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  1. Thanks for the link Ian, some nice photos there. It is the small hatch door on the lower bodyside, almost below the roof water filler (only on the one side, as seen open in the photo of 5127 above) which I am thinking of replicating, as these seem to regularly have been left open in many photos of 24/25s. As it happens I have had to put a new bulkhead in, to stop being able to see into the cab through the roof grille! Hi Alasdair, thanks, I had a feeling I had read somewhere that it was an isolation switch of some sort, I'm sure a photo will come to light at some point. Martyn.
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for that, yes the wipers which remain (old Bachmann ones) will be swapped out for etched ones which I already have, this being fairly typical of the large number of odd jobs required on this loco. I am toying with adding the open bodyside access hatch too which seems a common feature on these locos, but only if I can find a decent side-on photo as I have no idea what lies within on the prototype. Thanks, Martyn.
  3. Slow progress on 5127, I have also made a start on wiring the layout. I have been working from Brush Veterans superb photo of 5127: from within our pages here:https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/34123-highland-baby-sulzers/page/3/ The loco later had a sloping headcode box fitted at one end (1971?). I have some 3d cabside builders plates on order from Railtech; unusually on this loco, they are near the bottom of the cabside; every other from the Highland batch I have seen has them about half way down with the data panel underneath (as per the other loco in the photo). Progress so far: This has mainly been touching up paintwork (as it has already had a full repaint in its previous life) and applying the new identity. Headlights remain to be fitted once the loco has been varnished. I decided against adding etched body footstep covers; as can be seen they appear to have been filled in and painted a slightly lighter blue so I will try to replicate this. The obligatory ploughs should be black at this time in theory but have gained a light brake dust colour in service, again I am following suit. All weather headcode box protectors will be added from clear acetate and dirtied up too.
  4. Rhyl & District MRC Exhibition Saturday 5th December 2020 cancelled. Whilst it may not come as a surprise, it is with sadness that Rhyl & District MRC have had to take the decision to postpone our Annual Exhibition which was due to be held on Saturday 5th December 2020, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. With most other events having been postponed / cancelled, we have to prioritise the safety and well-being of Exhibitors, Traders and the general public, and have concluded that trying to hold a show whilst any form of social distancing is in force, would simply not be practical, safe, or responsible. There is currently no reliable source to say when the requirement to social distance may end, but it is unlikely to be for some time yet. Due to the lead times in organising and advertising the Exhibition, we had to make a decision on whether to continue planning, with the risk of still having to cancel the event later, after making financial commitments, with advertising perhaps having gone to print already, resulting in confusion and possibly negative publicity for the Club; or to take the sensible course and postpone it now. We do anticipate being able to hold our Exhibition in 2021, and will of course post details when we are in a position to do so. Thankyou for your understanding and support. Stay safe and stay well. Rhyl & District MRC.
  5. What a fantastic combination! Looks like an LNER type CCT or BG on the left behind the DPU.
  6. Looking good. I'm thinking of looking for a blue 105 body to replace one of my Bachy green fye ones to match photos. I could repaint one of them but it would mean doing the glazing bars too. Need to check which end needs to be blue first.... Martyn.
  7. Starting a new layout has re-ignited other projects. My "Triggers Broom" class 24/1 is currently in works. For those not familiar, this started life as a cheap secondhand purchase (surely not I hear you say) of a fairly nice Hornby/Craftsman 25 to 24 conversion. It ran poorly however, so a Model Power chassis was substituted into the Hornby Chassis, followed by making headcode boxes to fit the craftsman 24 roof domes, and finished as 5116. Later I modified a Bachmann class 25 body which went onto the same chassis, this time as 5115. But due to the over wide cab ends it never quite looked right so I have decided now to reinstate the Hornby body, but this time as 5127, which meant re-opening the boiler water filler cut-outs, fitting 4 slot boiler grille covers and repairing a damaged cab roof where the Craftsman dome had come away, and modifying the bufferbeams which had been altered for the Bachmann body, plus adding the characteristic sealed front gangway edging, so this is the progress so far: Twin Headlights and plated footstep covers to be re-instated next.
  8. Thanks for that. Lendons also do a motor bogie for the Hornby Railroad Javelin, which looks rather different to the others in the range, it looks like the same motor as the basic Hornby 0-4-0s, perhaps designed for speed? They are very cheap, not sure of the wheelbase though.
  9. Thanks Gibbo, I suppose it could be anywhere really, depending on what stock is on there. I hope to add a few details which should shout Glasgow without any stock on the layout (eg Bus on a bridge or tenements on the backscene etc). Other ideas welcome......
  10. Rest of the track is now fixed in place. Basic wiring next so that I can actually run something! Section switches, point motors etc will be added later.
  11. Thanks John, useful info. I meant to ask, does the 2-Bil power bogie have traction tyres? As the 153 bogie does not. I think the 156 has them, as the 101 does too. I notice Lendons have the clip fit 121 bogie frame only in stock too. Cheers, Martyn.
  12. No cred lost imo, JMJ is always a popular listen here too. I didn't see all the VR online gig he did the other day, but I think his "cutting edge" label is still valid today. Been to a couple of his live shows, the light shows are spectacular as you would expect. My Dad did a slide show of one of our trips to Kyle & Mallaig for a local camera club using "The Essential JMJ" as a soundtrack; now I can only connect it with a mental trip through the Highlands! Happy days.
  13. Hi Ian, I think I tried every permutation possible and kept coming back to this arrangement, which was the only way I could make the headshunts either end long enough to hold a 2 car DMU to allow access to where the loco stabling is (if needed, in case I only want to run units), whilst keeping siding lengths as long as possible, and without resorting to shorter points (and thus sharper 'S" bends which DMU's look a bit daft negotiating imho; it didn't quite work as a stub fiddle stick would still be needed, and as a result the front siding headshunt is only long enough to allow an 08, small track machine or similar in or out without such a fiddle stick attached, but I can live with that). Width would become an issue if the ladder was "straighter" too. Introducing a gentle curve through the point ladder, by introducing a slight Y profile to a couple of straight handed points gives, I think, a nice flow. I wish Peco's long points had a gentler frog angle (istr all Peco points, short and long, have the same frog angle of 12°(?) for compatibility, but we are where we are - I couldn't be bothered building my own, or re-sleepering to match Bullhead rail as I did with Dunnington). Martyn.
  14. It was a similar issue I faced James, ie not being able to play with "Crinan" at the Club and just wanting to run (and/or test) some of my ScR stock.
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