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  1. Great start to a good looking project! Looking forward to see this develop. Did you apply the SWT red livery to these or did they come from Bratchells RTA like that? Thanks Rhys
  2. Well its been a strange summer! One good thing about being a golfer is things have continued somewhat normally! Anyway with the winter coming and the nights getting shorter its time to put the clubs away and venture back into the hobby room! First off I have been going through some 47's! My frustration with terrible running of the Bachmann models left me with a thought of ditching them all in favour of my favoured Heljans. The Heljans just run so smoothly even years old second hand ones for a bargain on ebay! Anyway after some work with Paul RHB and James at DCC train automation so
  3. Absolutely love this layout! A true inspiration for me! Can’t wait to see it out again!
  4. James, Simply stunning work! Amazing level of detail. thanks Rhys
  5. Incredible work James. Already an inspiration on my last 37 work and when I’m done with the 47’s I have a few more Blazey 37’s to do!
  6. So by the early 1990’s when This layout is based I am guessing on your information that the dry would be oil fired?
  7. Thanks Stoker. This is about 1040mm long. So about 260ft in real life. Rhys
  8. Again stunning work on the duff’s James! Tried hard to replicate your work on my blazer 37’s for the Cornwall layout but now this is good inspiration to get my Hampshire shove duffs done too! Thanks Rhys
  9. Evening all, Just a couple of updates. Not much has been happening in the last few weeks on Leighford as I have been working on the exhibition layout. Not that I will have many exhibitions to go to next year as I’m sure this years will be pushed back! Anyway I will come onto the new layout room in the next post but for now back to the workshop! I have added the rear fiddle yard, remounted the main board on its table to allow the front scenery to be built up and we almost have a loop! The bridge back has been opened up and the view of the new curve to the tun
  10. And here it is in its rough position on the layout. The side cladding has been added. I have Sprayed the slaters sheets with Montana spray paint and then weathered using a black acrylic wash first, a brown enamel second then an olive green colour. All painted on then removed with paper towel leaving a streaking effect as if the water runs down. Then moss is added with WS fine turf. More slaters sheets ordered for the roof! thanks Rhys
  11. So as promised an update on the Linhay. When I started the building of it I knew two things: 1. It would have to be reduced in scale size as it’s a model railway! 2. Even so it would be a massive building! So here it is ready to be put onto the layout. This is about a 4 month build to this point. It does have a full interior with China clay piles so it should provide some interest when looking through the doors. I have used 3 of the scalescenes loading docks built to about 50% to just provide a base then I have used 2mm mounting
  12. A friend in the know I will have you know! :-)
  13. Good Morning all, Hope your all still well as we near "maybe" the end of lockdown! During the last few weeks I have been doing 2 projects on Porthleven. The Linhay project is coming along and the other 3 modules are built and awaiting to be joined together before the roof goes on! Will post an update on that when I can. Secondly the main project has been track laying on the first two boards. This is the 10ft section with the Linhay, the rear fiddle yard and the pointwork for access to the china clay area. This is the biggest bit of track laying as the other two boards a
  14. So a bit of sunshine and a bit of lockdown (or maybe a lot of lockdown) and some boards appear!! more to follow: thanks Rhys
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