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  1. Great pictures, enjoying the updates. Stay safe and wash your hands ! Richard
  2. Great modelling Steve, wagons are brilliant ! Richard
  3. Really enjoying the layout thread, thanks for posting. have three Hornby Ruston, giving me lots of ideas and inspiration ! Richard
  4. Enjoyed the Cranford article, my Wife’s father was born in a Quarry cottage at Cranford, his Dad drove the quarry machines, his uncle the locos ! Cranford number 2 was his favourite loco, we took him to see it in steam at Foxfield nice little layout Richard
  5. Err John, it was Fenchurch St Peter layout not Towcester.......
  6. Brilliant modelling,enjoying layout thread Richard
  7. Great modelling Paul, the Signal box looks brilliant Richard
  8. Thanks to Malcolm and the Olney team, really enjoyed taking my layout to the show, great little show, well done guys ! Richard
  9. Looking forward to Saturday, Down Sidings all ready to go, stock all packed Richard
  10. Walked past the Sheringham shop this Afternoon, the shop has been cleared and being refurbished, sign in the window says Smiths Model Railways opening soon Richard
  11. Great photos, thanks for posting like your pictures of my wagon repair layout ! Richard
  12. Looking forward to seeing Sutton St Anne's at the show Anthony, enjoyed it at the Define show and Mountsorrel Richard ( Wrecrail Kitchen Minion )
  13. So sorry to read this, We have exhibited at this show previously, very friendly club. so desperately sorry for the Club and all those people affected Richard
  14. Really enjoyed the show, great layouts and trade support Well done Andy and the team Richard
  15. Great to see the layout today keep up the good work Richard
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