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  1. Judging by the rust on the rails on the Par Harbour line, there hadn't been much traffic lately................
  2. Just back from a holiday in Cornwall. Interesting to see that the rails are still in the road at Dunmere Crossing on the old B&W. Also rails and crossing gates still present on the Par Harbour line through St Blazey. Didn't have time to stop for photos.......
  3. Yes, I've got most of the old RM's with his articles in. As I recall he wrote a number of articles in RM on coach construction which I guess went into the Wild Swan book. Garsdale Road was my favourite.....cramming a main line into such a relatively small space!! Anyway, we're going off topic here.....still enjoying the Aylesbury book!! Martyn
  4. Shame there are no volumes of David Jenkinson's layouts to go with these.....more classics of the 60s, 70s and beyond.......... What about a compendium of his MRJ articles?? Martyn
  5. Have now got my copy, and what a splendid book it is! Some first class photos, and loads of info on both model and prototype. The one surprise is how few articles there were on Aylesbury in the modelling press. My copy will now sit on the shelf next to my Wild Swan volumes on Buckingham - two classics together!!
  6. Drat!! Don't have any old MRN's. Was always an RM man........
  7. Looking forward to getting my copy via Alton Model Centre - supporting my local model shop!! Was Aylesbury featured in other magazines pre MRJ?? I'll have to dust down my old Railway Modellers and have a look.
  8. Well I'd reverse your choices for Valentine and Weech. I can see David Haig as the railway mad man of the cloth and Jim Broadbent in a loud suit as Valentine!! My choice for the squire would be a different West - Samuel West. For Dan the engine driver I'd have gone for Trevor Peacock but he has unfortunately recently died. For Crump and Pearce why not the Mitchell brothers from East enders!! This film has a particular soft spot for me as it was the film my parents went to see on their first date.......so without it I wouldn't be here!!
  9. Have always loved these little lads since the July 1972 RM drawings of same! Should really have a go at the Nu Cast version. Maybe to go with the Bachman J72...…. One day..... Absolutely wonderful model by the way...…………. Martyn
  10. As I always try and do, I got my copy from my local model shop, Alton Model Centre. Splendid edition, so many congrats to all those involved in producing this one under such difficult circumstances. My first MRJ (No.1 - had to get the reprint of No. 0) came from W H Smiths in Preston when I lived up in the North West, and I have managed to get every one since then.. I can never begin to match the skills of the many contributors over the years, and have given up ever managing to model in "finescale", but I still enjoy the hobby in my own way. I seem to remember David Jenkinson, in one of his many articles, saying "to thine own self be true".....and I've realised the wisdom of that at last!!
  11. Sorry - link to website here https://www.altonmodelcentre.co.uk/index.php Just to point out, the shop is open Monday 15th June, but thereafter returns to the normal closed on Mondays. Martyn
  12. Alton Model Centre opening Monday 15th June!! Three cheers!!
  13. Excellent news on Alton Model Centre - it's my "local" as well!!
  14. Many thanks for all of the responses!! Martyn
  15. Can anyone help me to find articles on these two layouts in the model press?? Many thanks Martyn
  16. Martync

    Don Leeper

    As part of my day job I have links with an organisation called BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) and a couple of weeks ago I received a newsletter which featured a tribute to a stalwart member of the organisation - this was Don Leeper. My ears pricked up at this, as the name rang a bell, particularly with reference as a contributor with Iain Rice to Hepton Wharf, but there was no mention of an interest in railway modelling. I have today received another communication which has a more detailed tribute, which does mention the modelling aspect, and thus confirms that, sadly, Don has passed away. https://www.bsria.com/uk/news/article/bsria_pays_respect_to_the_passing_of_donald_don_leeper_obe/?gator_td=2%2fAU9CPxaE0FWCIrV9wYTJb22ohUeujaWCAXGA2BdX3Qa3vkgXFGNa0l4eyvP8qZKNbEhU0NRwQXsdk%2bGpyC%2bnfxnrrmlzXa%2bsTKtR%2bfLObsKieieJjFFPtcs%2foiIAvd2Xloe5fK4NlLumbpSbE64noGnHKAyGd2Y%2bTdBKcewCSh1S3Pae%2bq%2b0esNlCB76ZGaLocNhuzcRP3CRj1WDwfbw%3d%3d It is a great sadness to me that I have never managed to see Hepton Wharf, or indeed Longwood Edge, in the flesh. I have always enjoyed the many articles on the layouts however, and it is clear to see the standard of modelling was very high. My condolences to Don's family and friends. Martyn
  17. Can we assume Larkrail will be cancelled now? Shame if it is......was looking forward to it.....but fully understandable Martyn
  18. This is my local show, so had a very agreeable couple of hours there on Saturday afternoon. Good selection of layouts and traders. My personal favourite was Aldbourne in OO9 - very smooth running and lovely scenic work. Well done to Alton MRG!
  19. Having just got my copy of MRJ 276, it occurred to me how much it has changed (and I don't just mean the price). So off up into the loft to look at my back copies. I have to confess I did miss the original preview copy (but got a reprint) but I have every copy since then. No.1 was bought in W H Smiths Preston when I lived in the north west for some years. Having a look at it to see the difference 275 issues has made, I came across Stanmore by Dave Pennington, and what a stunning layout it was 35 years ago and today as well in my opinion. I wonder what happened to it??. I think it must be a rarity given its LNWR in the home counties, which rather appeals to me as I think I may have posted elsewhere. Apart from Aylesbury, I wonder if there have been any other LNWR BLT's?? Martyn
  20. Paul I have just come across this epic thread!! What a splendid layout. Is there any chance The Depots might venture further south at any time?? The arrival of the Bachman J72 has re awakened an interest in North East railways which originates from a family link with Durham - my great uncle was estate manager at Brancepeth Castle in the 30's. Maybe a small mineral line might be the thing - I wouldn't have space for anything large, so it would have to be a la Croft Depot I think! Regards Martyn
  21. First class edition. Enjoying Dave Taylors' retrospectives, and also liked the Creech Bottom article. Martyn
  22. Excellent! That show is just down the road from me, so I’ll certainly be there..... Rgds Martyn
  23. Dave Looks splendid - I wish I could draw like that!! Hope to see it in the flesh on Bridport Town at some point in the future Rgds Martyn
  24. Just caught up with this thread. For me it was the accidental discovery of "The Great Western in Dean" by H W Parr, and a photo of a 2021 pannier shunting at Blakeney on the FOD Central. After that I caught up with the Wild Swan series on the S&W (eventually picked up the first three volumes for a song!) and the rest is history. For me its the presence of industrial railways in such a rural scene. I suppose one day I might even get round to building a model...….
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