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    Most things 1960s onwards, with a generous helping of diesel/electric traction.

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  1. Welcome back Rick, I've always been impressed by your weathering. Looking forward to more - don't leave it another 3 years... ;-)
  2. I don't know about memberships, but if you install an adblocker in your browser it will get rid of all the adverts
  3. Looking forward to seeing Oxford Road at the Cheltenham show in April (no excuse not to go as I live just round the corner!)
  4. Let us know when you go to Swindon, I definitely need to see this
  5. As a young modeller on a (very) limited budget, I would love to see more low budget layouts. I enjoy watching finescale layouts with accurate trains running on them but when you realise that many of these layouts (not all of them big ones) are running £1000+ of rolling stock it doesn't make it seem like something achievable. Low budget modelling with older models doesn't have to look toylike - show us what you talented modellers can do with not much outlay.
  6. Loving all the work on the buildings. Should get on with some of mine.
  7. Hi all Looking for a few spare parts for Lima diesels; Unpowered bogie retaining clip for Deltic/class 50 class 31 cab interiors class 60 snowploughs with the slot for the tension lock coupling Happy to pay postage + a bit extra. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  8. I would say that is one of Hornby's worst train sets ever, certainly not worth £49.99 of my money. The Airfix kits are a good price though.
  9. Would be more interesting if you feature something in two tone green with white window surrounds
  10. That looks amazing! You're definitely failing to lower the average modelling standard!
  11. Some seriously good bridge modelling here. Have these been completed over quite a while or do the posting times accurately reflect the stages the work is at?
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