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  1. Great trees Where do you get the sea moss from? Cheers. Scott
  2. Im interested in the frozen crayon 'flowers' can anyone recommend what type of grater i need? I suppose, the finer, the better. Thanks Scott
  3. My plan was to use the hinges for alignment only. The boards will be separate, i planned on using the back scene so I could bolt both pieces together for protection, something like this when in storage......... Cheers Scott
  4. Well, I've decided to take the plunge, or at least a dip of my toes into some semblance of a small model railway. Even though im a key worker, making sure hospital and care home maceraters and bed pan disinfectors are running properly, I still have time in the evenings to fill. So this past weekend I've made 2 small baseboards 285mm x 960mm. Thats all the wood and timber i could muster. The idea behind this is a practice board, so i can try out different scatters, flocks, static grass and other scenic items, to hone my skills until i can get the space and materials needed. Over the last few years I've scratch built wagons, coaches and carriages, but have had nowhere to run them! Well, at leat here i can have a bit of shunting fun. It will be a BLT based in Essex/East Anglia region, around the time of transition, allowing me run my class 31 and my cravens 105 dmu. Eventually i hope to have a fiddle yard a sector plate or a cassette system just passed the bridge. So here it is....... Excuse the batten on the side, didn't have any hinges to align the boards. The station area has enough space for a two coach run around and the shortest siding can accommodate 4 wagons. Its not much, but its a start. Cheers Scott
  5. Have you read my thread? Building mainly coaches, carriages and wagons, but ive built a station and a goods facility using 'wills' brick pattern sheets. Im going to attempt a bus here.... Already made the preliminary drawing, halfway down page 2, ignore the top drawing (the windows are wrong). Also near the bottom of page 2 is a shot of the seven wagons im working on at the moment. Cheers Scott (Gobbler)
  6. Gary When you start, you won't want to stop! My glue of preference is tamiya extra thin, in a little cube shaped bottle. My trusty scalpel, my favoured blade is a 10A A metal square is recommended. You'll find later on there are wagons you'll want but cant get. Peter tatlow's books on LNER wagons will become a must. Then you can start a bit of scratch building. Have a peek at my thread. All the best. Keep safe and have fun. Scott
  7. No worries cravens Considering this thread is roughly 10 hrs old, I'm surprised and overwhelmed with the interest and help you guys have contributed. Thanks everyone. Once these wagons are finished, the bus will be my next project, i hope i can do it some justice. Not sure whether to keep it on this thread or start a new one i kit building and scratch building. What do you think?
  8. You must have posted that whilst i was replying. Thanks Scott
  9. Craven, thanks for the photos. I've edited my drawing to this...... Could i impose just one more and ask for a shot of the roof? Thanks in advance Scott
  10. So would you say the drawing of the front is the LS then? Thanks
  11. Cravens..... That bus behind the blue minor estate......i dont suppose you could take pictures of all for sides for me could you? That would be a great help..... Scott
  12. To the uninitiated (me) im getting a tad confused.... Im pretty sure i want to scratch build one of these.... The driver's windscreen looks very similar, but one has a rounded roof and wing on the bonnet, another has a more complex roof with the wings and the other has the complex roof line, but the wings have disappeared. Ive put in the browser "eastern national bristol mw bus" and these three differnt types have come up. I would like to model the "Clacton route 121" and possibly the "Wells route 157" style bus. I've started a preliminary drawing, but depending on picture I'm looking at, the side windows change. There doesn't seem to be many good side on pictures.... Again.....if some one could clarify or may be have pictures of the front, back and both sides, that would be fantastic. Cherre Scott
  13. I've found some general dimensions:- 8ft wide (32mm) 30ft long (120mm) 10ft 2 high (40.75ish) Using pictures i should be able to knock up a reasonable drawing. I'll post it before any sort of construction is made. Thanks again Scott
  14. Wow, you guys certainly know your onions....er....buses. I was born in Maldon and grew up in Hatfield Peverel. The time frame I model is during the transitional period, so I can run steam, diesels and DMU's, though as a young lad all I saw was BR blue class 20's, 31's, 37's and 47's and EMU's of various classes. I remember jumping on buses 53, 353, 91 and 92 to get to and from Chelmsford. Bunked the train from Hatty P to Ingatestone on a Friday night to go to my mates school's disco, normally a class 31 with a train of suburban coaches. Distinctly remember always finding an empty compartment for the journey. You've come up with a mine of information, most of it above my head. I should be able to get general dimensions from somewhere, I suppose. From these i should be able to make a passable model or two. Thanks to everyone. Scott
  15. I know the help and knowledge here is indispensable, so i have a question.... What buses ran in Essex and East Anglia during the mid to late 50's and early 60's??? I would prefer a kit, or if anyone knows of 4mm scale drawings, I could have a go and scratch build one. Thanks in advance Scott.
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