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  1. Exactly my thoughts! I have some VGA’s ready to go!
  2. Bill, Thanks for your comments. Yes a year might be pushing it but here goes! Regards the 5ft boards I was originally planning 4ft boards and the carrying of the layout in an estate car was inspired by Tidworth by Temeraire. I went with 5ft after I realised I could easily get this in my car with plenty of space and the temptation of having a slightly longer layout was too much to pass up! plus the discovery of 18mm lightweight ply baseboards from James at DCC train automation which are pretty much liftable with one hand! but yes indeed it does tie me into at least having one car big enough to carry the layout!
  3. Tony, yes I have always looked at Porthleven and thought it’s missing a station! The geography from Helston is indeed not suitable for a railway hence the thought of a spur off the Helston branch further up and into Porthleven along the valley where the little river is and past the football pitch. The town layout will be based on Porthleven but won’t be a 100% copy!
  4. Rhysb


    Bill, Quite a few similarities with Hendra but not intentional! I showed my plans to one friend and he said. have you seen Hendra! ceratinly inspired by your layout! thanks. Rhys
  5. Rich, As stated above it’s a little out of clay country yes but just stretching reality a little bit! We did consider the loop option and I may still think about it but wanted to have fun shunting too. The passenger line apart from the odd summer special loco hauled is all DMU’s so the loop will be modelled as long gone but the trackbed still seen in places. The shunter can release the loco from coaching stock for a bit of interest. For the China clay area the loco will reverse the stock into the linhay or sidings then the sentinel or 08 can then move stuff around while the loco shunts into the front sidings and then once the shunter has pushed the stock back out into the headshunt the loco can join on the other end to take it away. Just trying to not make things too easy and add a bit of fun factor.
  6. Stu, Yes completely agree that it’s a little far west from core clay country but it’s not too much of a stretch with China clay now being found around the granite mines about 10-15 miles inland towards Falmouth. I’m just stretching my imagination to create the layout I wanted. Main reasons being: 1. Having had a Wessex layout I have a lot of clay rolling stock so wanted to utilise this 2. Spending a lot of time in Porthleven it just looked to me like it would look good with a railway and I just wanted to re-create that feel of a Cornish seaside town 3. I wanted to model a big linhay Its a bit of a far fetched back story but just one I thought kinda worked. It’s just a what-if at the end of the day to suit what I wanted in my layout.
  7. Rhysb


    Great looking layout, great atmosphere
  8. So before Tidworths appearance at the Taunton show (which was a fantastic show) I asked the operating crew around the house for fish and chips and some layout planning! A very crude way of planning is to mark out the layout boards on the floor with frog tape and pop some track down! This is the view from the China clay/fiddle yard end towards the harbour (note the harbour board is missing): And the view from the other end: Im still unsure if I’m going to add a couple more sidings but I want the layout to be distinctly two halves one where you can watch shunting and trains and the other which is very much scenic detail! Thanks Rhys
  9. Well it’s time to explore the wonderful world of an exhibition layout! Hopefully some of you will know me from helping operate On Tidworth and Oak road which are two great layouts built by friends and also from my Wessex Junction (Avonbury) layout which unfortunately due to a separation and house move is currently being relocated to the new garage! Anyway after moving into a new house I have decided to switch focus to creating an exhibition layout! This will be my first effort but having spent a couple of years watching and learning and also having a good bunch of friends who I can ask silly questions too I thought I would give it a go! One of the first layouts I ever saw on RMWEB was a great little China clay layout called Melangoose and alongside the great other Cornish layouts like Penhayle Bay and all of the great works of Treggyman I have decided to go with a cornish layout based on a harbour branch line and China clay dry/linhay. The layout is going to be an end to end layout measuring 20ft x 2ft. The layout will be in four 5’ sections to enable it to fit in a large estate car for easy transport. As you look at the layout the harbour will be to the left and the China clay to the right with a river scene leading to the harbour in the middle. The fiddle yard will be behind the China clay area. Track work is going to be all finescale bullhead track. DCC operation with the DR5000 from Digikeijs and also a little bit of block detection. The layout will be based circa 1990 so the St Blazey 37’s will be on clay and freight duties with some first and second generation DMU’s working the branch alongside some loco hauled XC summer specials etc. CDA’s, silver bullets, polybulks etc within the China clay area. So every layout needs a good backstory! On many visits to Cornwall and many times staying in the seaside harbour town of Porthleven I have always looked at the harbour and imaged a branch line coming into the harbour but in real life this has never existed so I decided to create one in 1:76! So although somewhat based on a real location the layout is very much fictional. Firstly I am imagining that the Helston branch was firstly never closed and then there was also two termini on this line. One at Helston and one at Porthleven. In the photo below the black line shows the Helston branch as it roughly was and then the red line being my fictional branch to Porthleven: As stated the layout will be four x 5foot sections: The station end on the right contains the harbour scene that will be loosely based on Porthleven with typical Cornish fishing boats and cottages etc: A closer view of the station: Leading into the harbour will be the river scene board that will hopefully give the illusion of the river flowing into the harbour at some point: The headshunt board for the China clay dry and the Linhay board: Now for the long road of building! Hoping to have it’s first exhibition in around a years time! Thanks Rhys
  10. Rhysb


    Looking great Bill, a big inspiration for my next project. Enjoy your updates Rhys
  11. I couldn’t stop laughing at this too!!!
  12. Coming along nicely Dave! Looking forward to seeing another great Cornwall Layout!
  13. Trolley looks great ian! Rhys
  14. Station looks really good Scott! Back in the early 90's this would have been part of the upgrade project BR did re-opening the valley lines. Your RR signage looks good. This was operated by class 156's and the occasional pacer! Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh! Rhys
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