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  1. Thankyou. Thats what I thought. So Hornby providing replacement body shells for those (as they did for bow fell) is straightforward for the customer to fit, with it just being a case of popping the old one off and the new one on. I think they’ll be more reluctant to provide customers with replacement body shells for the HST power cars due to the amount of soldering/desoldering which would be required for a body swap. More likely, if anything, is that they will offer customers the chance to send their sets in and Hornby will replace them and send them back.
  2. Looking online I found a picture of the production samples that were on display in Margate in January but unfortunately they only show the side where the writing is straight.
  3. So Hattons, Rails of Sheffield and Kernow have all uploaded photos of the actual model and the wonky writing is apparent on all three so its obviously a full batch-wide issue. Will be interesting to see what Hornby are willing to do about it. I am aware that 'Derails' model shop are on the case. Am I right in thinking that the Hornby class 60 model doesn't have any wiring connecting the body to the chassis making a body replacement very simple?
  4. Perhaps not two motors but I like the idea of all pin connector so between the two power cars and through the coaches. Would mean you’d only need one decoder but could have two speakers (one in each power car). Interior lighting in the coaches would be a doddle that way too, although I’m sure the price would increase quite a bit for the coaches.
  5. Thats interesting. I can’t imagine they would have signed off on this. Does the production run delivery from China go via Hornby for inspection when they arrive or do they go direct to retailers? I am not aware of the problems with the Class 60. Am I right in thinking the IEP issue was that it was derailing on curves and Hornby allowed customers to return their set for repair?
  6. My layout is end to end. A lot of people only have short layouts or TMD's. No excuse from Hornby not to be able to get a decal straight for the very high price they are charging for them. These are not cheap models. Not that funny. The painted out windows are not incorrect as far as I can see. They're all in the right place.
  7. Thats a real shame. In that you can’t even use them one way round to hide the imperfection on the other side. Also weird because the ‘railway’ part looks straight enough, it’s the ‘improving your’ bit that’s wonky. I would have thought that that would all be printed together so it’s either all wonky or all straight. If anyone else receives their power cars in the next few days it’ll be interesting to see if this is a bad on everyones. EDIT: Looks like they are all like that. Kernow just uploaded some images on their website and they have exactly the same problem on one side.
  8. Not necessarily but it happened last year with the Scotrail set, people barely commented on it and now it looks like its happened again.
  9. I was worried that this might happen. The Scotrail HST's from last year had wonky branding on them too (the 'city' in the 'inter7city') and this looks even worse. This is where I feel Hornby really let down us modern image modellers as this sort of stuff wouldn't be tolerated in the Steam community. Hopefully this picture is just a bad set but I have a feeling its not.
  10. Two left if anyone wants one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353117875645?ViewItem=&item=353117875645
  11. Damn. Went to watch the first half of football while waiting for a reply to my message and now they've all gone.
  12. Fair enough. Good prices on those power cars with the discount but the postage is a rip at £9.90 considering Derails are offering free postage on all order on their website.
  13. Oh is that who it is. I was wondering who the dealer was considering they don't make it clear in the listing and the account has very little feedback.
  14. Because on Monday Hattons Dave said they were about to arrive imminently and now we are told they are delayed for up to 6 months. Surely he would have known on Monday whether this new batch was on its way from China or not. Really odd. Absolutely no indication that this new delay has anything to do with fixing issues from the first batch so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
  15. So it was. Thanks for pointing that out.
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