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  1. To be fair 'Ben' No Surname doesn't necessarily narrow the field enough. Not helped by his rmweb 'handle' being distinctly Ben-less.
  2. Really nice, and good progress too. I do love a nice red Swiss train.
  3. My understanding is that AC allows in-cab and directional lighting.
  4. Aftershave, deodorant and elbow sharpeners.
  5. Clothes pegs are ideal clamps for model buildings.
  6. I thought that at first, but am now including a minimum of 2 pieces of track from 1 board edge to t'other, allowing a slight expansion gap between the 2.
  7. PS. I cannot explain where the underlining in the above post came from.
  8. This is turning into a far more 'occasional' series of updates than I hoped. It has been back in the garage working on the final baseboards when I could put up with the temperatures recently. This board has a unique issue in the form of 3 points where the track leaves the board at a very much not 90 degree angle. I am addressing this by adding triangular wedges outside the board. It has been a learning journey. Version 1 was a simple, solid triangle, to be attached using the two slots, glue and a couple of horizontal screws. I decided this may have something to recommend in potenti
  9. I too regularly holidayed at Aberdaron in my childhood, it seemed such a long drive from Liverpool. Lovely bakers. Shame there was no station and Pwllheli was always damp and in the wrong direction. I remember the gradual expansion of the Ffestiniog.
  10. You forget the effects of immigration also being a factor (for the last time, glorious sunlit uplands etc) * * other simplistic metaphors also available.
  11. My local Tescos is selling a useful-looking storage tin for £1 (was £4 before Christmas). Bad news is that you have to eat the original contents before starting to use it. Sorry, can't face trying to rotate the image. Ruler not included.
  12. BBC News - The Glasgow artist inspired by what she finds in the fridge https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-55348596
  13. I have to admit, I have no idea what plywood I use.
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