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  1. I gave up waiting for a reply to my email, so I decided to phone, and after a number of abortive attempts, I finally got hold of Mark. He has a strange sales manner which could easily be taken as dismissive, but following several clarifications, I managed to place an order for all the wheel sets I required, which I confirmed by email. Since then all has gone quiet again. I guess I should give it another week before contacting him again. It's a good job I am in no immediate hurry for the wheels.
  2. After further extensive searching, I have established that 9mm wheels are a bit like hen's teeth at the moment. with only two suppliers advertizing the wheels I need. The 3mm Society will not sell to non members, so I have bitten the bullet and contacted www.3smr.co.uk. They were very helpful and despite having only just moved premises, have undertaken to let me know which of my selection they have in stock. The converasation suggested that they will be able to supply my requirements. Oh and postage for small items is only £4.50, not £7.50 as previously assumed. Here's hoping for a successful
  3. Yes, Thanks. I have seen those, but they are plain discs. I want 9mm wheels with three holes, which Markits list on their "recent products page"
  4. Yes, I need some 9mm dia wheels with three holes. The 9mm wheels produced by Colin Seymour at Gibsons are TT scale on 1.5mm axles, which may need to be re-mounted onto longer axles. I need them to install into two 00 gauge models of the K&ESR Ford railcar, which has an inboard chassis of limited depth. The Markits catalogue lists 9mm wheels on 1.5mm 00 gauge axles, but they do not appear to have any in stock, and are not replying to email enquiries.
  5. Yes, I did wonder, except that the ebayer is selling a lot of TT railway stuff, so if these are also TT the wheels, they could just be 9mm.
  6. I have just come across these :- "KIT OO GAUGE SET OF 4 3 HOLE DISC WHEELS TYPE 2". Has anyone heard of them? There are some advertised on ebay, and there is another web page advertising them, but despite several emails, I have been unable to establish the wheel size, does anyone know the size, I have never come across a manufacturer named "Kit"
  7. Thanks, I have looked at them, their price for Alan Gibson wheels is a bit on the high side, not to mention £7.50 postage for six wheelsets.
  8. Thanks for that Gordon. I did look at them a while ago, and following your suggestion, have taken a second look at their catalogue. Unfortunately, the smallest wheels they seem to do are 10.5mm dia. I suspect that my best best would be someone who specializes in 3mm scale models, but apart from the 3mm Society, who do not sell to non members, I cannot think of any commercial suppliers.
  9. Does anyone know of a UK supplier with any Alan Gibson 9mm disc wheels in stock. I require four axles of the three hole type and two axles of plain discs on 1.5mm diameter axles. I have spoken to Colin Seymour at Alan Gibson, but they have none in stock and do not expect to be making any more until the Autumn at the earliest. Colin suggested the 3mm Society, who appear to have some three hole type wheels in stock, but their website indicates that they will only supply paid up members. I am aware of some European and American manufacturers, but they all appear to have only one wheel insuated.
  10. Thanks for that, I managed to unpick some of the info from your post and the links, and think I can work out roughly the information I needed.
  11. Could anyone please advise me what the back to back and pinpoint to pinpoint dimensions are for 009, 00n3, 3mm, and TT. I have tried the Internet, but have been unable to get very much information.
  12. Thanks. That is what I was hoping
  13. Sorry about hi-jacking this topic, but can anyone advise whether Fox General Alphabets & Linings Transfers are waterslide or Rub down. Given that they are not listed in the Waterslide Transfers section, I am assuming they are rub down, but the website is completely evasive on this fairly important detail.
  14. Yes we have had problems in the past with items from the US, but it is usually because the sender has used inacurate description or over valued the item. We reguarly send stuff to Australia, and have learnt how to provide a description which satisfies Australian Customs.
  15. I certainly considered making a separate chassis for the Royal Saloon, but thought I would try pinpoint bearings first, which I prefer. In order to compenstate for the wider axle box distance, I have made up four 0.5mm thick plastic washers and fitted them onto the flanged pinpoint bearings, and pressed them home into the opened out holes, they work perfectly. The bearings are quite a tight fit, but I may add a small drop of superglue, just to secure them. I have still to decide what to do with the railcars, I have looked at Locos n Stuff, but could not see anything suitable on his
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