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  1. Yes, many thanks for that - I'm thinking along the same lines. One end is IN a fiddle yard, so its appearance isn't an issue - the other is out on the layout, though. Possibly the adaptation of the Peco one, yes....
  2. Only seeing this now. I've come to this later - but I'm looking for a turntable of some sort, ideally in a pit type, about 25cm diameter. Having read the posts above which go back over ten years, I wonder if more recently there might be anything? Can't find anything suitable online, other than things which you'd need to sell your car to be able to afford............
  3. Love the 7, the 8D and the 10C. Rarely photographed beasts. Absolutely superb pictures. Did you catch the last of the 6Js by any chance? The Swaziland stuff is now very rare.
  4. Now, this won't be much use - but for what it's worth - relatives of mine were living there then, as a great-great something of mine was a railway engineer involved in building railways. Read on... Many of the lines which later became part of the SAR weren't built, so research is needed in relation to the opening date of any you have in mind. There is an EXCELLENT website called "Soul of a Railway", all about the SAR - I would class it as a definitive overall history, but with much personal input from the several guys who collaborated in putting it together. These men are now very elderly - but the thing to remember is that if you were looking at any European railway, those who recall lines newly built or under construction are long since pushing the daisies up. Many South African lines were only opened in the 1910-30 period, and were steam to the end in the 1990s, so the experiences of these writers is gold dust. So, back to MY relative. All I know is this; they moved about continually, following the construction wherever it was. And WITHIN that scenario, while that war was in progress, all I can say is that they confirmed that massive disruption took place, at one stage involving my relative having to supervise the reconstruction of a bridge somewhere in the south. At this stage, one might read a number of reasons into this, but it tends to amplify any theory about disruption, thus it seems reasonable to assume that services did not just continue as normal on at least SOME lines. Hope that helps; but look up that website. Among many, many photos invaluable to modellers and general interest in South African Railways, where each (and every!) line is dealt with, opening dates are given, so that you can at least establish whether a particular line even existed at the time of the war. Many didn't.
  5. Noticing the word "finale" - just got me thinking, does anyone know if there is actually still any working steam in China? Apart from shunting in coal mines, I think that fairly recently anyway, there were some narrow gauge lines with public services. Anyone know if that's correct?
  6. That ballasting looks superb, Noel - you've nailed that!
  7. Let us hope that the testing resolves this issue for good.
  8. I am getting mightily irritated with RMweb, since as of recent weeks you cannot go from one screen to another without incessant, annoying pop-ups; for a long time I have had a personal "policy" that I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from ANY website that has pop-ups, junk mail or any other unsolicited advertisements. Even is cases of dire need they won't get my money, though I'm very happy to waste theirs, and their time. Is there anything that can be done to view RMweb without seeing these stupid advertisements every 4 seconds? I tend to be over on the IRM site more - strongly tempted to stay there!
  9. What's the best option for a scale 40 to 45 foot one? Ideally motorised, though this wouldn't be a deal-breaker - it's for a fiddle yard. Many of both the RTR and kit versions you can buy - in all price ranges - are far too big (long) for my purposes.
  10. “Ye hear John Mac’s retiring at the end of the month…” ”Yeah, must be the last of the Muskerry lads - he started at Donoughmore with my dad….” ”There’s still yer man in Glanmire goods - he was on the narrow gauge too…” ”Well, another two years and I’m out too. Started in 1920 on the Cork & Macroom, then when the GSR took over they sent me to Mogeely, and then Buttevant, and now here…..”
  11. “From Kenmare? There’s no parcel from Kenmare among this lot….. hold on…… JIMMY! Those have to go in the goods shed, not the VW……” ”I was told my parcel would come in on this train….” ”Maybe tomorrow it will….they never tell ME anything at the junction…”
  12. The passenger train arrives, shunts and leaves as the 11:40 mixed; this shunting procedure was commonplace and normal up to the 1970s, but would now attract a crowd!
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