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  1. Grizz

    EBay madness

    I had to add this…..it appears genuine….. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284322630945?hash=item4232f30d21:g:3r4AAOSw7DNgvK94
  2. Flying Scotsman is not the be all and end all. It is not the only Mainline registered steam loco in the UK. Personally I am indifferent to it. I have travelled behind it in the past on numerous occasions in a official capacity in Railtrack & early Network days to act as a steward (PWay Ops) to prevent drunk idiots wandering out onto open roads with cameras pressed to their faces whilst trying to film it. It is LNER ECML product, which we are not short of, given the number of preserved A4s etc. I do have a problem with supposed irreplaceable assets, whatever they are, being thrashed arou
  3. Flying Scotsman was known as Scrapheap Challenge back in the early 2000s because when we used to marshal for it we never knew if we were going to get back home again….
  4. Flying Scotsman was known as Scrapheap Challenge back in the early 2000s because when we used to marshal for it, we never knew if we were going to get back home again….
  5. Mmmm you’re right about the public loving it. But why not build a replica and thrash that about instead. They did it with Rocket…..if it is sooooooooo valuable then stop damaging it and use a replica, most Normals wouldn’t know the difference anyway. They don’t know Tornado is new….
  6. Big Jim you were bang on with your prediction. Looks like 69001 was settling in at Tonbridge yesterday.
  7. We did this once in the US. I went to a 'train store' and my US friend bought a couple of Walthers AMTRAK FP40s. I then paid for dinner for our families. He gave me the locos as gifts, at which point they were not new but second hand. This meant that when I returned to the UK I had no issues with customs as the second hand value was around $10 each...
  8. I guess a lot of the routing, timings and potential stops would be somewhat stock type dependant. Are MK5s passed for the tunnel? Maybe the Canadians would flog the Nightstar sleepers back? (Please note that I am joking before anyone gets on my case)... Would this be loco hauled & MK5 type stock? New stock? Or some kind of Unit based trains? What ever it is is going to require a serious spec if it is going to be able to run on HS and Classic routes within the UK and also the variety of routes planned in the rest of Europe. If a service were to stop somewhere on rou
  9. Grizz

    EBay madness

    Yeah but it is showing £999.00.....although I do expect that it was meant to be £99....
  10. Grizz

    EBay madness

    Holy crap…I think I can get a real coach for less. There were some MK3 sleepers, straight out of traffic, going for less. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144059442842?hash=item218a9ca69a:g:HvsAAOSwgBpgwlLZ
  11. HO scale Plattling Hbf and yard. I like the new S&C they've laid in the yard. Looks like the flocking had a bad reaction to the glue in the yard, but not too bad at the bottom end though. The lighting is quite good.
  12. I like it and it is definitely different. The speed whiskers kinda work above the head lights. It seems to break up the slab front effect created when the grill was removed.
  13. Stating the bleeding obvious, If a product isn’t available in RTR then there are two options. Wait for it to be available or see if a kit is available. Then two further options arise. If a kit is available, either a body has the required skills to make it or they don’t. If they don’t then get someone who has the skills to make it and pay them. Simple really. Planning a layout around an item of ‘announced’ RTR to be released at a future date is, to say the least, courageous. Had I carried out my plan to build a OO Gauge layout and focus it around the Dapol Class 59,
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