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  1. Also in the signalbox youtube video at 11.56 is an LMS wartime black Coronation 6223 'Princess Alice' is this missing from the catalogue too?
  2. Very nice announcement! Will all 37 liveries arrive on Dec 18th or will the 5 new liveries be next year? I noticed you said Biffa will be in a second batch. Also will Hattons stockists be getting these?
  3. If you have issues with orders shouldn't you contact the suppliers direct rather than complaining in a public forum? might get resolved quicker.
  4. I am trying to find out what livery LNER A4 'Sir Ralph Wedgewood' would have been in at the time it was bombed in York. The wiki page suggests it was in wartime black but the photographs of the aftermath shows the loco having stainless steel lettering on the tender. did any LNER wartime black locos still have stainless steel lettering or was it still in blue?
  5. did some of the S Stock barrier vehicles have their ladders removed?
  6. yep I know, Hornby spares for diesels seem to have dried up at the minute. I need parts for a 60 as well but they have vanished too!
  7. Its good of hattons to go to all that trouble to check the GBRf liveries. I've seen their GB 66 in person and the colour does look better than in some of their photos but the warning panel yellow still looks off.
  8. I’m looking for some spare Hornby Class 56 sprung buffers. Black if possible. thanks
  9. I want to add a motor to a roof fan of a Hornby class 56. does anyone know if you can add a small 3 volt motor to the function output of a DCC Decoder?
  10. Brilliant news, do you think there will be plenty castle cement livery ones left after pre-orders have been fulfilled?
  11. I would also be interested in the gypsum containers as a separate item.
  12. Interesting, it seems to be the same bits coming off on all your wagons. I wonder if there is a problem with the internal box not holding the wagons securely enough or not glued on properly at the factory. was the external packaging ok?
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