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  1. Hi, I know i am very late to this party, I am interested in purchasing the crane tank, but it seems that is now unvailable from Shapeways, but strangely the accessories are? was it withdrawn for a reason? are you updating it? Regards, Neil
  2. Hi Stu, They are from Skytrex, they are resin poured, and have solid windows, but I am thinking abut milling them out and may get some laser cut frames to fit. If you look at the end of the boiler house you will see one I did as a test, still waiting for a frame though! Neil
  3. Hi, I thought I would give an update on this project. I took delivery, and built the baseboard, I then designed my own version of a sliding fiddle yard, using drawer runners and a sprung ball door catch indexed to a piece of brass strip with holes spaced for the track. so far so good. Having been too tight to buy the matching set of legs by the baseboard supplier, I then went to build some legs, I've got to say the first attempt was a bit of a disaster, the idea was to have slots in the underside of the board to drop the legs into. This proved as about as stable as a jelly in a hurricane. The MK2 version meant adding a piece of ply to the leg, which took the weight of the baseboard along the bottom edge of the board. this is far better. but I suppose that is why I am building this layout, to make the mistakes now, before the big one. After cutting the top surface for the canal basin I have laid out the track and buildings to check the design, after a few tweaks, I am fairly happy. I may not use the short siding as a loco shed, I may use it to store the privately owned brake van that is needed to get trains up the off-scene incline to the mainline (well, when you are dealing in munitions, runaways can have explosive results!) Please see the attached photos: And last but by no means least the current motive power: The original plan for 2 locomotives somehow became 3 when Hornby announce the Peckett B2, then became 4 after I bought a Austerity. I have since decided that the owners of the canal company who built the original line to the wharf retained their running rights and will on occasion run their own trains down to the wharf using a nice blue W4 named after the real Charles Kirby's newly arrived great great grandson Isaac. Regards, Neil PS does anyone know if I can move this entire thread to the 'standard gauge industrial' section under the Layouts heading?
  4. Hi all, I have started on the layout, and since the theme of the industry is military / munitions, I have changed my mind and think that a small ex-MR 10t brake would be good for getting certain loads up and down the steep incline (off scene) otherwise a runaway could have explosive results! Thanks all for your interest. Neil
  5. In my youth, I had a few minor commissions for the model shop I worked at, then one saturday A 'real' modeller who had done a big commission for us dropped it off at the shop. He carefully unwrapped some of the finest PO wagons & tank wagons I have ever seen, The liveries were fantastic, I politely enquired whos transfers he had used to do them, thinking HMRS, Woodhead etc, to which he told me he had hand lettered them. That was the day I knew I had met a modeller 'who had made it', and also knew I never would! I also recall an 0 gauge model he did where certain parts were bolted together using 20 Ba nuts and bolts, as 'Nothing else looked quite right' Met him a few more times while I worked there. He was a lovely guy, to whom it all came so easily to, never seem to have a problem with any of his models. I hated him! Neil
  6. Hi, I bought 3 out of the 4 on Saturday, (Strange how Hornby could not supply all 4 at once? ) I have noticed that on the brake coach, the centre of the chassis has been bowed down giving a distinctly banana looking shape to this one. Now is likely that the middle clip holding chassis to to the body Just isn't in correctly. Normally I would look to sort this myself, but I think it will be going back, as at £44 per coach I cannot afford to stuff it up. Neil
  7. No Decorum, Thank you, but I got the two types mixed up, i have that one, it's the cranked I need. Regards. Neil
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a service sheet, for the cranked version, I have managed to lose the chassis bottom, and then bought a spare based on the part number for the geared version, which was the only one I could find on the Hornby website. Turns out they are different! Neil EDIT: Got the two types back to front, now corrected
  9. I will be going ahead with this project, but since the initial track plan it has somehow grown to 6' x1'6" as below: Also will be adding a Peckett B2 to the fleet Which will be named either Normandy or Amiens, which carries on with the tank battle theme.
  10. That Bulleid pacific could be Dorchester which was still in this livery when first allocated. Neil
  11. Hi, I believe it is way over length as well. I'm fairly sure that someone on here has shown the process they used to correct this issue and others. Neil
  12. Mine was given away free, as a local crime prevention promo in the lobby of my local Tesco (other supermarkets are available) Neil
  13. I will have to get one of these. Can any tell me how much a Peckett B2 differed from a Peckett X, Obviously the X had inside cylinders, but other than that they look very similar to my non expert eyes thinking 'Lord Salisbury' here. EDIT Just noticed the splashers above the footplate on Lord Salisbury, so likely bigger wheels, not just an inside cylinder version of the same thing. I will still get one though. regards Neil
  14. Ok that seems to cover it. For my fictional line no brake vans required. Thanks to all for your help. Regards, Neil
  15. Which do you mean the 2Ps or the coaches? I thought Maunsell sets 390-399 were allocated and Ivo Peter's books show various sets being pulled by 2Ps. A nice photo of a gleaming 40568 comes to mind? Neil
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