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  1. A box of Peco track arrived today. It was really time consuming painting all the E1809 Pandrols red. Still we managed to weather the sleepers and rails at least. ...
  2. Totally agree with the Standard 4 Tank and they were mostly a Brighton product, and they were the last engines to be regularly used on the SP branch line. However with the ruling gradient of 1 in 75 over a good percentage of the railway and with the reverse curves up through Imberhorne cutting, being a stiff 1 in 55 at the country end and 1 in 60 at the London end we don’t need small tank engines anything like as much. Perhaps in years to come they could be reserved for SP to HK, which they historically fit in with much better. Having just travelled up over the Holden Summit today, it is a s
  3. Rock in pond time..... E4 in IEG......but with original boiler. But our E4 has a larger later boiler and smoke box, different safety valve arrangement and ..chimney?. However the same principle is already there. Stepney is an A1X so IEG is not prototypical on that loco either. Or is this yet another case of preserving preservation..... Having lobbed that rock I am now off to work. Have a good one all!
  4. It’s funny you should say that Andyman7, those were my very thoughts when I took the photos. How often have we seen photos from the 1960s, with ballast beds devoid of track.
  5. This is what happens when you don’t pin your track down securely to your base board.....someone comes along and pinches it!
  6. Afternoon all. Please forgive me if I am on the wrong thread for this but I need some advice as I can’t seem to find anything that relates to fitting Extreme Etchings Laserglaze. More specifically to couple of Lima BR MK2F coaches, one TSO in blue and grey, number 5940. The other used to be a Lima BR Scotrail liveried FO but is now a fictitious MK2 sleeper in Blue and Grey, but still needs to have the laser glazing fitted. Got the roofs of both without breaking them which was a miracle. The others are more straight forward as they are Airfix / Mainline / Dapol MK2Ds, variously
  7. DR73950 with the one of the S&C pieces of kit deployed, whilst stopped for set up and pack away practice, near West Hoathly brickworks.
  8. This might be of interest, especially to those who might have served with S&T or have an interest in Signalling. Not a view normally available at this angle, again from the cab of DR73950. This is Kilo Charlie two two, the Kingscote Down Home, a three aspect colour light signal, with a dual route indicator and what appears to be a shunt dummy under the main signal head.....although I am willing to stand corrected by S&T if I’ve got that wrong. This is at 15M 38Ch.
  9. A view of Kingscote this morning from the rear cab of DR73950. Still looking very wintery at the moment. Parker’s yard is packed with materials and actually very busy today, which is hopefully an encouraging sign.
  10. The tampers have been shunted apart, with DR 73949 in the Platform Loop at EGR, ready to be taken away........goodbye old friend. DR 73950 and DR 73949 stand at BBR EGR platform Tuesday 23/02/2021
  11. Classic heritage liveried English Electric Class 20s. BR Railfreight Large Logo Grey..... Choppertastic!!!!
  12. Mmmmmmm look what crept in last night. 20118, 20132 and DR73950......clagtastic.
  13. An F ing big one! Actually it was part of a DB track laying train that was stupidly long. We saw it go throughHamburg Harburg station in 2019. I’ve got a video of it somewhere I think.
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