are vac fitted! Thanks again.
  7. On with the bogie side frames these last few days. Will have another evening on them and past photos thereafter Paul
  8. I’ve cracked on and spray painted the VGA box van I built last week - it’s getting there - some tiny bits of overspray to address then on with painting axle box covers yellow and applying transfers and couplings
  9. Last one for today. I’m off work presently (Drs orders) so capitalised on a wet a dreary day. I built three wagons; a coopercraft 7 plank wagon; a Slaters Vanfit and a GJH VGA 4 wheel air braked box van - one of my favourite types of wagon and the second one I’ve built. The kits I’ve had on hand for several years. Picture of them tonight - with two of the wagons having their first coat of paint. I’ll have a break from wagons tomorrow! Paul
  10. Interesting Clive - I went July 1987 and it was working - I’ll dig out my pictures Paul
  11. Just found this thread. What a delight. Beautiful standard of modelling and as a professional railwayman (who started in 1984); really captured the look of the late 80s, early 90s - taken me right back. Well done. I’m sure you’ll re-establish your modelling MOJO; I lost mine for about 8 weeks - pressure of work; good weather encouraging me onto my bike; family pressures. Really like the pictures of you on the tractor at what looks like Andover - late 90s early 2000s I’m guessing before end of EWS 37s. Paul
  12. Thanks both for the comments. Appreciated. I’ve found I cycle round layouts to keep hobby fresh - and the awful weather yesterday triggered a need to do some shunting. I don’t have bags of space but my layouts are smallish - the French o layout Nouvion is 15 feet long. Lapford Gate is 6 feet long excluding the fiddle sticks (as opposed to fiddle yards). The Croatian one (only baseboards presently is 10 foot plus yet to be built fiddle yard. I’ll share some photos of work on Lapford Gate this week. Plus I really must finish the Croatian loco in O I’ve scratchbuilt. See pic
  13. Well - the excellent summer (from a weather perspective) and lockdown meant lots of working from home; cycling and country walks. Modelling took a hit. Back now and this afternoon 2044 has had a run. The attached picture (on Lapford Gate my North Devon micro layout) shows the bulk of the loco. I am just on with scratch building the bogie side frames. Pictures to come in next day of so. Watch this space! Paul
  14. Well d600 you only patiently waited 4 years. Layout has had a dust off and is the subject of some work. 08149 has been out this afternoon shunting. The Croatian Co-Co I have scratchbuilt will get a test run this week. I’ll post some updates on both Lapford Gate refresh and the Croatian loco (on the Ozjusko Stari thread). best wishes Paul
  15. Lima power bogie fits beautifully. Test run this week; as a Bo-Bo, then I’ll add extra wheel set to each bogie to make a. Co-Co. Rather than keeping and adapting the Lima bogie sideframes Im going to scratch build proper GM bogie side frames. The picture Shows the power bogie fit and the fact I’ve removed the steps and corner plate - they weren’t good enough so will do some rework. I have to admit I’m very pleased how the loco sits on the power bogie. I’ve got a tentative booking for the layout in a years time so once loco finished I’ll get back into the layout. All track w
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