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  1. Hi all, We've had lots of questions regarding the Precision Baseboards since their announcement, and we'll be broadcasting two additional livestreams next week: Monday 19th 09:30 BST - Live Q&A and FAQ Friday 23rd 14:30 BST - Live SkillsCast session showing the (very small!) range of skills you'll need to put the boards together. Check them both out via the link below: Hattons Livestream Schedule Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi all, In case you missed it, SamsTrains has also produced an overview view of the Genesis Coach prototypes which provides a number of extra views and closeups. Cheers, Dave
  3. Whoops! Thanks for spotting this, I'll make sure its amended Cheers, Dave
  4. Hi John, As well as the 4ft x 1ft boards, we're also producing boards in the following sizes to allow for greater flexibility: 2ft x 2ft 2ft x 1ft 1ft x 1ft These will be available later this year / in early 2021 - check out the link below to see the full range: Hattons Precision Baseboards - Baseboard alternative sizes Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi Steve, 4ft x 1ft baseboard tops are in development, and will be launched in Q1 2021. These will be joined by other shapes and sizes including 1ft x 1ft, and corner pieces too. Check out the link below for a full list of baseboard top options: Hattons Precision Baseboard Tops range Cheers, Dave
  6. Hi all, We've just finished our live Q&A featuring both MDF and plywood boards, as well as a range of questions answered. Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi all, Thanks to all of you for the extensive feedback provided so far. With the addition of the Plywood modules, I thought it best to 'start again' with the thread to save any confusion on what materials and modules are available. I've amended the original post to contain all the latest info, and a selection of posts prior to the Plywood module launch have been removed. This is solely to save any future confusion, especially for those who are reading the thread from the start. Thanks again for your support and please continue to share your thou
  8. Hi all, We'll be hosting a live Q&A tomorrow at 14:30 BST - feel free to join in and have any questions you may have answered. Cheers, Dave
  9. Hi all, We can announce that the BR liveried teaks (Crimson / Cream and Maroon) should arrive with us within the next few days, with the Teak finished coaches expected in late November. Each model is now available to order at a revised price of £179 each. If you have an order already in place you will automatically be charged the new, lower, price. Check out the link below for more details including variations, running numbers and to place your order: Hattons O Gauge LNER Gresley coaches Cheers, Dave
  10. Hattons have introduced a new product line into their exclusive product range - Precision Baseboards. The Precision Baseboards are a modular system created to help both new entrants and established modellers create a solid and lasting base for their layouts. Both MDF and Plywood modules are available to order now. The range includes: Baseboard Tops (Various Sizes) Legs Shelves Backscenes Connectors & Adjustable Feet packs The range enables you to build a baseboard quickly and easily. The boards are all designed in-house
  11. Hi John, Your wish is our command! We've produced two videos of the EPs featuring extensive running and detail shots which I've shared below. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi all, We’re pleased to share the engineering samples of our Genesis 4 & 6 wheel coaches. These initial undecorated samples showcase the exquisite levels of detail we're striving for with our new coaches, the different coach type variations as well as some of the more subtle detail differences such as alternative roof furniture and wheel types. As with all engineering samples, there are some changes to be made and they are subject to review. Videos of the samples running as well as detailed photos can be viewed via the following link: Hattons Origin
  13. Hi all, We’ve received an updated decorated sample of our LNER teak liveried Diagram 186 open third. This shows the new base colour for the teak effect, lining and the Teak grain effect. Please note that some small details and the coach end lining are not represented on this sample but will be featured on the final models. Check out the link below for further images and to place your pre-order: Hattons Originals LNER teak coaches Final samples for our full range of Teak coaches as well as a revised delivery date will be provided in the near
  14. Hi Matt, The coach interiors will be painted to match the classes of the particular compartments across the vehicles. We'll also be specifying the colours used by each company for their first, second and/or third class seating. The colour layouts for the interiors are being worked on currently but we'll have something to show in due course :-) Cheers, Dave
  15. Hi all, Here are the variations between smoking and non smoking window labels which will feature on the appropriate liveries. These will be pre-fitted and printed directly onto the glazing. We'll be updating the full colour layouts on our website shortly but you can check out much more including the full 3D renders now: Hattons Originals Genesis Coaches - view more info As ever, let us know what you think either here or via the Disqus page on our website. Cheers, Dave Great Northern Railway Great Western Railway London, Brighton &
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