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  1. Luckily no one was hurt…through yet more f ing incompetence.
  2. Not sure if it was a special pool Old Dudders, probably just had to be SSL fitted I guess. IIRC years ago one of the HSTs diverted to Waterloo during the Paddington shut down was terminated early on route, after 'someone' fortunately spotted one of the trailer coaches had LSL bogies fitted. As I understand it even if LSL bogies were to fitted it would still require a fairly well out of gauge juice rail rail and well worn tyres to cause the earthing out issue anyway. But I'll stand corrected if I have misunderstood.... I am sure that there is someone on here far more conversant with the specifics and can explain it far more eloquently than I can. I'd have liked to have done a trip round the deep south on an HST set. Praps this might have pulled in a crowd in normal times, If only for unusual traction? Admittedly it would cost a few quid for the gauging survey. Vic Plat 2 run via CLJ and ECR to UCK UCK to HUR HUR to EGR (NR) EGR (NR) to SPK (BBR) SPK (BBR) to ECR ECR to EBN EBN to BTN BTN to HHE HHE to SEF SEF to HHE HHE to LIT LIT to BOG BOG to RDH RDH to HGS via TON HGS to ADP ADP to DGN DGN to VIC plat 2 via AFK...... Ta Da... Well I'd go anyway..... especially if there was an Ale coach.
  3. Not likely to be any HSTs on the Southern 3rd rail electrified routes unless they are fitted with Short Swing Link bogies. Even though there are examples of occasional loco hauled MK3s on the Central Division. BR MK3 Sleeper at Haywards Heath on a gauging run to Brighton in the late 1980s. Not my photo but couldn't find the original, so apologies to the owner. And these two which were SSL fitted came straight out of traffic and down to Bluebell. Sadly with the HST fleets now much reduced and scattered to the winds, it is unlikely that any set would be guaranteed to be SSL fitted. So we aren't likely to see any in the deep south. However as our network had nearly all of its loco run round facilities ripped out in the the Railtrack days, slightly shortened SSL fitted HST sets would suit our dead end branches quite well on rail tours.
  4. MK2D Full Brake in red primer, cut n shut from two Airfix BSOs. Long distance Intercity Cross Country? Body work isn’t perfect. Mount on Replica B5 bogies with Bachmann 36-034 wheels and Bachmann short straight couplings.
  5. AHahahahaha nice one Jonathan, that is pretty much what I wrote to start with ….but thought that I’d better apply Electronic Communications Rule 1 i.e. Don’t Hit the Send Button when any of the following apply…. 1) Drunk. 2) Angry. 3) Raging. 4) Drunk and Raging. 5) Outraged. 6) Full up with possibly actionable, comments. Etc etc etc… I was not courageous enough….wish I had been now
  6. how much compound interest is there for 7 years on 25 million?......just saying...
  7. Mmmmmm without wishing to prejudice er anything type stuff... I wonder where the ex Chief Financial Officer and associates might appear next? Perhaps in front of the Parliamentary Select Committee??? ......in due course, of course.
  8. 25 million of tax payers money ‘unrepaid’ to .GOV.UK…..….that’s interesting, I wonder where that went? It will probably come under the convenient title of Commercially Sensitive Information and possibly will end up not being in the public interest to know the details. I am not being negative…..just professionally sceptical
  9. 25 million of tax payers money ‘unrepaid’ to .GOV.UK…..….that’s interesting, I wonder where that went? It will probably come under the convenient title of Commercially Sensitive Information and possibly will end up not being in the public interest to know the details.
  10. Hi Marco...hope all well with you. Mmmmmmm lets see now.....AHA!!! it's got TF25s on the mock up thingy photo wossname....yeah pretty sure its a candidate then....
  11. Morning all. it’s been a while since I’ve visited here. Hope all well with Y’all? This has always been one of my favourite subjects, albeit with my own particular interests within the genre. Mine is mainly British Rail / Sectorisation / What might have been sectorisation / what might have been privatisations etc. Anyway basically diesel / electric / units / loco hauled coaching stock / freight etc etc. On this basis I was asked by a friend of my son if I would create a fictitious Caledonian livery for a Class 68. He supplied the excellent Railtec decals for 68030, with name plates for ‘Black Douglas’. I have posted this in brief form on the ‘Early Risers’ thread recently as it was what I was doing that day, but I thought that I would also post it here as it is more topical. Using the spare Dapol Class 68 body supplied took off all the extra bits and bobs, removed the glazing and used ultra fine Emery paper and soap and water to flatten and strip the body. The nearest real world loco in Caledonian livery was a Class 67, this was the primary basis. I used the original yellow warning panel colour, which to my mind is a bit washed out, however this is meant to be a loco on semi permanent hire to Caledonian so some reference to the previous company’s identity is sort of fictionally real….if that makes sense?….. It was then primed with Halfords grey, with the yellow half ends masked. The Caledonian blue paint was from Rainbow Railways range and it was the first time I’d used one of their products. Mixing it 70/30 white spirit to paint through my airbrush it was easy to use and finished well, taking 6 light coats to build up the colour to a good deep blue. Then it was a 80/20 white spirit / Screwfix Gloss yachting varnish, built up in 8 light coats. This was left for a week to harden, probably slightly longer than I need to but better safe than sorry. The Railtec water slide transfers were then applied over the next week. Now those who know me well will be surprised by this because ‘Unlike Dr Kildare….I’m not known for my patience’…………….Mmmmm……..”I’ll get my coat”. Anyway here are the results so far. It still needs all the bits and bobs and glazing put back but I am pleased with it. It looks plausible to me. More importantly the chap concerned is pleased with it. Finally the results have now prompted my son and I to start planning a GWR Class 68, with a matching rake MK2 Air Con Coaches, with a what might have been MK2 full brake. Here is 68030 with a first satin varnish finish.
  12. hahaha I was actually wondering what on earth that was before I read the text of the post. The best I could come up with was an out of gauge shed on an old loco chassis. I thought that it might perhaps have been one of MR O.V.S. Bullied's less known 'experiments' into alternative traction. Less of a 'Leader', more of a 'Stagger' perhaps the result of a heavy session in the 'Engineers Club'.
  13. Jim I love the idea that there is a 66 running around with a bike inside it. Might try to model that…
  14. Mmmmm well not too bad so far, but I guess as with all these things it’s all in the details. The bits highlighted in red will be removed and filled. Then it’s the various foot boards, door handles, grab handles and etc.
  15. Bloodnok your work has inspired me to have a go at a couple of projects I’ve always wanted to do. Like quite a lot of people over the years I’ve amassed a load of old Airfix, Mainline, Dapol and Hornby MK2 air con coaches. With some spares I want to apply a massive dose of RULE 1. I always wanted BR to have built a MK2 Air Con Full Brake (BG) for the England, Scotland and Wales network. Also a generator coach like was built for Irish railways. And finally a MK2 sleeper coach. I’ve already had a go at converting a Lima Mk2F FO into a sleeper, which I’m quite pleased with so far, but I’d like to have a go using the old MK2D body shells. With the full brake I’ll probably keep it full length rather than shorten it like the MK1 BG. The off cuts should give me 2 ends with 4 windows each side, which when glued together should end up with a toilet window on diagonally opposite sides. So here goes with the first two candidates…2 BSOs.
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