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  1. Hi all, The latest release of Class 66s (H4-66-032 to H4-66-037 inclusive) have encountered an unavoidable delay. We’re currently taking action on this and the models will now be released during Late 2020. Once I have more info on the date I’ll share it here but the latest info is always on our website too: Hattons Originals OO Gauge Class 66 Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi all, We've now received the additional detailing pack that wasn't included with the models when first released. This includes the following parts: Reversing lever Ashpan lever Lubricator linkages and wheels Running board supports Valance pipe (H7-A4-002 to 009 only). These are being sent out to everyone who has ordered an A4 so far. They'll also be included with any model ordered from today. Full instructions for these parts have been added to our website, and you can check these out and/or order an A4 via the link below: Hattons Originals O gauge LNER Class A4 Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi all, We’re about to receive the second batch of our Class 66s, H4-66-032 to H4-66037 inclusive. As well as full quality control at the factory, these will be QC tested by staff at our hub prior to processing pre-orders and the models going onto general sale. You can pre-order your loco now at the link below: Hattons Originals OO gauge Class 66 There has been a lot of speculation regarding factories and construction methods for the models and whilst I can’t state which factories we use for commercial reasons, I can advise that the Class 66s are made in a different factory to Heljan’s models. I hope that helps clear a few things up, Cheers, Dave
  4. Hi MarkSG, If you can get in touch directly with our customer team via [email protected] or giving us a call on 0151 733 3655, we can see what we can do for you here. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi Free At Last, Sorry to hear of the issues you're having. We have extensively tested the new Trunk service prior to going 'live' but some problems can only present themselves when a wider range of people are using new programs/software etc. If you're still having issues, can I suggest getting in touch with our Customer Experience team? You can get in touch 24/7 via email, phone or livechat and they are the best people who can take a look into it and resolve your issues. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Geoff, If there's anything you're having trouble finding, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team who are available 24/7 via email, livechat or telephone. You can check your pre-order status via your account or by getting in contact but we do not make any amendments to your pre-orders without contacting you first, so I expect your order is unchanged. You may wish to try our improved product navigation which I've linked to below, which allows filtering between scales, rolling stock types, liveries and more: https://staging.hattons.co.uk/ Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Dicky L, I can confirm the decoder in our sound fitted Class 66s is ESU's latest Loksound V5 sound decoder. In the Class 66s we have used the ESU's 21MTC "MKL", variation (58449) instead of the more commonly found 21MTC NEM6660 (58419) which you may have fitted in other locomotives. The version we've used allows for additional function control and the operation of lights, detailed inside the manual. I can't say for certain as to whether your controller will identify both different types, but this is very unlikely to have an impact on operation. We've produced a full video on the subject of sound in our Class 66s that I have linked to below, and further information is also available in the locomotive manual. Cheers Dave
  8. Hi DIcky L, We've worked closely with Freightliner and the original paint suppliers to confirm the correct shade of orange used on the real life 66623 and this is what we have used when creating the colour layouts. As well as the images on our product listings we showed the sample live on our YouTube channel just after it arrived which shows the model in a more natural light. Cheers Dave
  9. Hi all, I've replied to the above points on the A4 thread which should be of interest: Cheers Dave
  10. Hi Doilum, We had the pleasure of running a pair of A3's on Pete Waterman's 'Leamington Spa' layout with a couple of rakes of his heavy kitbuilt coaches last year. The layout incorporates a few steep gradients too. With the current situation we haven't managed to arrange anything similar with the A4, but both locomotives share basically the same chassis so will give a similar performance. We're looking forward to seeing footage of the A4s out and about on people's layouts. Whilst both the A3 and A4 will operate on Peco's setrack points and second radius curves, we really recommend a wider radius if possible, especially if running at speed. The A4 page on our website has lots of detailed info on the model specifications which you can view following the link below: Click here for Hatton's O Gauge A4 - Specifications and details. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi Gremlin, Thanks for letting me know. If you can get in touch with our Customer Experience team via email, phone or livechat they'll be able to look into this and sort it for you. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi all, A quick heads up that we've launched a new login system for our site. This should help with any issues that people have had above as well as provide a number of new ways to login, making your account even more secure. Check out the link below for more info and a quick Q+A. Hattons New website login If you've any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Experience team via email, phone or livechat. Cheers Dave
  13. Hi all, As promised, heres a delivery update for the remaining Class 66's, H4-66-032 to H4-66-037. All of these are planned to be released on Monday 29th June. This includes Digital ready, fitted and sound variations. We've still got versions of all six models available to pre-order, along with the first 31 releases which can be ordered and dispatched right now. Check out the link below for more details. Order your Hattons Originals Class 66 Here Cheers, Dave
  14. Hi Classy52, Sorry for the confusion. I was referred to the six models that are yet to be delivered - H4-66-032 to H4-66-037 (and digital/sound variations of these). All of the models coded H4-66-001 to H4-66-031 have now been delivered in full. Cheers Dave
  15. Hi Mooresby, We haven't got a date set in stone at the moment, but we're working on getting them here as soon as possible. We don't expect this confirmation to take too much longer and as soon as we know we'll update everyone via email, our newsletter, social media and of course here on RMweb as well. Cheers Dave
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