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  1. I would start with cleaning the wheels and the pickups and a drop of lube at each point of movement. A couple of Fleischmann locos I rebuilt recently had oil cooled armatures so minimal lube is the idea. Then run it to check, if the noise is still there it is something that is still a touch dry. Matthew
  2. I have learnt that removing the factory wiring and starting afresh is quicker and easier. Removes all the unknowns. Matthew
  3. Suppressors, capacitors etc need to be removed, they only upset the decoder back emf. Having hard wired dozens of Hornby locos I am not sure what your problem is as they are so simple. Perhaps a photo or two to show your issue? Have a look at tcsdcc.com where there are a few Hornby installations. There are most likely other ones on the net too. Matthew
  4. After having used a few of the brands mentioned, NCE is the most reliable and very user friendly. Easily connected to a computer with the ability to set up and use jmri Decoderpro and wifi loco control. Matthew
  5. Running on Digitrax it is beneficial to set the chips to dcc only, this way the locos don't become confused with intermittent signals and think the track is dc powered. In fact it is a good thing to do for all systems but Digitrax in particular with its ability to run a dc loco on 0. There is no guarantee of locos of the same make with the same chip brand being speed matched on the same cv settings, which may not be the case anyway with second hand locos. Decoderpro by jmri is quite good for speed matching and setting up loco speed tables. Matthew
  6. I have had Loksound V3.5 that look like this. If the speaker is 100 ohm that makes it definite as that is the only brand to do so. I have found google image search useful in the past for resoldering wires to chips once they are identified, more so than the generic wiring diagram. Matthew
  7. Have you thought of North West Short Line? There is an online catalogue or email Dave.
  8. Try Tamiya if you want an aerosol can, flat clear. If you airbrush Testors Dullcote is adequate.
  9. Esu have a sound file for the EMD E units which have two diesel motors. Could use a V4 or V5 xl.
  10. I would of thought that Oxford could easily specify production of the Austin Heavy 12/4 in OO as they have used all the required dimensions to produce the larger version. Especially with the modern technology available now. Which makes it difficult to understand why more of the common vehicles have not been made, particularly when there are so many examples to scan. Yes, an ERA would be very nice, however I would settle for some in OO. Matthew
  11. What we need are more Riley variations, and a 20hp Sunbeam of course. By the way, I am not biased. At all. Matthew
  12. For flywheels I use a lathe and lump of brass. Perhaps you know someone that can make them? Matthew
  13. As Nigel said, there is nothing wrong the loco, what you need is a DCC system. Matthew
  14. I wonder if Ringo would be able to provide an appropriate voice. I can not visualise this, would Frank Spencer be better? Matthew
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