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  1. its an EWS one that I have damaged but I don't mind the livery.
  2. Thanks but I'm looking for one that's not weathered.
  3. I’m looking for a Hornby super detailed class 56 body shell. Any livery but complete if possible. I have one with a cracked front and need to replace it. thanks
  4. Shame really. Especially as seen as they are £260.
  5. It is wonky on the left side of both cars but ok on the right side.
  6. I’m looking at the new R3769 Hornby NMT power cars and on 43014 it looks like the logo is not straight. Is anyone else’s the same?
  7. My experience with the hattons 66 hasn't been great either. I bought 4 of these locos originally. I had issues with two of them and had to return for replacements with various issues from detail damage loose parts and wobbling bogies. One of the locos had clearly been previously used as it very dirty wheels and no dcc blacking plug inside and the wires had been messed around with. Hattons replaced them with no hesitation so that was all fine. I have since purchased another loco and it too appears used. The wheels again have dirt on them and one bogie wobbles so badly it derails. I will be returning this for a replacement too. I am disappointed by the hit and miss of the quality of the locos, but hattons service has been good and at least they are replacing faulty locos. One can only imagine the amount of faulty locos they must now have. Matt
  8. for varnish a satin finish would match the Hornby model. If you mask just the glazing and spray varnish the renumbered area you wont get a hard edge from the masking tape it will blend ok with the paint finish.
  9. The best thing may be to use some T-Cut paint restorer on a cotton bud to try and remove the varnish and get back to the factory paint finish. Be careful not to remove any of the safety markings on the body. This will give you a good surface to start again. Be careful though not to cut too deep and remove the green paint. Hope this helps
  10. Also in the signalbox youtube video at 11.56 is an LMS wartime black Coronation 6223 'Princess Alice' is this missing from the catalogue too?
  11. Very nice announcement! Will all 37 liveries arrive on Dec 18th or will the 5 new liveries be next year? I noticed you said Biffa will be in a second batch. Also will Hattons stockists be getting these?
  12. If you have issues with orders shouldn't you contact the suppliers direct rather than complaining in a public forum? might get resolved quicker.
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