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  1. Well the 10.5's would give the clearance you need, whethet or not the size is prototypical is s question i cannot answer. Sorry Scott
  2. Are the wheel flanges slightly too big? May be some finer wheels or use a file to get just enough clearance without ruining the white metal castings Scott
  3. Well woodhead, you said it 3 times, and as if by magic......ta..da.. Hes here, thanks. Clive, It would be a branch off the Liverpool street - Norwich main line. Either my favorite stretch to southminster or the Braintree - witham or somewhere along the thaxted line. What voltages there where i have no idea and wouldn't know where to start looking. I was thinking of the stock used, how the train or consist? Was made up and what type of locomotive is needed to start with. Im hoping the make up of the train would be fairly similar on all essex branches. I imagine some opens carrying the cable on some type of drum, some longish opens carrying the gantries, some converted coaches for the workers, maybe some covered wagons with walk ways, some means of erecting the gantries and possibly something for the cement. Probably 10 or more wagons in total, but in what order?? Id then look at the gantry, fixtures and fittings styles and see which type would be best for me to scratch build. Cheers Clive, Scott
  4. Afternoon all, Im thinking about making models reflecting how early eastern region went about installing overhead electrification systems in the 50's. I cant find any information and particularly pictures of the converted or specialized stock used or of the early type 'gantries', fixtures and fittings used. Is there anyone out there in RM land that could help? Thanks Scott
  5. A prototype of want you want base your model on would help too. Im an eastern region guy, I immediately thought of Maldon west. Is it something like this you want to do? Though more expensive, my material of choice would be plastic, but i would build it out of a couple of cornflake packets first, until i was happy with the look. The pictures attach show the before and during demolition. Keep us updated with your progress. Scott
  6. I think i may be having delusions of grandeur, not uncommon i hear. TBH when I had my 22ft x 2ft space where i used to live, i got the track laid and started the ballasting, as you can see. (Sorry for the picture quality) I obviously dont have this space. Also all points were manually operated as well. So ive decided to go for a shunting style layout, as i think im trying to run before i can crawl. The plan is to use the long thin plank. I'd like a loop, a number of sidings, an engine shed and possibly a small station to accommodate my two car cravens 105 or my Wickham 109 if i ever finish it. I am going to experiment with point motors, they seem reasonable price on a certain auction site at around £6 including the switch. Also i will experiment with elctro frogs as well as ive only ever used insulfrog points. This will end up being a test bed for all kinds of things including static grass and other techniques which ive never used. As Harlequin has said "Don’t spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar" so taking that on board, as well as other comments im scaling back and i am going to use this to build up my skills. Just need to come up with a track plan now....... The board is only 285mm wide, but is quite long at 1930mm. Im going to need somewhere to run all my scratch built wagons. So far I've built 2 x salt, 3 x grain, 1 x lowmac, 1 x cattle truck & 2 covered wagons With more in the pipe line. Suggestions anyone? Thanks, for looking Scott
  7. Any chance of a diagram to explain your idea above? DMU's would all be two car, apart from pictures from 1960 onward, haven't seen any pictorial evidence to suggest longer DMU's were used upto the transitional date I'm modelling. Coaching would be of GE corridor, Gresley and Thompson suburban stock. The diagram of Southminster shows the two road engine shed at the correct end, the only thing missing in this area is a 55ft turntable, which comes off the little spur from the engine shed road. I could use shorter radius points, but i think it would make it look more 'trainset' like, rather than a model. I may re-lay the track tonight for a two coach loop and see what that looks like. Cheers Scott
  8. Done a qhick feasibility test. You can see how much space is gobbled up by the point work and a 3 coach train having a run around loop. I think another double slip is required to the two road engine shed, just below the class 31. The rest is pretty close to my dketch above. The points also miss the base board join too. Pinching the double slip from the bay, this is how it will look. I'd like to see a 3 coach service running here, but 2 coaches were prototypical. Cheers Scott
  9. Harlequin, i basically have no budget, probably will never have, properly. But i want to start something. Built quite a few wagons, coaches and other stock, on my scratch building thread, and want/need somewhere to run them. I've come across these 9mm ply boards, and not wanting to turn my nose up, I thought could do something with these. The ultimate distance is shown below. 10'4" 3150mm Of course, may even get more length in by adding a bridge or small viaduct into the line. On the above I envisage station and goods in the 510mm wide board, with a scenic run in from the probably a cassette system past a bridge. Ive just sketched this Track plan a very simplified southminster. Well, thats what my minds eye sees at the moment. Thoughts? Cheers Scott
  10. Right.....got the tape out and done some measuring up. I have 2 9mm ply boards. 1) 11" 1/4' x 76" or 285 x 1930mm 2) 20" x 48" or 510 x 1220. The way i see it, i have 3 main options. 1) have a L shaped layout 2) keep the wider shorter piece and have it flanked either end by some sort of fiddle yard. 3) cut the longer thinner piece into 3 at 510mm and lengthen the wider short puece by 855mm thus one effective board of 510 x 2105mm So, with my available material, what would your suggestions be. They've all got their own merits. It will be portable, probably not show standard by the time ive finished with it. OO/4mm and have an eastern region flavour around the time of transition. Thanks in advance Scott
  11. Ive seen BLT mentioned in numerous posts and threads.... What does it mean? Thanks Scott
  12. I'll get my tape measure out over the weekend, otherwise its a case of how longs a piece of string. It may be a case of running smaller loco's only. There is a chance to lengthen it too. Another 2ft or so. Thanks Scott
  13. Happy new year all. Ive come across some peco code 100 bits and bobs, a bit of 4.6 x 20inch piece of 9mm. Sat there thinking......ive built all these wagons and coaches but nowhere to run them. As you can see space is limited. Ive got the class 31 parked near the top. A J72, J34 and V1 near the green splotch. I model Easten region transition period, these a class 37 and a scratch nearly built N7, are my locos of choice, i also have a cravens 105 and a partially scratch built Wickham 109. Btw the green splotch is possibly a brewey CD cattle dock, Just above is the goods yard with coal and possibly some oil. Station and bay. Ive a LH and RH points spare and plenty of flexi. Hints tips and ideas please Cheers Scott
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