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  1. Hopefully I can add a little to what The Johnster has already told you. The North and West route expresses & freight trains all changed locos at Shrewsbury prior to the arrival of the warships & westerns when the changes were made at Crewe. Counties did not make it to Crewe, I believe due to their overall cylinder spacing being out of gauge with EX LMS platforms. It should also be said that any western engines that did make it on freight trains would use the station avoiding lines and change engines at Gresty Green. Parcels trains on this route could turn up with anything at the
  2. Hi tom, Agree with Martin on the healing process. Great to see you back and firing on all cylinders it appears, especially as the link to your old Modellers United pages no longer works so unable to see all the older photo's any more. Does this mean Askrigg is now on the back burner. BrainH
  3. I have been reading this and your previous layouts postings with long standing interest. All brilliant and inspiring work Looking back to Post 135. which shows your Hymek with a stencil shedcode by the drivers door and a TOPS panel on the cabside which puts it in post 1968 livery so your period is already extended. Observational only, no criticism at all. Rule 1 applies. For me the mention of more colour in Post 182 suggests having 2 periods to ring the changes. Bring on some blue syp Westerns. Please.
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