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  1. Hello Bob, good to see you trying different ways. Have you thought of using araldite for the joints, it may last longer.
  2. It does look over protected for just a guard's shelter. I can't see a pic on the Web of it in use, only wooden bodied ones. In 4mm scale a rough estimate is 10 x15 mm with height about 20 mm, it really is a tiny thing.
  3. I didn't know that, but it appears so. I've just had a little google and found a wooden similar van, and a cracking petrol/diesel? engine. I think I prefer the guard van as it is now on 2ft gauge. https://historypoints.org/index.php?mact=News,m73248,default,1&m73248detailpage=&m73248pagenumber=2&page=486 http://www.penmorfa.com/Slate/padarn-railway.htm
  4. This was the info sign, but I think you might be right, it may have also carried them.
  5. Instead of another 'not much done this week' post, I thought I'd wait until I had something to post (though not a huge amount it has to be said. Firstly, went for a little break to Anglesey, weather wasn't too bad for february (though I'm glad we came back friday and missed the storm). Anyway we obviously visited Holyhead breakwater country park, though part of the exhibition was closed, I did find some panels showing Prince Albert We also nipped across the bridge to Llanberis for the Slate Museum which is about the only place open in Feb (and also free, which was nice) I fell in love with this little guards van (Padarn Railway) and it's put all sorts of narrow gauge ideas in my head. Probably come to nothing though as I've got too much on the go already. Maybe just a one off model? Anyway, the actual Wantage Road stuff Chassis for the Hawthorn is done and rolls along nicely, though wheels are wrong spoke/throw etc so need to get more. I tried to stage the photo to show the Road runner+ is a good gearbox fit, but this is the best shot I got. I'll be powering the rear axle with a bit of play on first two axles and some method of springing these. The other chassis I've been working on (rover 3) is in a bit of a state as I multiplied 4 x 8 and got 28 so the centre axle hole is in wrong place. Finally, tried to solder the sandwich frames again for Rover 1 (the scratchbuild) but failed so I've cheated and epoxied them instead. No more work on bridge or platforms yet, will try to find time for them next (unless I start scratch building the guards van...)
  6. I was building the society corsair kit, but struggled with soldering up the splashers (and put it to one side). Some type of former would have been useful. The big advantage of a 3d printed splasher is you don't have to worry about the wheels shorting the body, but I agree that brass looks better.
  7. I got a little rechargeable LED spotlamp from a bargain shop a while ago (similar to this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Reading-Light-Clip-Reader/dp/B07GFGLQSJ/ ) but I find it doesn't really give enough light for my eyesight. And I keep forgetting to charge it as well.
  8. Good to see things going on, Chris. I've thought about using trays (even a briefcase) but haven't seen one with an attached light before.
  9. Thanks Nick, the more information /confusion the better I think. I still need to guess from the platform photo so hopefully that will closely match one or the other dimensions. I don't know when these setts would have been laid. Presumably not when the station was built if they're for handling milk churns as they're a harder surface. Wantage road was also built later than the rest of the nearby stations.
  10. Thanks Phil Just realised I made a mistake earlier, the photon can print to 0.01mm vertically (though 0.04 I found the best), this morning I thought it was 0.2mm.
  11. Thanks that helps a lot. I'm guessing the depth of the grooves are only going to be 1/2 inch at most which is .166 mm in 4mm ft, so I'm going to have to cheat there.
  12. It may take a few weeks, probably a month more like, but I'll post here when I have something. Can I ask what rough dimensions you've used for your setts? I was going to guess from a photo but a second measurement would be helpful.
  13. Thanks Grahame I read most of Wenlock's blog last year but will revisit it. The silhouette output looks excellent, in 4mm I think it would have to be overscale to get a representation of it. When I get the 3D printer back up and running I'll try and few tests.
  14. Not much has been done the past two weeks, haven't got back into the early morning routine yet. There's 2 sheets of ply (6mm? something like that size) behind the cardboard mock up bridge. Soldered a few more frame spacers but I'm having trouble getting good joints. The brass was quite thick and tarnished so probably a combination of not enough heat, poor cleaning and not being used to soldering brass that thick. I'll have another go at some point. Can't remember when I last posted prince albert, he/she's got a boiler support in place now with another ready to do the other side. This is the bridge plan I scanned a few years ago from 2 pages in BRJ but I didn't stitch it together very well. I'll probably try and draw it by hand before cutting the wood. Also found some more examples of the sett style platform that I'll need for parts of the platform. Looking again at photos I'm sure it's a macadam style nearer the station building, with the setts further along. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrw393.htm https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrsh1335a.htm
  15. I've been catching up on your blog the past week or so. I really like the attention to detail and use of different materials. Some excellent modelling here, I'm enjoying reading this.
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