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  1. I can second this. Richards megabass speakers sound awesome with TTS and are relatively straightforward to fit into an HST.
  2. By pointing it out you just drew everyone’s attention to it. I would never have noticed it. Plus as has has already been said, if you are breastfeeding in a place people are taking photos then obviously you can’t complain if it’s accidentally papped. Anyway, nothing to see here. Next post please.
  3. You ended up underbudget having bought all that? Wow.
  4. Anybody else up who can’t sleep from excitement? I don’t need to leave for another three hours so trying to kill some time on here.
  5. If i remember correctly BRM ran a very similar offer for the Ally Pally show this year with a free ticket, goody bag and 5 issues for £5 and that was a no risk offer that clearly stated you could cancel after the 5 issues and only pay the £5. It seems they have changed the Ts and Cs for this offer.
  6. Thanks for the advice. That looks like an awesome layout.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. Looks like Plywood is the best option then. I would be buying it pre cut. I found a company that sells 9mm Birch Plywood cut to size at £31 per square metre. Is that a good material/price?
  8. I am planning to make my layout, which is currently built on top of three Ikea bookshelves, permanent by buying two wood sheets to move the layout onto, nail track down etc. As the boards will be supported by the bookshelves underneath at all points can I get away with using 9mm moisture resistant MDF as opposed to Birch ply (I’m a cheapscate) or could it still be prone to warping? The layout is in my bedroom which can get hot in the summer but it never leaves. Thanks
  9. It’s open until 5pm on the Saturday and 4pm on the Sunday. Adult entry on the day is £12.
  10. I fitted a class 67 TTS decoder to a Hornby 153. It sounded a bit weird as the sound obviously wasn’t right for the unit but it ran very smoothly on motor algorithm 1.
  11. Good deal if you are a full paying adult but for the many seniors and some students attending who own railcards the railcard discount is greater. (Railcards can’t be used with this offer).
  12. Can someone confirm if it is simple to remove the body from the chassis (as it was with the mk2e’s)? I’m thinking of putting lighting in mine.
  13. How did your Scotrail HST come packaged? Do Hornby not still use the polystyrene tray and tissue paper for the power cars?
  14. How much did they discount it to? I’d be interested for sub £240.
  15. I actually like the gloss finish. It makes it more realistic as the trains in real are gloss (albeit not the roof so much). If punters are so concerned by the roof surely you could just give it a quick coat of Humbrol Matt varnish?
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