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  1. Thanks? That's rather presumptuous of you. I had already apologised to ANY one who was offended. Not all were. I wanted to hear peoples opinions on livery. Seems I've made a mess of that and have said Sorry for that.
  2. Thanks, thats how I took it. I was just trying to initiate a discussion on the merits of livery, not offending people.
  3. I'm not disagreeing, but was trying to compare older paint schemes with modern ones. I wasn't trying to make a point against visually impaired people at all, although it looks like I was a bit unsuccessful at that. My apologies for any offence caused.
  4. I accept that it is progress to help visually handicapped people (or should that be visually impaired?), but wether my aesthetic pleasure is thereby impaired is of consequence. That's what the post was about - aesthetics. Yes, of course disability awareness is important; but I was approaching it from a purely 'visual' viewpoint. Sorry if people find that offensive. It was meant to prompt a discussion on the merits of 'old' versus 'new' liveries.
  5. Ok, so people managed for years with doors being the same colour as the body, but I guess that's "progress"! And lairy 'janet and john' liveries can be found on trains all over the country - not just limited to those in the SE. Sorry, I wasn't too clear - I wasn't trying to imply that it's only in the SE, it's just that most of the images in this post were from that area. The fact you used the word "lairy" sort of backs up how I feel! Plus there have been class distinction identifiers recently used since BR. For example SWTs used a line of blue dots (rather than a yellow stripe) to indicate first class. I wasn't aware of that, but perhaps I'm bemoaning the 'universal' indication of the yellow or red stripe. So that's two people at least who disagree! Is it a 'generational' thing? Or am I just an old fuddy-duddy? (P.S. The GWR green livery with gold accent strip - nee lining - is quite good. Rather more restrained than many others!)
  6. I don't particularly follow the railway scene in the South and East of the country, but don't you find all these "Janet and John go painting" colour schemes horrible? No class, like the old Big Four, no obvious class designation, like the yellow/red stripes on BR blue vehicles. And the ultimate insult? Painting doors a different colour so you can see them! All designed by five year-olds with crayons!
  7. I have an idea (on the back burner whilst I dabble in 7mm scale) of a layout based on Borough Market Junction. It would need just this sort of construction and atmosphere. Well done Westerhamstation on creating a believable slice of London.
  8. Aberlour A'bunadh (about 60% proof), my favourite tipple!
  9. The low viewpoint is magical, really makes you feel like you're there. And filthy, rail blue, class 47's is what I remember. Brilliant! Thanks.
  10. It seems to me that mixed goods trains generally had more vans than opens. Obviously, mineral trains are all open, fish trains might be all vans, but general freight and even pick-up goods did seem to have a balance of more vans to opens.
  11. Typical of me to look during an update! Can I just reiterate others' thanks for compiling such an useful collection of drawings and pictures. I know relatively little about coaching stock, but what a fabulous place to start learning!
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