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  1. Got a load of fairy cheap Bachmann BGs in Regional Railways livery and am repainting them into various colours, mostly BR Blue era. Did the first one without stripping it and used a coat of Halfords grey primer. After I had applied the the acrylic Rail blue, the gloss varnish, then transfers, then final satin top varnish. After a week I noticed that the duplex stripes were visible through the paint layers in a certain light.....enough to annoy me and wish I had stripped the paint completely. Having read some some nightmare tales I decided to go with ultra fine wet and dry and soapy water. This took way too long and risked taking off the door handles etc. This afternoon I tried Meths,........no not to drink.....things haven't got that bad yet! But on the coach, with the glazing removed, and using the Meths and an old stiff paint brush the results, so far, are great. Doesn't seem to attack the plastic and all I did was brush it firmly on and left in there to soften the paint for a few mins before reapplying. At the finish warm soapy water to clean all residue. Worked for one am now going to try with others.
  2. Just checked out the Cavalax website....pretty impressive. Would be great if they are prepared to sell the bogies separately. Although looking at looking at the build quality I suspect they would be expensive. Any news on the possibility of Dapol bogies as spares? Costs?
  3. I commented on my four examples earlier in this topic. One of them, 31270 batch is still unaffected......weird. The others, now that they have been rebuilt, seem ok and certainly run ok. Plenty of regular thrash seems to do the trick. My my young daughter though that they were 'Cinderella Engines', that turn into dust after midnight. No bloody happy ending to this fairy tail though. I s'pose it is arguably biodegradable........but is this necessary what we want or expect from our model railways, that they decompose or self destruct at an random time........NAH! cobblers to that.
  4. More patch repairs, but on 1452 this time ticking over at Fredericia on the same day in August as the previous photo of 1453. If you notice there are holes and rust in the body side of the cab at the same level as the door. Appears to have rotted out along the joint seem. Everything gets the DB Red treatment. Not horrible, IMHO, as the grey sole bar offsets the block red but I way prefer the DSB Red and Black. This was also ticking over, buffered up to 1452 at Fredericia.
  5. MZ 1453 on the fueling point at Fredericia August 2018, Such a great loco and a great livery......and the patch repairs and painting give a model loco look.
  6. Great to see new models with new tooling and liveries. Particularly impressive reproductions of the up to date liveries. Back in the real world, I am totally gutted that the opportunity to stand at an open window of an HST trailer coach whilst it is hammering up and down the 'Western' on a service train, especially along the sea wall through Dawlish and Teignmouth, will be gone for ever!!!!!! IMHO, Plug doors, with sealed windows suck so bad! I s'spose that the occasional rail tour might still venture out and about with drop down windows........but it just won't be the same. Still that's progress.......LOL.
  7. Check this out....this is the BMU....from the Rail Operations Group. Second item down from the top. Looks to be an ex Class 319 'Thameslink' unit used as a basis for a Logistics https://www.railopsgroup.co.uk/news/ I have had a go at this type of thing in the past using a Hornby 'Networker' as the basis for a unit with the windows blanked out, a bit like a 325. The idea being that these units could use palletised goods, parcels or caged packages to deliver them to stations and hubs. These would be able to couple to normal passenger units or run as dedicated services in their own right, keeping up with regular train service speeds. The main concept is to replace long and medium distance white van flows from city centre to city centre....
  8. Satan's Goldfish, were you planning to re-engine the HST power car? Possibly to a similar configuaration to a Bombardier TRAXX (DB CLASS 245) Gen Set loco. This is the loco that has 4 x 720hp Diesel engines inside, these work on demand principle. The power that these engines provide can power its own traction motors for all non electrified routes, or if linked throughout the train to another car with bogies fitted with traction motors, e.g. A 442 guards brake type coach. Stating the SBO, your multi mode unit/loco set needs power to move, in what ever form that takes. How this power is collected (from over heads / third rail) or from on board generation is one thing and it's going to be determined by the availability of OHLE or 3rd Rail. How the power is then distrubuted throughout the train is the really clever bit. So you could have a central power management control unit, which manages this for you. I guess your point is that if you include diesel into the mix you have a 'Go Everywhere Unit'.....without diesel or a massive battery storage unit, your train is limited to a fixed supply and therefore is a 'Not Go Everywhere Unit'. I like your idea, I like the idea that trains can go everywhere, right up to the end of every buffer stop of every route. For me the BR DEMU 205/207 units were a great example of this. If only they could have found a way to connect up a 73 then the principle would have been the same as yours. I like your ideas, keep up the good work mate. ATB Grizz
  9. Fictitious loco and therefore I suppose fictitious livery..... Clayton chassis, (bought a whole load from somewhere for £10 each) story is re-engineered with a new body and new power unit and control equipment. Now in DB Traffic Red, again anglasized with yellow panels. Scratch built from styrene.
  10. Something along these lines. V200 and class 215 'Rabbit'....but with my 68 sort of anglasized with yellow ends. It was the darker red (Crimson) that DB had before the 'Traffic Red' was introduced. My 68 isn't really finished, it needs a darker grey panel on the upper body side and silver trim. The photo of the V200 isn't mine, but the photo of the 215 was taken from a video I filmed at Köln West last summer. The driver gave it a handful when he saw me filming.....good lad!
  11. The dark red and dark grey version of DB Livery on Class 68 68332 on ex works wagons.
  12. Ex works DB Liveried Class 68, on the Down Slow, on an ex works scratch built wagon train test run at Hamsey Junction.
  13. Here's another one..... Scratch built loco body on a Heljan Clayton chassis and scratch built wagons:
  14. 40 HIAs. The red one at the back is yet another part finished project. The Dapol HIA is a brilliant runner IMHO. The bogies are solid and stable, even at high speeds. They are heavy wagons but a single Dapol 68 can pull 40 of them even on my layout, which does have a reasonable grade through part of it. The 66 was required to double head because of the weight of additional wagons added to the end of the consist. Sorry it took so long to upload videos, I know you had asked before but each time I tired it direct to this thread it would post a message that the file was too big. Even after it had been compressed. My son sorted it in the end. How is your project bench? Anything in the pipe line?
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