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  1. I bought one 5+ years ago, TVR spec., detailed it with coal, crew, 3 link couplings, added weathering then ran it in on a rolling road. When brought up to speed for the first time, it burnt out and has been a showcase model ever since. I seem to remember a replacement PCB was being offered ....
  2. Congratulations to Zorcan for devising and writing an excellent procedure for uncoupling Kadees, I have had total success with my similar attempt. Firstly, the mentioned suppliers for both the magnets and the tinplate delivered within 24 hours, I chose to excavate from below existing track (Peco OO code 70) through the sundeala and cork as tracklaying and ballasting were complete. My uncoupler is fitted towards the end of a goods siding where only trucks will be placed. I used plasticard instead of Daler board. Testing has been totally successful with both local and delayed uncoupling, a few t
  3. I bought a similar loco (is it HO ??) some time ago. After running in on a dc rolling road, I brought it up to full speed briefly .... and it burnt out ! I seem to remember there was a replacement pcb available, mine remains a static model with real coal, crew and some weathering, probably any guarantee now invalid.
  4. This is my control panel for WESTMORE, nearing completion one of these days ! Perhaps I would go for DCC if I was starting again, but I like the levers and switches. Assistance appreciated from Modratec, Gaugemaster, MSE and others.
  5. Has anyone connected an MSE lever frame to operate solenoid point actuators through a GAUGEMASTER PCU 2 switch arrangement ? The lever frame is operated forward and back, the PCU 2 is spring loaded forward and back with centre off.
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