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  1. So, the wonderful people at the hospital in Sainte Feyre brought me back to something appoaching normality, and after a month of recuperation at home, I can go on with Alma Terrace! Keith commented that he was surprised not to see a queue of people outside Terry’s chip shop, and of course there will be later, but meantime there are a few customers inside the shop, and the lady serving and the lass at the chip fryer! These had to be put in place before I can fix the building permanently; the figures and units are fixed, but the floor is just placed in positio
  2. Well, I am surprised at the interest this has generated, it seems I'm not the only one who dabbles with stuff from an earlier era occasionally! Just to quickly make a few comments on some of the posts: Andyman7 - I'm sorry I didn't compliment you on your efforts with the shops. Good stuff! Locomad2 - I don't honestly know if those are Bilteezi sheets, but they look similar to some I've seen in the past. SteeveyDee68 - Yep, lightly misting almost anything with an off white or very pale grey with the airbrush will have an ageing effect, but gently does it! Colin - yes, I think Merco sheets
  3. This is all great stuff! Although I am a big fan of teccy developments, I also like some of the older methods of doing things, and these last two pics are just what I like! I am a member of the 3mm Society, and in their list of "scenic delights" they have some Bilteezi sheets scaled down to 3mm, and I have been thinking about getting a few. I remember building one or two in 4mm years ago, and they were excellent, if a little delicate, so these pics have provided the impetus! Thanks Vivian and John. Cheers, Mike Edit: Careless mistake - it is the 3SMR site that has
  4. John, I completely agree with you! I have made up a couple of Metcalfe kits and they are more like "cardboard engineering" than Superquick, and for me the huge advantage of Scalescenes (and others) is that they can be easily scaled down to 3mm, which I do a lot of ! Vivian, thanks for your encouragement! Go for it! Locomad, thanks for your interest. Yes, they do have a somewhat dated look that might not be quite right on a modern layout, but in real life there is always a mix of the old and new, and with some careful weathering different styles can all be blended toge
  5. Many thanks for all the kind words and likes! To be honest, it had been ages since I built a Superquick, but I wanted to make a comparison with Scalescenes, which as John says, make up into very nice models. But, - and it's a big but - the amount of effort to complete a similar building using a downloaded file is considerable, regardless of the origin - Scalescenes, Smart Models, Kingsway, or whatever. They also need some experience in cutting and manipulating card and paper, some knowledge of adhesives, and a good quality printer filled with decent inks, not to mention produci
  6. There are many great examples of card buildings on this forum, some scratch built or made from downloaded designs, and some from printed kits, and although not architectural models in the true sense, Superquick card kits have been around for years and provide an interesting range of buildings for someone who doesn't want, or does not have either the time or facilities, to make more elaborate models. However, the name Superquick is misleading, because if care is taken in the construction, and a few minor alterations made to the finishing details, they can be quite time consuming to
  7. I think to some extent it depends on the period of one's interest. Many of the illustrations in the book are of buildings and styles which have disappeared, but which could easily be appropriate to a considerable timespan, say from the 1920's until the 1960's. True, they are largely sketches rather than dimensioned drawings, but there are some accomplished modellers on this forum who have convincingly demonstrated that with careful and sympathetic interpretation these sketches can produce the most delightful and realistic models. The same can be said of card kits, either as downloada
  8. "it's fairly coarse, not great to apply, dries too quick, and is a bit crumbly" This is the classic description of what is known as "dead plaster" Caused by the powder gradually absorbing water from the atmosphere, and also all plasters of whatever sort have only a truly active life of about 12 months. They can be used after that time, but will never set properly. Not too important for a model railway, but try doing it on a partition wall!! Best, Mike
  9. We must be careful that Grahame's thread doesn't turn into pages from National Geographic! But here is the Baptistery: Not a stone's throw from St Pierre Cathedral which also has a spectacular facade: Best, Mike
  10. I should perhaps add that this hospital is in a steeply wooded valley, with a lake at the bottom, and this was the view from my window on Christmas day morning! l have also just seen an Heron dive into the lake for an early lunch, so it's not all bad!! Mike
  11. Wrenn, Keith, thank you both for your kind words! I've only got my phone at the mo, and I don't keep pics on it 'cos they take up too much space, but if I have to stay here much longer I'll get Jan to bring in the laptop so I can post a few more pics. But, I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be necessary!! Best, Mike
  12. Nice little city though, Notre Dame la Grande has one of the very few Byzantine facades in France, and has been supebly restored recently, and the Hotel de Ville (town hall) is a tour de force! (And the only model shop for miles around!)
  13. Give it a whirl then! The nearest shop to me that sells it is in Poitiers, which is a 120 mile round trip and they don't have a big selection, so the post is cheaper than the fuel and parking!!
  14. Grahame, out of curiousity I registered with the Redutex site and put a couple of items in the cart. I live in France, and the postage was 8.99 euros, so I imagine that after the Brexit thing it could be prohibitive to post to UK. I have heard horror stories about import duty and UK vat being added to things without warning, so ordering direct maybe not such a good idea after all! Best, Mike
  15. Terry, this is truly inspiring stuff! I've always thought that many of the illustrations in John's book would be great to make, and this is just the incentive I need! Bravo! Mike
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