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  1. Can almost hear the birdsong from within.
  2. For some time I’d dithered over whether to sign up for the Gold membership. Having been an RMWebber for a few years anyway, I had a few questions; was Gold really for me? Would it be worth it? etc, etc. Well, the plunge has now been taken and I’m very happy to answer very much in the affirmative. The World of Railways Plus with its associated magazine access is superb. Being able to delve into past issues of BRM and Traction offers almost endless sources of fascinating information, their respective Search facilities being extremely useful. In addition, it’s nice to offer a contribution to the running of RMWeb, which, I’m sure is no mean feat. My only regret is not having subscribed earlier for what in my mind, speaking as a pensioner, is exceedingly good value for money. Keep up the excellent work everyone, it’s very much appreciated.
  3. I hold my hands up to running both bodyside types sometimes in the same train. For the most part, at “acceptable” viewing distances, the differences are not particularly discernible. I very much doubt if many of my examples ever prototypically ran together, let alone with differing bodysides but I’ll not sweat over it. These beautiful K types (8 and 12 wheel) are so visually captivating that I find myself drawn to such details as underframe, bogies as much as anything else, and at a distance, well ...! My only real gripe, and it’s a trifling one, is “axle drag” from the lighting pick-ups when a longish train is formed. This drag.can give the regular 0-4-4T station pilot plenty of grief. (Solution, roster a six-coupled enginej
  4. Of All The Luck! “Yer don’t wanna be messin’ about down here when that b****y lot arrives, Ern!”
  5. Belle Empties The heavy stock drags on the curve near the summit of the climb away from the terminus, but the recently introduced (final) Standard 4 tank has the job well in hand. (After faffing with the image, I realised that the lighting then made an excellent job of showing the engine in full fore gear!)
  6. Showing the Feather A Down goods is seen blasting away on the 1 in 200 on a very blustery afternoon, the engine clearly in fine fettle.
  7. Belle Arrival Beneath a threatening storm, the stock, now having disgorged its privileged clientele awaits the pilot for removal, whilst the engine attracts some admiring glances before its release to Loco.
  8. The Joy of Commuting “Usual train - cancelled. Next one loses time hand over fist. Had to stand all the way to Oxted. To top it all, I get half way across Station Road and the bus pulls away. B****y marvellous; another dinner with peas like ammunition and gravy welded to the plate!”
  9. The Good Ole Days (when you arrived home with the appearance of a chimney sweep) The hillside to the south of the depot is just the spot to while away an hour or so, as long as the wind ain’t blowing towards you. Don’t forget the ABC, Tizer and a packet of Spangles. A West Country is about to leave, whilst behind, a Charlie awaits its washout
  10. A TWW based Standard tank eases off shed, passing a commendably clean Mogul.
  11. Of course, Phil. Photo, courtesy of John Wiltshire, Wales Online.
  12. Apologies if seen by many before, but I came across this photo of Cashmore’s in Newport. A sorry sight for steam enthusiasts. Surrounded by the remains of others gone before, 34021 still manages to exude a degree of majesty in its final hours. The mountain of scrap in itself presents a tremendous modelling opportunity .... let me see, which locos can I dispense with?
  13. That’s right; I’ve a few colour shots but the earliest was taken around 1958. It was the “Z” that first caught my attention, possibly a works visit.
  14. Recently came across this rather interesting photograph of Brighton MPD in the early ‘Fifties. Viewers may wish to ponder over the variety of engines on shed. Locomotives L to R: U1 2-6-0 Two 0-6-2 tanks, the nearer of which is E5x No 32586 BR 4 2-6-4T WC/BB 4-6-2 (4500 gal tender) BR 4 2-6-4T, L 4-4-0 No 31773 C2x 0-6-0 ? N15 4-6-0 or S15 4-6-0 (4000 gal tender) Tank? Tank? Fairburn 2-6-4T, 0-6-2 tank ? Tender of WC/BB (behind the Fairburn’s smoke), Z 0-8-0T K 2-6-0 ?, Fairburn 2-6-4T WC/BB 4-6-2, H2 4-4-2 ? ..... and is that a Q1 0-6-0 lurking in the foreground without rods?
  15. For reasons of accountancy, BR liked to refer to the results of Mr R Jarvis’s work as a modification. Whichever term we choose, prior to the ingenious work of Mr Jarvis, the alterations to the Bullied Pacifics, from the subtle to the seemingly radical, have provided Southern enthusiasts and rail historians with seemingly endless fat to chew over.....“who’s getting the next round in?“
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