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  1. Front. May slightly enhance viewing angles but definitely give the benefit of keeping rolling stock further from the edge.
  2. White hot fire, a blistering summer's day and we're already there, save perhaps for a slight blue haze!
  3. I have used Humbrol 29 Dark Earth Acrylic (AD6029) spray can for large areas after thoroughly testing electrical continuity and running qualities of the trackwork. This can be blended as desired in various locations with differing tones applied with airbrush and touched up with paintbrush. Ballast can be applied before the paint but obviously will negate any natural colouration. A longish process overall, try out your methods on a short piece of track and see which works better for you. Providing individual electrical feeds to every piece/section of track and polarity switching of all points can initially seem onerous and somewhat OTT but you will for ever after be thankful you spent the time doing so.
  4. Thank you so much. I missed that topic entirely. My curiosity satisfied, I guess Andy can now close the thread
  5. Firstly, please excuse the quality of the first attached image; it was a "screenshot" from the telly! Perhaps a member has a copy in print. I was recently watching Part 2 of a TV documentary War At Sea on the ABS America channel which covered the grave effect of U-Boats on our shipping in WW1. It relates that in order to restrict the activities of German submarines it was decided to sow 70,000 mines across the North Sea in a type of fence. Of these, 50,000 were manufactured in the USA and shipped from Norfolk VA across the Atlantic to Inverness via the Caledonian Canal. It was at this point the very interesting photograph of the train was shown, which in turn poses some questions. The headcode disc does not suggest a location other than the south of England. Any ideas? Did any LBSCR tank locos venture "Up North" during the conflict whilst the railways were under government control? Perhaps the engine was a "Border Terrier".........like ours!
  6. Some years ago I had a BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 No 75071 (R3016A) whose drive mechanism failed. A used version purchased sometime later also gave trouble. That two such delightful looking models (which are now on the "Mazak Rot List") to fail was very disappointing. Would it be safe to assume, Hornby, by now, will have addressed the Mazak issue in their latest version of the BR4 (R3548)?
  7. Having dipped your toes into digital control, installed decoders into your motive power units and experienced the flexibility and ease of control that DCC offers, you would be hard pressed not to like it.
  8. Instant direction changes, whilst not only failing to emulate how the prototype really operates are not very kind to a model's drive mechanism.
  9. Thanks Alex Bogie’s off. Had to prise from side with screwdriver.
  10. I have a Hornby Maunsell BTK (R4796A) where one bogie does not pivot freely. I would like to remove the culprit for inspection but cannot fathom out how as it looks very delicate. Would any member out there know the procedure, please. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. The "professionals" will extol the pros and cons of both mediums all with valid reasons, however, personal preference will often sway your decisions. I have an allergic intolerance of enamels/thinners. Acrylic paints are a godsend in that thinning and cleaning present no issues and have been used very successful on wagon kits and weathering. It is worth considering the relatively quick drying time of acrylics which can be useful when applying additional coats. This quality can be problematic insofar as airbrushes can clog sooner if not flushed through regularly during, and thoroughly stripped and cleaned after use. The much longer drying time of enamels will allow easier manipulation of colour which many find useful.
  12. Here's a web image, unfortunately not much detail of the apparatus.
  13. All my "dummies" are dummies! Now you've given me cause for consideration along scratchbuild lines.
  14. ..... still hanging on in quiet desperation!
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