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  1. Is that a LMS Stanier tank, or an Irish NCC "WT" class? Looking superb. Love the 800 class.....
  2. So the swearing is the common issue! (I've used that too, usually with track........)
  3. Kirley, that entire train is an absolute masterpiece and worth every minute of the huge amount of work.
  4. It's been converted to run on lavender water and custard due to the environmental boyos.
  5. I forgot to say, Barry Carse (who is not on this forum) sends his congratulations too......
  6. Will there be a version in 1910 West Clare carriage green, or one of the ones with conservatories attached to the sides?
  7. Just an update Did a bit of poking about and while pricey, there's stuff that can be got. Many South African branches were steam to the end in the 1980s and 1990s; a case of paradise for steam lovers, and "diesel enthusiasts need not apply"! There are several loco kits - the early 6J class 4.6.0, and some later ones, most notably the widely travelled and widely used 19D, which can be got with both types of tenders used/ SARM Models do rolling stock and coaches, with the locos above being DJH / Precision kits. Frascheti of Brazil do se
  8. Hi Ben By "micro", I'm looking at a fictitious small rural terminus with the older types of locos, e.g. 6th and 7th classes. you can get a kit of a 6J, I am told by a (South African) friend. Terminus and fiddle yard, 12mm gauge track representing 3'6" gauge on H0 scale. Nothing more - a bit of a space-filler. Might develop into something more in time, but who knows.......
  9. My title above says it all; I am planning a small terminus "micro-layout" for shunting amusement, based on "end-of-steam" 1980s in Java, or possibly South Africa at some time 1950-90, both of which had 3'6" gauge and some common diesel types, although my interests are steam. Beyond gauge, there's no connection between the two whatsoever, bar my interest in both. Thus, if there was a vibrant community devoted to one but not the other, it would probably sway me. Indonesia is one thing, not so well known, but I'm surprised at the lack of online material about the recent historical sid
  10. The light weathering on the loco looks MOST realistic.
  11. Truly outstanding stuff. I had the privilege of seeing Harry's "Knockmore Junction" in his house near the same location over thirty years ago. Nothing prepares you for seeing this amazingly accurate and realistic layout in the "flesh"! Just superb in every way.
  12. Perfect - which font?
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