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  1. Donated. Good luck to all but most importantly that we raise loads for the NHS! I never win anything but in this case I won't mind.
  2. spice1977


    I had several go pop (TTS). I found that by using kapton tape they overheated so now I only wrap it in kapton tape for whilst i am working on the chip ie changing the speaker etc. I make sure wherever I place the chip that i use kapton tape to make sure its safe to place the decoder, unwrap the tape from around the chip then use some black tack under the wires to hold the chip in place - this means sufficient airflow to remove heat from the chip but it is secured in place - just fitted one yesterday with Richards double iphone speakers wired up with a zimo dumbo in a 66 (my last in stock too so need to buy more!). For TTS or other chips that do not come ready protected I use an ESD wrist strap.
  3. spice1977

    Class 50 TTS

    I quite like Jamie Goodmans Class 50 on Loksound. I also like YouChoos on Zimo, but these are cheap and cheerful models so getting cheap and cheerful chips lol. Yes I saw that recommendation tooo - its a good idea!
  4. spice1977

    Class 50 TTS

    I've got two on order and will be fitting with megabass speakers - I have heard they are very good.
  5. My spray equipment consists of an Iwata Neo airbrush, Sparmax compressor and various accessories. I mix my paints in small batches in glass jars - just enough to complete what I am doing. I use a spray booth as you can see (I know I need a new filter!)
  6. And I've now run out of thinners and airbrush cleaner so play has come to a stop - damn!
  7. Another I have ongoing is a Hornby Class 56 currently sat in Colas Orange/Yellow as I need to steel myself into being brave to do the black roof where it could all go wrong! I also need to source new grills for this model as they are missing - tempted to get a cheap body to scavenge them off it! This one has been on the back burner for well over a year now. As has the prototype HST currently sat in primer with the white metal noses grafted on - it requires further filler and sanding.
  8. As you can see in the background of the first post there is also an HST set in progress too. I recently sold my NMT Hyabusa set along with four poorly painted coaches - my first attempt and using Humbrol Sunshine Yellow. This rake was originally going to be gWr LA15 and had been sprayed as such but then I bought a full rake brand new so these were surplus to requirements and stripped back to the bare plastic. Lima wise they are the 2 Class 43's and the buffet and TSO. The two TGS and further buffet are Hornby which are currently on their way to me as I had too many Lima TSO/FO which are remaining in primer for now. Primered using AutoTek plastic primer painting for this has been a cheat - using Halfords Rover Inca Yellow rattle cans - it looks just fine to me. As Hurst models do not have any white metal NMT parts in stock and haven't for a very long time I have opted for PH Designs 3D printed versions from shapeways for the cameras and the upper lights. So until they arrive this project is stalled other than continuing with the coaches. Both HST power cars will be re-motored using motors from the same source as the 50's and fitted with TTS sound. The pantograph car and track recording car will be fitted with representative LED's following guidance from http://s374444733.websitehome.co.uk/class-43nmt/index-intro.htm and new lighting from Black Cat technology. I still need to source a pantograph for that coach, but I am not going to go as far as the source material and fit interiors or fill the windows - they have just been painted over. Transfers again will be Railtec, but in the 2016 configuration for "Digital Railway" although he is currently out of the nameplates I want for the power cars so that will have to wait.
  9. I am also a massive fan of Class 60's and have many in my collection. I recently won one on eBay with none working lighting at a steal - literally just listed (lighting was just a broken wire). I have stripped that using just IPA and it is currently sat in GBRF orange as only done this morning. It looks a bit bright in the photo but its because the door was open and the sun is shining on it - and I lost a door! This will get full sound treatment as all my locos are fitted with sound but I am debating whether to mill the chassis for an EM2 or not.
  10. So I decided to start my own thread for my own modelling musings. Probably wont be updated too often as I go between building the layout and modelling depending on my frame of mind and time available. Currently on the workbench are various projects but the furthest in progression are two Lima Class 50's. I have always been fond of the Hoovers and have had many and sold many in the past since I now model modern image ie Era 9 it was hard to justify keeping them. Then after selling my last one the announcement came that GBRF were respraying two into their colours - so I just had to have them. I baulked at prices charged by some shops for inaccurate resprays and decided to set myself a challenge to create both with sound and lights at a sub £100 cost per loco. So the locos were bought from Hampshire models at £35 each, the lights from Express models at £18, new motors from Strathpeffer Junction at £13 each and TTS decoders at £38 each - so roughly the £100 (ish) I desired to achieve. I started with stripping in Dot3 brake fluid but that wasnt too successful so finished off with IPA - which cleaned it all off, they were then primered using AutoTek plastic primer and left to harden. Paints are from Rainbow Railways and go on a dream when mixed roughly 2 parts paint to 1 part thinners sourced from Direct Train Spares. I decided I didnt want to go full on for detailing so whilst I have removed the cab handrails to be replaced with wire I have left the door rails in place and will pick out with paint pens. Since the below picture I have picked out the cabs, windows, wipers and piping using Matt Black. Transfers when I get around to fitting them are all from Railtec with Steves 3D plates - my preferred supplier for all things decal related.
  11. I tried it on one TTS chip - worked very well until I blew the chip havent tried any others since then but it wasnt down to the stay alive, it was static from me - I now use a soldering band when working with TTS chips to mitigate it and wrap in kapton tape to make it safe to handle afterwards.
  12. Ive fitted one into a Bachmann 08 but not happy with the speaker so I think I'm goign to follow the lead above with the zimo single dumbo - cheers
  13. Must admit I do like the Biffa livery - ones on the workbench at the moment. Got my last stubborn DRS Bachie 66 to sell then my next ones will be Hattons me thinks.
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