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  1. I have seen pictures of 33s and 24s paired in the early days of the 33s before the SR had electric heated coaching stock - the 24s providing steam heat. Also seen a picture of a 33 and 73 in Blue on a parcels turn - both running, judging by the exhausts. Teabag
  2. I used 2mm which is OK but it might have been better with 3mm (ref. the steps on the MK1). Teabag
  3. That looks really good - the whole atmosphere is great and my favourite era. The texture on the platforms and road surfaces looks especially good - how did you do this? Teabag
  4. I have quite a few of them on my layout between scenic code 75 and fiddle yard code 100 streamline / setrack. No issues at all. There is a slight height difference which a shim of plastikard can be used for or just leave them suspended on the fishplates - they are short, so they only ever take the weight of one axle. Teabag
  5. My pair turned up yesterday. They look great - very pleased. Might have to get some more - might need as serious discussion with finance authority.. Teabag.
  6. Lucas, Prince of automotive darkness.
  7. As Harlequin asked, the arrangement in the garage is a key ppint to consider. I wanted a similar layout - a late 80s /early 90s with continuous run (with off scene staging sidings), reverse loops for storage, a terminus, some shunting etc. in the garage. The garage has a door at one end onto the garden and occasionally things need to be dragged through. In the end I decided that instead of going around the walls with a lift up section, I would put the layout on one side of the garage but add wheels so that it could be pulled out for maintenance. It fits in a similar space to yours (its ~12
  8. That's a Christmas present to me sorted - what a great offer! Teabag
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this edition - lots of content relevent to my era (1980s - early 1990s). Keep up the good work. Teabag
  10. I've tried endless different types of reverse loops in bored Anyrail moments. I use nested 2nd, 3rd and 4th radius loops as hidden storage sidings on my own 12 x 6 layout. Even a 2nd radius loop is >2m long which is six Mk 2 coaches plus loco. Teabag
  11. On my 12 x 6 I use reverse loops to both turn trains and store stock. The layout is inspired by the classic Bredon. It lives in the garage. which is tapered so I can have a small terminus as a sort of cameo at the rear, otherwise it would just have been storage loops. Numbers are lengths or radii in centimeters and each square is 30 x 30cm. The layout is drawn in Anyrail and set in the late 1980s sectorisation period. Control iss DCC with an NCE Powercab. Teabag
  12. Yep, that was one of them - fantastic detail in the different grades of scrap.
  13. Really enjoyed the show - even more so than last year. A good selection of layouts, great idea to have a kids area and some really great micro layout on balcony 1. All in all, worth the visit. Teabag.
  14. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this thread. I had exactly the same problem for my 3.6 x 1.6m (~12' x 6') layout. Usually it is up against the garage wall but sometimes I need to move it. I used four casters set at the 1/4 and 3/4 positions. I have my layout set to be eye height when sitting on a swivel office chair. This allows the layout to sit above things like storage boxes etc. The basic structure can be seen below - you can just make out one of the casters. They are a hard rubber and have not flattened after 3 years. Using a bigger diameter makes moving the layout easier. Mine swivel,
  15. Putting some ballast under the actuating bar is a really great idea that I haven't seen before. Wish I had thought of that! Teabag
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