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  1. Very little modelling done lately, but I have revisited a couple of Lima CCT Van's which have been lowered using a stash of cast axleguards (ABS?) and flush glazed which required making up new window bars from Slaters Microrod. A bit more weathering to be applied on the chassis to blend in the new parts.
  2. Damn, I thought I recognised the guy sitting next to me.......
  3. Thanks for the info Clive, you have indeed got me thinking of building a Dia 167 via your method, another to add to the "tuit list"!
  4. Hi Clive, Was it some of these which survived to carry blue/grey livery (some/all later transferred to WR?) As I have in mind to do one at some point - I believe the most recent Hornby model in such guise has an incorrect window layout for same? A Mk.1 ScR Griddle car is still on the same list too. Best wishes all. Martyn.
  5. Thanks all for your kind comments, they are much appreciated! all the best!
  6. After a year with little progress and cancelled events, loss of mojo etc (with more of the same in the immediate future) the only progress has been that the layout is now set up again at the club, hopefully some work will be undertaken in the new year (not least to check if 2 years of storage have taken their toll on the wiring). In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all and here's hoping for a brighter 2022. Martyn.
  7. Sorry, it's all very well Admin putting an apology on top of the page apologising for all the pop up adds, but you CONTROL the page for goodness sake!!!! Anyway I'll stick to Facebook in the meantime, if you want a 2 tier page to push overpriced Chinese made models. Rant over. Later folks.
  8. A few photos from the show today on a quick mooch around. Rycroft Arena, superb small space "N" scale. Weaver Hill, 4mm WCML with a great variety of modern stock running. Phil Mason's lovely "Culthwaite" S&C in "N"
  9. Managed a few new phone camera snaps of Dunnington today, had a very good day at Alsagers Bank show and hopefully a few more invites for the future.
  10. Hi Rich, I think the wagon was an ancient pre-grouping one from memory, and more a mid grey colour in service, but possibly had been repainted for use as a grounded store by this time. Martyn.
  11. Thanks Monty, interesting to see a photo in that direction, looks like a grounded van body just visible behind the loco. Edit: there was originally a kickback siding alongside the wall of the Grain Driers at this point with a covered loading area at the far end of the building, where the large sliding door can just be seen. Martyn.
  12. Thanks mate, I may do a 122 Driving Trailer at some point if I find another 117 going cheap, plus the planned 131 conversion so will keep your spare cab in mind!
  13. I cheated! It is purely a commercial HO card sheet (by Faller iirc). It looks quite reasonable but has no texture close up, so the jury is still out on it...
  14. The Grain Driers siding now has a full length infill in the 4ft, another job that had been on the "round tuit" list. The real one seemed to vary over the years in this respect.
  15. Yes indeed Jim..... Edit: Although I should point out that 5 Lima 117 cars donated their chassis to 126 cars, 3 bodies were sold off complete, the other 2 bodies donated their cab ends to the 107 and their roofs to the class 100, leaving just the sides which will be kept to donate doors to a 131 hopefully...
  16. A spot of testing happened today, ready for Alsager show. An intermittent frog switch on a Seep point motor was attended to by moving it sideways (the point throw pin was off vertical, thus sometimes lifting the small sprung washer which acts as the contact, out of contact with the PCB - positioning is critical with these motors I find). Subsequent testing has been 100% succesful, so far! A couple more agricultural items were fixed in place, along with a short section of missing fence next to Highlight Engineering's workshop (see photos). A few more small jobs to do yet (scenic as well as functional) along with stock testing etc.
  17. Progressing well, decals applied and need to apply a coat of Matt varnish before refitting the cab windows, and also make new exhaust pipes for the van cab end. And remove the couplings and fabricate buffer beam pipework....
  18. Thanks for the invitation Benjamin. Looking forward to bringing Dunnington to the show. Martyn.
  19. Dunnington will be attending the Alsager show next Saturday (27th November 2021), please do say hello if you are visiting. Further info here:
  20. Interesting regarding Lima changing the 117 moulds, from the perspective of the time, such a shame the model was effectively lost from the point they altered the moulds for the 121. The ScR 122's seem also to have been used in some of their infamous hybrid 3 car formations with various other units such as this: https://railcar.co.uk/images/18762 Or with other bubbles & trailers: https://railcar.co.uk/images/17668 From the Railcar photos 55007 seems to have been one which preferred it's own company much of the time, even working a BLS rail tour to Fraserburgh on its own in 1979: https://railcar.co.uk/images/5499
  21. Crikey yes, as a teenager they were massively inspirational articles to me, possibly responsible for much of the ensuing butchery over the years!
  22. The cab ends have had the various moulded handrails removed (there were none on the fronts of this 122 in any case, other than the long rainstrip to solebar handrail for the secondmans cab door) and spare 2 character indicators added, before being masked and resprayed. The cab glazing has had the printed destinations polished away and is ready for refitting once the cabs have been varnished. The insignia and unit number have also been removed ready for the new identity to be applied. Next up, the roof will be masked and resprayed. I have since discovered the original Lima class 121 was indeed flush glazed. One wonders if Lima had done another run of 117s prior to their demise, whether these would have been similarly treated? The joy of conjecture.....
  23. Perhaps it was in departmental use as a temporary store at the station? Certainly several Gresley vehicles ended up in Breakdown Train use etc, but I've not seen any photos of such a vehicle in parcels use or in passenger trains around this time I must admit.
  24. I guess it was aimed only at through passengers from Perth to points south of Glasgow, or vice versa, where the ticket presumably wouldn't specify Glasgow at all, and station staff in the Glasgow area (other than at Central perhaps) would have been none the wiser? Thanks, will give it a go!
  25. Yes I saw the photos with the doors moved to the later position on one unit. In my case the 131 will have to wait unfortunately.
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