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  1. Their positioning logic has dawned on me - being further back than the bridge parapet, they are safe from anything that doesn't hit the bridge. As long as the bridge doesn't sway, or stumble, or move in the slipstream. Having said that, they could legitimately be that close to the track on a station platform, so ignoring the trespass element, inconsistent application of 'safety'?
  2. I just hope none of the victim's family read this, they may get the impression that all train enthusiasts lack empathy. A little more decorum please.
  3. That light isn't the end of the tunnel, it's the Pun Express rapidly approaching...
  4. Enjoying your thread, I feel your terraced house pain. I've turned to tunnel mouths, or anything without windows.
  5. What about the tunnel? Does that suffer from water ingress? And does the hill fit under the bed?
  6. More holes. From this: To this: And then starting to see how the track will look.
  7. For a change today, I have been tidying my Hornby curves... ...and planning the other end of my fiddle yard. The FYb baseboard has been assembled for a while, but only screwed together as I knew it would need disassembly once the track positioning was finalised. Now I can glue and pin the left board in this picturewhich is what has stopping me from laying the track.
  8. A big well done to everyone who has had long days or is still traveling. Don't think I even saw Wellpark, must have been too crowded around it. Great to see so many families/children on Saturday. I too was very impressed with Montague Fields. For whoever exhibited the circular narrow gauge garden railway, my wife requests scale slugs.
  9. As always, frustratingly little to report. However, I am happy to accept gratitude for the recent mild weather. Yes it is all down to me, because I finally gave up on the garage and retired indoors with a Cambrian Kits Walrus. The instructions (and pictures) aren't the clearest but it makes a pleasant change, and hopefully will run by the end. A trip to Model Rail Scotland has produced ideas for about 5 more layouts, no, mustn't be tempted yet...
  10. Wow! Are you going to paint all the figures yourself?
  11. They even mark where to cut the sleepers to break the circuit (around 15.30)
  12. About 3mm wide if you must know. I have decided the garage is too cold at the moment, so am prefabricating some track beds indoors. Which is taking a phenomenal amount of stages. 1. Cut cereal boxes into strips and glue together for super elevation/cant formers. 2. Mark (accurately) the track positioning, spacing etc, and glue formers in place. 3. Cut strips of cork, glue in place and weigh. 4. Check positioning again. Decide it is not perfect, but within the parameters of acceptable bodging. Paint black using new airbrush. Block new airbrush with paint. 5. Apply DCC Concepts Powerbase, since this is going to be the tightest curve AND the steepest gradient. The plates all need trimming because of the curve, resulting in sharp edges and uneven surfaces. More bodging. Even now, still to do is fit track, add wires, glue down and ballast. And paint. By the time I have finished all this, it might be warm enough to venture outside.
  13. Woo hoo! After weeks of being too tired and too busy, I finally make some more progress. I drilled 10 screw holes (go on, take the rest of the week off).
  14. Maybe it is date-triggered? Try again in just over 2 weeks.
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