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  1. As you may have now deduced it was an HST short set. I've not seen one timed as loco hauled before (although I haven't looked at Scotrail services), GWR short HSTs are timed as 90mph DMUs. There is an HST timing load but that won't take into account the improved acceleration with reduced trailing load!
  2. Yes, only 3 and I realise I forgot to get one of the lounge car (must have been too focused on the tipple.) Someone else has put a picture on flickr though https://tinyurl.com/rr4u4ao The corridors, narrow but with the big picture windows which will no doubt be great for admiring the Highlands from. The doors are key car entry, like a hotel, of the type that you have to tap against the lock (rather than insert into a slot). Inside the berth: One of the little quirky features I liked the most here was the mat/material they put on the lower bunk for you to place your bag on. It was always a little frustrating if you had a roller bag trying not to get muck on the linen as soon as you'd entered! With it being modern stock it is also kitted out with plenty of USB charging points and a couple of 3 pin sockets. There are also little places to put devices that are charging so they're not perched precariously somewhere in the berth. A tiny negative and this is really pedantic but the ladder is fixed to the bed, the old ladders came away and that allowed you a little more room to spread out in bed or have your elbows outside of the profile of the mattress. Finally at the end of the corridor they have these rather fancy looking screens: Like all modern stock the door alarms make a noise designed to be audible for the hard of hearing, as I was in the berth at the end of the corridor they were also fairly audible in bed! The toilet right next to the berth was no bother but is smaller than the old offerings so you have to be a bit of a contortionist to get in them!
  3. 156464 heads away from Sellafield towards Seascale in October '18. An interesting contrast in the scenery with the harsh perimeter fence of the Sellafield compound on one side and the windswept grasses and the sea on the other. Perhaps a loose interpretation of the theme here but a view from a D/EMU (is a class 800 a D/EMU?) in the landscape - if that's permissible! Taken somewhere between Didcot and Swindon on an IET. I like how the window frames the scenery.
  4. 92020 on pilot duties at Glasgow on Tuesday night with 93038 at Euston after hauling 1M11 2340 Glasgow - Euston south. Due to the landslip at Weaver Jn 1M11 went via Manchester adding an extra 50 miles to the journey but due to the relaxed timings still arrived early into Euston. My first travels on the new mk5 stock and I thought it was quite pleasant. I had a bunk cabin to myself and there's nothing particularly different about them compared to the design of the mk3 berth. The lounge car felt more cold and clinical to me but there was more seating which is a positive.
  5. That's good to know, thanks Rob. I shall try stripping some off... at the very least it'll make an interesting post in the future! It sounds like the original paintwork is all but ruined sadly. But a lesson learnt! Fortunately the transfer pack was for a full loco respray anyway so all of the existing details should be replaceable. I'll have a go at trying to remove some of the misty finish and report back! Thanks all. Al
  6. Thanks NL, glad someone else has had similar findings. It looks like the time to invest in an airbrush is getting unavoidably closer!
  7. Thanks Jack, I have no idea why I hadn't thought of just glossing over it. Varnish is a frustrating one, a couple of models in the past have got away without any as there has been little residue from where I have removed a previous marking/number but the GWR powercars and 47323 had very obvious shiny patches where I had used thinners to remove previous names and numbers so I didn't really have a choice when trying to get an even finish! Thanks for the help and support! Al
  8. A while since my last post and I had a bit of a modelling lull over the Christmas/New Year period as I had a bit of disaster that put me right off! The project was 43188 The Flying Welshman and all I was intending to do was blend the dragon transfer in with a nice waft of varnish as the backing of the transfer was showing up on the bodywork. Still using rattle cans despite knowing I probably ought to invest in an airbrush I thought a gentle coat of Humbrol matt enamel would seal the transfer in nicely as it stood out a little both in photographs and to the naked eye. I shook the can as per instructions and set up my improvised spray centre in the kitchen. Test waft and spray coming out as expected. Error #1 - for reasons I don't quite understand I masked parts of the model off, the underframe (I don't regret this) and the rear of the powercar just in front of the cargo door in order to protect the glazing (I learnt that mistake previously with the Railroad model of the 97 earlier in the thread). I covered the cab side windows and windscreen with Humbrol Maskol and should have done this with the cargo door windows. Error #2 - when the GWR livery on the powercars is all over gloss why would I varnish with a matt varnish?! Error #3 - with the powercar going so badly why did I then give 47323 a very light waft on spray as if it would come out differently?! (This has suffered but not as much as the below) The result was an absolute disaster... I don't quite understand how but the varnish has not dulled down and created a matt finish but has instead created a misty finish, it is blotchy in places too. However that isn't really the point, I have ruined a very expensive model through sheer stupidity! As I peeled the masking tape off the back of the powercar the true mindlessness of what I had done struck, not only had I destroyed the correct finish but I hadn't even managed to do it evenly! What was I thinking?! Additionally the transfer appears to have been scratched and damaged as somewhere near the dragons tail it has cracked/split and isn't flush to the model. Answers on a postcard?! I haven't figured out what to do with this. I would have thought a whole respray might be required but when I went to the Phoenix paint stand at Warley in November they said they do not produce GWR (2015) green anymore as there is no demand for it! Even if I had the paint I do not have the confidence to pull off a full respray right now, absolutely gutted. So it has been a quiet few weeks on the modelling front as I need to pick myself up and figure out where to go from here.
  9. Quite possibly, I'm not aware of the specifics of Northern's concession but I know that for GWR the 143s can still run so long as they are attached to a compliant unit (158 or 150). There is no gangway connection with that so persons with reduced mobility need to be boarded into the compliant unit. The 143 is meant to always be on a specific end of the formation too.
  10. According to TRUST 150209 is in fact made up of vehicles 57209 & 57212! Makes me wonder if in fact it is a Frankenstein's monster without a toilet.
  11. Today is the last day, GWR have not applied for a dispensation for them so they are 'illegal' (for want of a better word) from 0001 The set (LA72) is working 2C87 1900 Bristol TM - Plymouth and then that's it! Yes it was on one of the HT sets, I think as it is a First Group leased powercar it didn't matter what work it was specifically assigned to. It is a right bag of nails - failed yesterday on depot before coming into service and has had a travelling fitter riding it all afternoon as there are several notches and traction motors taped out/isolated! EDIT: You lose notches when you isolate a traction motor.
  12. Initially it's speed restrictions on the down line with pway riding some services in the cab to inspect standing water levels and any damage/debris. When spray and waves reach a certain level then reversible working is put in place on the up line. In the last couple of years on days I've been in Control I can't think of a time where there's been a block on services because of the threat of wave damage, only when there has been standing water above the railhead. Usually the only damage to trains is a wave striking a window and cracking/breaking it although from photos taken during bad weather clearly there is a little bit of solid debris that gets thrown around.
  13. Northern, TfW and EMR have all applied (and I believe been granted, certainly Northern and TfW have) dispensations to the law. In Northern's case I think this will allow pacers to run on their own for 'X' number of months. In the case of EMR the dispensation I think is actually focused on the slam door element of the stock and the concession dependent on an effort to fit retaining tanks to stock. GWR have not applied for a concession but have instead diagrammed all 143s to be paired to a 150 as of the timetable change last Sunday.
  14. Is this thread exclusively for standard gauge railways? I've probably got a fair few photos from when I worked for the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway. In the meantime; the Class 14 at Norton Fitzwarren with a short train being used for a GWR train planning 'practical education' day (playing trains). The formation was the 14, 3x mk1s and a 47 on the other end. Driving the 14 back up the hill to Bishops Lydeard was good fun! (2016) Severn Valley (2016)
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