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  1. Hi there Graham, Rest assured that is a legitimate email from ourselves but that doesn't look quite right to me. It should only show items that you had left in your basket for a while. Would you mind sending an email to [email protected] please and we can investigate why you received that.
  2. Hi all, We have received an updated delivery schedule for the coaches from our factory and, due to the demands of the last 18 months, our dates for release have changed. We apologise for the delay with the release and we assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure this does not change again. There is a 10-week allowance between when these will be ready at the factory and them being in stock with us. This is to allow for transport to and from the boat, shipping, customs transit and quality checking. The new release dates are as follows: Delivery 1 - GWR & SECR Ready at Factory: Saturday 15th January 2022 / Into Stock: Monday 28th March 2022 Delivery 2 - LBSCR, GNR & LNWR Ready at Factory: Wednesday 20th March 2022 / Into Stock: Monday 6th June 2022 Delivery 3 - LMS, LNER, SR & Departmental Ready at Factory: Saturday 30th April 2022 / Into Stock: Monday 11th July 2022 The good news is that all of the prices are being held as they were originally announced and we have no plans to increase these at this time. Batch 2 will now be available after March 2023. Again, we apologise for the delay on this project and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Full information is available on our site, HERE Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi everyone, I'm pleased to let you know that the LNER Teak liveried variants of our Gresley coaches have now arrived into stock. These are all priced at £179 each and are not subject to the grading system (as per our BR liveried models). You can view the full range, HERE Regards, Dave
  4. Thanks for the thorough feedback. We certainly will be taking this into account and updating the liveries accordingly. We will showcase updated colour layouts for them and seek further feedback before proceeding.
  5. Hi all, Following on from our recent decorated samples update - I'm pleased to share that we now have photos of the samples for the vast majority of our first batch of coaches. Expected Q3 2021. Find out more, HERE
  6. Hi all, We're pleased to show our next lot of painted samples - covering LBSCR mahogany, SECR red and SR olive green liveries. We're very pleased with how these samples are looking and we should have even more to share with you soon. All Batch 1 models are expected by Q3 2021. Find out more HERE
  7. Hi all, We are pleased to share images of the decorated samples for our GWR chocolate and cream liveried coaches. The images here also showcase the lighting system which will be available with our Genesis coaches. We have updated our current delivery estimate to Q3 2021. We are working hard to get our coaches in to stock sooner than this and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more accurate dates. Find out more HERE
  8. Hi Chris & GreenGiraffe Thanks for the feedback about the locos. Chris - Sorry to hear that the loco quartering was out but good to know you managed to fix it and it now works well. GreenGiraffe - This is one of the compromises with the materials that I don't think anyone has quite mastered yet. Too soft and it moves out of the way and sticks there but can be re-shaped over and over, too hard and it stays in contact but as it is moved by the wheels it becomes brittle and eventually shears off. I like to think we are almost there with the P and AB material giving enough robustness to not break combined with enough spring to not have to alter them too often. Cheers Dave
  9. Hi Jack Good to see you've got the RHTT out again, even if it is a bit late for the leaves! If you are removing the weathering with an IPA based solvent, please be very careful as the underlying printing and paint can be taken off with this as well. If you are very careful and use it sparingly then it can take the weathering off but it's not something we would recommend. I saw your layout on a Facebook group over the weekend, the Conwy Castle gateway is looking great, instantly recognisable. As this is one of my favourite lines, I will be following it closely. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi JST Good to hear everything worked out in the end and thanks for the explination about the DDP, for anyone living in the EU, this is the info about DDP and DAP: I hope this helps Cheers Dave
