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  1. Time Travel Perhaps a little too contrived for some tastes and for that I apologise, but the temptation won! The motorman about to enter the cab is my late Dad. The source photo, dated as 1968 at Ford, Sussex, home today of the Gaugemaster store is also attached. Being one of the “camera never lies” generation, it would be interesting to speculate as to what he would have made of digital image “jiggery pokery” let alone the quality of today’s modelling.
  2. Night School Evening commuter groping its way home in a “pea souper”. Not all bad though; judging by the exhaust, they’ve some nice “Barnsley Hards” in the tender.
  3. M7 and a brake composite. Plenty of adhesion and full length.
  4. I would Beautiful Toilets, oops, that’s what’s popped Asda Mystery Shopper up, . No, I didn’t mean that! Where was I? Wear a face Boots???? No, that’s wrong. I give up, it’s getting late. Nite all
  5. This is really a “cop out”. This afternoon, my lovely wife was sorting some of her old ornaments when she produced this little cottage saying ”Could you find a use for this?” Initially thinking “Na, it’s not modelling material.” Looking again, I thought mmm... maybe. Half An hour later, a dab of paint on what was supposed to be grass, sprinkled some flocking and added some bushes And here we are.
  6. “Never e moind, ol’ gal. P’raps one day e’ll get a clean.”
  7. Bloody Google; knows what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. Scrolling from the bottom of a tablet screen, it’s difficult to avoid tapping the ad. I fear personally, these irritating pop up Google Ads will mean less frequent visits to what is an amazing forum.
  8. Ah, the cost of “niceties” such as internal lighting etc. How much reduction in price might be effected if these items were optional? Nice to have but not strictly essential. A lot of the time, model railways are operated in good strong lighting conditions making interior lighting, and illuminated headcode panels less noticeable. If the ambient lighting is reduced, the finer details then become difficult to appreciate. It is only us who can decide, but at what cost. For those of us on a budget, an 8 HAP (if so desired) for a grand is probably out of reach. What would be really usefu
  9. Up “Cardiff” running in. The WR engine will come off here, replaced with an SR crew and engine, usually a Mogul for the remainder of the journey (after the strings have been pulled).
  10. Very subtle weathering; one can almost see the weight of the impressive machine.
  11. The Other Side of the Tracks Fancying a different perspective to view the model but restricted as it runs beside a wall, I toyed with using the reflection in a shaving mirror (no jokes please!). Bit of post processing jiggery pokery to flip and straighten the image and we’re the other side of the tracks. See attached pic for set up taken with a separate iPhone although the main image used the mirror and a “proper camera”.
  12. Smartphone cameras can give extremely good results providing you are aware of their limitations. They are designed primarily for the “point and shoot” photographer, simplicity being the keyword. The comparively smaller physical size of a smartphone’ sensor has it’s own limitations but these really only become apparent with large images which are to be printed, “noise” being the major issue. The wide angle lenses are fine for many subjects, but personally I find them too wide. Use of the digital zoom is not a good idea but will render a reasonably satisfactory picture if not overdon
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