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  1. Same here. I look forward to seeing how easy they are to fit. I, perhaps somewhat optimistically, told them I could do it myself.
  2. Very sad but not particularly unexpected especially after the incident there in January. I used to go there often during my six years at university, hoping over the Thames from the LSE after lectures. Not the biggest selection but they had the basics.
  3. Same here. I wrote to Hornby a few weeks ago and had a reply stating they were looking into the issue but that no resolution had been decided upon with no mention of replacement bodies.
  4. I have an issue with the two Bachmann Europheonix Class 37s I got with factory fitted sound (Loksound selects I think). When I set them up as a consist to run together I loose the ability to play the sound functions like the horns on the consist address. I have to go into each locos individual address and play the spot sounds from there. Is that normal? Is there anything I can do to make the spot sounds play on the consist address? Would be very useful for drivelock and a lot less fiddling. I’m using a Gaugemaster prodigy express.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt here is a dead side-on picture I took last week. I’ll let everyone make their own minds up.
  6. That is great news! I will do the same. I assumed after Derails said that after 3 weeks they hadn't heard anything back that Hornby were trying to sweep the issue under the carpet but this gives us hope.
  7. Thankyou! Yes indeed. My layout is only long enough for a 2x2 formation. The other 6 coaches are stuck in their boxes.
  8. Not as short lived as the LNER HSTs that Hornby brought out last year. The real ones wore those schemes for a year, if that, before moving to EMR. Really odd that Hornby keeps reissuing new sets of the Virgin/LNER and GWR HST sets year on year but no East Midlands set since 2011. Unless you’re really concerned about keeping your layout bang up to date I would go for the R2948 power car set (the real ones go out of service at the end of this month so they won’t be current for much longer). The model is very nice indeed but good luck not spending over £300/350 second hand and £400 new as they are super rare. I got mine last year with a full set of 8 coaches for £795 which now looks like a bargain.
  9. Here is a photo nicked from the Hattons website at around the angle you specify I think. You are right, it doesn’t look quite as bad. You are probably right that most people look down on their layouts. Still, I designed my layout so when I am sitting down in front of it everything is at almost eye level.
  10. Here’s a picture I took last year. Looks pretty straight to me.
  11. Oh that is great news. Many thanks for sharing this.
  12. I wonder if anyone knows whether Ian Allan in Waterloo has reopened since the pandemic? The Ian Allan website seems to be down and I found this worrying story online: https://www.wandsworthguardian.co.uk/news/18184395.ian-allan-book-model-shop-fined-thousands-selling-knife-teen/ I fancy that many model shops would not be able to survive that and the pandemic.
  13. Thankyou. Thats what I thought. So Hornby providing replacement body shells for those (as they did for bow fell) is straightforward for the customer to fit, with it just being a case of popping the old one off and the new one on. I think they’ll be more reluctant to provide customers with replacement body shells for the HST power cars due to the amount of soldering/desoldering which would be required for a body swap. More likely, if anything, is that they will offer customers the chance to send their sets in and Hornby will replace them and send them back.
  14. Looking online I found a picture of the production samples that were on display in Margate in January but unfortunately they only show the side where the writing is straight.
  15. So Hattons, Rails of Sheffield and Kernow have all uploaded photos of the actual model and the wonky writing is apparent on all three so its obviously a full batch-wide issue. Will be interesting to see what Hornby are willing to do about it. I am aware that 'Derails' model shop are on the case. Am I right in thinking that the Hornby class 60 model doesn't have any wiring connecting the body to the chassis making a body replacement very simple?
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