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  1. Had planned to put my Dapol factory weathered class 22 along side my D6315 TMC weathered be green class 22 to give you jist but still waiting for it along with my two Oxford dicast weatherd scammell scarabs..the picture I posted earlier today does not do the wagons justice.☹️
  2. From left to right. Factory weth ...TMC standard & TMC delux
  3. fife 27

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    Farish wagons
  4. and fingers crossed they will get there. we need Hornby! we really do. can't let a household name Hornby disappear like that. my first model train set was a class 25 and two coachs with track and controller.happy days. that was 1978 last week i bought six ferry waggon s and two rail express systems brake vans. keeping the Hornby dream alive.
  5. a small change from oxford early ergo aec and leylands to a mid 1970s grill updated octpus eight wheeler bulk tipper and bison in ncb livery. also the foden s80. this lorry was so comin apart from transport images no one has done probably what was one the most common trucks on the road from the 1970s through to the mid 1980s .
  6. I'm modelling fife sheds Thornton and townhill upper which had multiple class 20.triple unit mgr means a big saving when mixing the Hornby tts with the Bachmann dcc sound 20. a bit of detailing on the Hornby could make this a excellent buy. a welcome model Hornby I'll have three please.
  7. your right got the cracking 2017 Callender plus magazines and catalogue.there worth the fee alone. good value
  8. checked out b.w models but they folded some time back. went on eBay but nothing there.thanks for the info rangers appreciate it
  9. i cut my teath on the 3c when i was 19 years young i worked for muir construction ltd.they had two 3c in good nick. this was 1989 and where gradually replacing them whith the grey white and yellow four wheeled 3cx. i would get goes on brakes or when the site agent wasn't there. i moved on to road surfacing and 26 years later im driving the new jcb 3cx compact. bit to modern for me give me 1960s 1970s 80s plant.
  10. could really do with the A.E.C 690 four of those please and two jcb four wheeled loaders. the jcb3 a must.got the Dapol kit its not bad.
  11. i would like to see something for the modeller looking to create a quarry or cement works, or even a opencast loading pad. say 1970s mid 1980s. A.e.c 690 dump truck (jcb 423 428 four wheeld loading shovel 1973 to 75 (jcb 806 807 808 excavator 1973 to75) jcb 110 110b tracked loaders) (hymac 370 backhoe loader or 580d 580c excavator. wouldn't mind a 1/76 poclain 300 or 350 would look great in the open cast i plan to build on my layout.
  12. ordered on a Friday before 14.30 and my orders arrived next day by royal mail 9.00am. cant fault them. every time.Liverpool to fife in 22hours from order. only kerrnow trump that! ordered 9.00am on a Friday. order arrived 9.15 sat next day.south of England to fife in 24 hours 15min thats quality.
  13. the Hornby class 20 tts sound looks like a good buy with (renumbering and light weathering) could look good.i want too model Thornton yard 1977 1980 with a a location of 12 x class 20s a split between. Hornby and Bachmann would be a good save.by the way Bachmann doing the vea. didnt Hornby do the same wagon.
  14. i do to roy.need twelve class 20s too make up a Thornton allocation from the late70s early 80s.would like to give the Hornby tts 20 a shot.(renumbered light weahthering)coud be a good saver if i split between Hornby and Bachmann. got a Bachmann class 37 split head coed and x15 27 ton msv steel tipplers on my shopping list along with the vea & oce it never ends. can wait for a br blue bac with lights.
  15. ​i only seen a maximum of four in a mixed freight on route to Cameronbridge but a rake of twelve behind the forthcoming Bachmann class 37 split headcoad would look great on any layout.i this is one wagon i look forward too purchasing hugh(and a good br brown framed mgr if Hornby would do it )or maybe you could do one
  16. Hornby too finally give us a good 06 and some decent br brown mgr. please
  17. seen these pass lochgelly on route to cameronbidge. three or four in a mixed freight hauld by a 26 or 27. would like four of these cracking model.
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