  11. Hi All I just want to say a big thank you for the feedback on the Batch 2 liveries both on here and directly to myself. We have taken the suggestions about the Midland Railway livery on board and changed the style of livery applied to our coaches to the "M.R" in the wast panels (instead of "MIDLAND" in the eaves). This better matches what the coaches would have carried as the original livery we applied was mainly for bogie coaches, as pointed out earlier in the thread. The images for all Midland coaches have been updated and can be found HERE but I have included a few below for you to see. If anyone has any more feedback about any of the Batch 2 liveries then please do not hesitate to let me know. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi all, Here's our completed colour layouts for the final Batch 2 livery - the London & South Western Railway. The LSWR had a very distinctive livery with Salmon Pink upper panels and 'Invisible Green' lower sides. It was seen from the 1880s right through until the formation of the Southern Railway in 1923. As with other liveries, there are variations in running numbers as well as a 4-pack with their own numbers too. Check out all the colour layouts and pre-order yours now: Hattons Originals Genesis LSWR coaches. Cheers, Dave
  13. Hi Compound1000, Thanks for your question regarding photos of our Pre-Owned items. We’ve recently adopted a new policy whereby our product experts identify items that have been traded in to us which are in extremely good/mint condition. As these items are defect free, there is no need to include an image of them out of the box. This helps us more rapidly process through these kinds of items and then allows us to allocate additional resources to the more time consuming items which do require further investigation and photography. We still have our comprehensive returns policy in place in the unlikely event that you do experience an issue with a Pre-Owned item that you have purchased from us. I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave
  14. Hi all, While we are awaiting the completed colour samples for Batch 1 which are due at the start of January, we have been busy on the colour layouts for Batch 2. The colour layouts that have been completed have all been uploaded to the relevant products and we can provide a bit more clarity on the liveries that we will be releasing in 2021. Lancashire & Yorkshire - This is the most common ‘Orange/Tan and Brown’ livery that was a standard livery across most L&Y stock. It includes the lining introduced around 1900 so would be perfect for any train from that time up until 1922 when it amalgamated with the LNWR. See the full range of colour layouts here: Hattons Genesis LYR coaches Great Central Railway - The GCR’s coaches carried 3 main liveries throughout the life of the company. We have chosen probably the most famous of those, ‘French Grey and Brown’. This was applied from the earliest days of the company in 1897 up until around 1903 but could be seen on coaches for many years after, and there are some coaches preserved in this livery as well. See the full range of colour layouts here: Hattons Genesis GCR coaches Midland Railway - The coaches of the MR were always known for being Crimson but there were 2 styles of lettering applied. The later style, applied from around 1906, is what we will be applying on our coaches, which includes the serif-style ‘Midland’ in the eave panels and numerals on the lower doors showing classes. See the full range of colour layouts here: Hattons Genesis MR coaches BR Crimson - British Railways inherited a good number of 4 and 6 wheeled coaches from the ‘Big 4’ companies, most of these being built by their predecessors. Many of these were already relegated to departmental use but a handful were still in passenger use. We have chosen to reproduce the coaches that worked the Balerno Branch near Edinburgh until the early 1950s. There was a mix of ex-LMS livery coaches and some that were repainted into BR crimson but received LMS style numbers and BR style prefixes and suffixes. See the full range of colour layouts here: Hattons Genesis BR coaches NCB - The National Coal Board was known for its railway systems using a mixture of rolling stock both bought new from industrial manufacturers and also 2nd hand from other railways. Most of its rolling stock was open coal wagons but there was a small number of coaches it used, mainly in its larger mines and systems, to help workers access pits where there was either a long distance to travel within the mine complex, or where a local train service did not serve the mine early/late enough for workers. See the full range of colour layouts here: Hattons Genesis NCB coaches London & South Western Railway - We have not yet completed our colour layouts for these, so we will update you in a separate post when these are ready, in the new year. Great Eastern Railway - Due to a number of factors, the GER coaches have been moved back to the next batch of coaches, we will update you on those later on in 2021. All liveries can be seen in further detail and pre-ordered now via our website below: Hattons Originals Genesis coaches All the best and Happy New Year, Dave
  15. Hi all, Due to lower sales than projected, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the OO gauge Plasser Crane. All development work will be paused and everyone with a pre-order will be notified. We will not cancel any pre-orders at this time but we will not be taking any further orders for these products. Our Genesis project is still continuing at pace and is still due for release in Q2 2021, it is not affected by this review. Dave
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