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    I work in IT, letting down generations of my ancestors by not being on the railways, My Dad was loco crew for LMS & BR(M). My grandad in the Longhedge works for LSWR, SR & BR(S) and likewise my great grandad LSWR, LCDR, SR.

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  1. I assume you know about this one: http://webcam.deg.net/?a=showcam&w=showliveimage2&o=pla I have spent far too long looking at that, first time I recall seeing it in snow though! Regards, Neil
  2. Done a bit of drawing lunch time : Thanks again H16LSWR EDIT After looking at the drawing again today, I think I have these plates upsidedown, will edit again lunch time EDIT AGAIN I think this is more like it: Regards, Neil PS my grandfather and great grandfather both worked at Longhedge works in Battersea
  3. Thank you, those drawings are of great help. That part is the most difficult part to see on any photo, and the original builders plans did not make it clear. What I had was no more than best guess from what I could see, I will work on modifying the CAD using these. Thanks again. Also, It is interesting what you said about the cab hatches, It's funny I have been looking at pictures of the radstock engines for 30 odd years and never noticed that it was only on one side until recently. (Joyce has hers other way around and a slightly different shape). regards,
  4. Hi, Originally I started this as a single part to help with a scratch build just for me, and got a bit carried away. But as i have had a fair bit of interest, and if I can get them to print to a standard I am happy with, I will offer them, Also I have provisionally worked at modifying the CAD for 'Joyce' Regards, Neil PS the IF part is a big if after yesterdays fail, I seem to be getting further away from a good print, but then again I have only had the machine for a couple of weeks.
  5. Whist waiting for yet another Sentinel test print last night, I thought I would see what the CAD looked like 'Coloured in'. Regards, Neil
  6. Hi all, In case anyone is interested, i have finally received my Elegoo Saturn last week, and am currently a a quarter of the way through a print. There have been a few changes to the CAD since I last posted. Fingers crossed that I wake up to a good print. CAD below: Neil
  7. Hi, Lamp irons are on, some have broken off the prototype, but these were done on a friends printer some months ago using whatever resin he had in it, which was quite brittle, I have used the 'ABS like' resin and there seems to be a little bit of give in it, But whether it stays like that when fully cured, who knows?! It they do come off, they should trim down with a sharp blade so nothing lost Regards, Neil
  8. Hi all, I finally received my Elegoo Saturn last week, and am currently a a quarter of the way through a print. There have been a few changes to the CAD since I last posted. Fingers crossed that I wake up to a good print. Neil
  9. I was only vaguely 'thinking out loud' yesterday. A quick google today of WW1 aircraft in flight, shows that my speculation was wrong! Regards, Neil
  10. . . . . Or would it? An aircrat in flight has a lower airpressure over the surface of the wing, Would this not 'suck' the fabric upwards when in the air? I don't know, and am certainly no aircraft expert, it just that what you said got me wondering? Regards, Neil
  11. I have read elsewhere that some of those first shipped had damage to the edge of the build plate, because of poorly designed packaging. the remainder will have different packaging, which means the shipping dates have slipped. so Elegoo are giving away a $30 voucher to those affected to use in there Amazon store. Mine is due in the 2nd Pre-order wave. I imagine that these will be pushed back too, unless they can catch up somehow. Regards, Neil
  12. Hi, I have drawn up the Radstock twins: And Joyce I have had two prototypes Printed by a friend: But sadly , I have got to wait until my Eleogoo Saturn is delivered in september to do anything more with these. Regards, Neil
  13. So was Daphne until last week!? Neil
  14. I have a poppy one and despite the fact that I am rubbish at building chassis i do not use this. I found, on mine at least, that the diameter of the axle rods where the coupling rods fit vary in diameter. so to my mind I could not see how they can stay concentric if they are slopping about on some of them when I thought the whole point of the jig is to keep the axleboxes and coupling rods on exactly the same centres. I questioned this with poppy and they did not think it was a problem. I am certainly no expert, and would love for someone to explain that i am wrong. regards, Neil
  15. Hi, I believe Getty have also been known to try to charge people for copyright which is not theirs! IIRC a New York photoghrapher receive a copyright bill from Getty for their own photo, which they had not licensed to Getty. Neil
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