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  1. Thanks for all the comments guys, its interesting reading. We did end up using 'tethered' at 3 points on the layout, but with 155 foot of mainline, that was a real pain. As the majority of our trains have sound and other fun functions its great to walk around with the trains to drive them like trains. Ir seemed to be week as well. We had three masts with UR92s on but we found you had to be so close due to the light in the hall. We will need to think about this for big shows.
  2. Hi. We have just done Warley with our layout, Solent Summit, which is rather big at 65’ by 26’. We use Digitrax as our DCC system and because of the size and we walk with the trains, we use Duplex Radio throttles. The D402DCE, lots of them. The layout has four UR92 receivers, three on poles around the layout and one in the main command station. Normal this system is solid, never gives us a problem. But a Warley, the radio simply could not work. At 9.am it was perfect but once the public came in it started to get bad and by 9:30 failed. The throttles reverted to infer red but even that was poor by 10am. Once the show closed, it all worked perfectly again. Talking to Sunningwell Command Control at the show, DCC specialist, they said we were not alone, and the issue was with the hundreds, if not thousands of WIFI signals from smartphones hot spotting etc. We used an app to see how many Wi-Fi signals where available and there were tonnes. We tried changing the system channel, but it had no effect. We already have our own group system name. Has anybody had this also, or any advice? Cheers, James
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