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  1. He states why, and that he thinks the £10 extra charge is a it high.

    I agree with him on the facts, but never expressed anything as my point of view with respect to his.

    The simple fact is, access to good sounds costs time and money, and only a few individuals have done it.

    You have lost me there. I was talking about your remark denigrating railway modellers compared to a group of people doing something different. The is no link between the two, and I am not sure how you made the leap to railway modellers making contributions to open source.

    My point was, DCC sound decoders are a business proposition, with very, very few providers doing this. As a business.

    Open Source software projects are cooperative entities working towards a common goal, with many contributors. As a hobby, or an ideological commitment.

    They are different things.

    What you did, was to glibly complain about all railway modellers in comparison to OS participants.

    You may not have meant to refer to all railway modellers, but that is what you did.

    They probably realise that under communism, model railways would be a frivolous bourgeois pastime and therefore banned, that Open Source software would be a serious subversion of State control of software development, and that communism has been shown to fail, and only an idiot would wish to compare himself to one, but if you must draw such a comparison, having insulted what you referred to as "the community of railway modellers", then go ahead.

    I'm not bothered, personally, but in my opinion, superficial understanding of control systems other than the one which works for you is not a good basis for casually criticising them.


    If what you are saying is that you don't like paying for someone else's work, then please simply say so. I am sure that you will find plenty of support amongst others with a similar viewpoint.

    Simon, what a pity that this interesting thread has been reduced to thinly veiled invective. I am new to R/C controlled model railways, though not model railways in general, and looked to RMweb as a source of information and ideas about the latest developments, and hitherto have found it useful.


    However, it is becoming clear that in certain quarters there is a rearguard action being fought by people who have invested heavily in DCC, particularly onboard DCC sound, and while this is perfectly understandable, I'm not sure if it is really relevant to the way R/C train control is going to develop.


    I am reminded of the fierce arguments which took place in the 1980's about the superiority of Sony Betamax versus VHS video tape systems, only to see the whole discussion rendered obsolete by the arrival of DVD's! Whenever new ideas are suggested or tried there are a multitude of deniers ready to dismiss them as either unwanted or irrelevant, but if an idea takes off, like DCC for example, they quickly become among it's champions.


    Of course, the control systems developed for DCC have much to offer for the development of R/C train control, - they both have the same objective and it is pointless re-inventing the wheel, - but their associaton is neither mandatory, or even necessary.


     Finally, I suggest we keep our political views separate from our model railways, which are only a hobby, but just for the record, I have been a Marxist for most of my very long adult life, and without boring you with my personal details, I do object to being called an idiot, - and you might care to reflect that whatever systems might be developed for model railways in the future, they will almost certainly be manufactured in China, the largest communist country in the world, and they are not all idiots either!



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