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  1. Spotlight still wasn't enough to get a decent close up photo. the fourth one is sort of in focus Other bits done in past few days Smokebox and part of firebox soldered to the body (holyhead Prince Albert), frames soldered together (riveted on both sides as part of the inside will be visible), laminated coupling rod that I've messed up by drilling off centre, and frames for a standard gauge 2-4-0. The broad gauge chassis frames for the Hawthorn are drilled through, but I forgot to take photo. I didn't manage to get to the shop for nuts to fix the squareomiser, will definitely go there this week. Just waiting on xmas and the money to buy gearboxes and more wheels. I still can't get the motorised tender to run as well as it did before I added suspension and pickups, I'll keep fiddling with it.
  2. Excellent piece of scratchbuilding, the firebox must have been so fiddly to do.
  3. Did a basic hat traced the outline again, the squashed/stretched half sphere above the head was to try and help with forming the shape stretched the tracing over a few times, each time reducing it a bit in size and lowering it checked for fit and dropped it more towards the ears All done, it's not as flat as a proper flat cap, but I think it will pass. I 3d printed 12 of them (they're tiny so did more than I'll ever need), but light isn't good in spare room for close up shots on my phone, so I'll put it under a spotlight tomorrow.
  4. With all the carriages I did in 3d over the past few months, I got a bit 'meh' with cad and couldn't get the 'mojo' to get back into it. This week though, during the evening soaps, I've done a bit for a new figure. It's partly based on this tutorial which is different to the last one I used (though I couldn't work out what he does at one point so had to guess and he's using a different version of blender as well), I also used these photos here http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/victorians/victorian_mugshots_gallery_08.shtml You need a good side on and front picture and this is pretty near. Anyway I took a few screenshots as I did it. trace round the outlines in the front dimension, I added an extra layer for his 'tache. On the right picture the 2 faces don't line up; right forward face is higher than side on, so I cut and pasted the photo a bit. bit more then spread out, note the face isn't exactly straight on. I activated the mirror function, which basically copies/mirrors what you do so you only do the right half. Saves exactly lining up etc, though you can do just half a head then mirror the whole thing after (which is what I did last time) basic face done on left , so start pulling points across on the right picture to fill it out in 3d This was the first stab, but some points need moving further across as most faces are fairly flat if you take the nose off second stab but still not quite right. It looks really blocky, but it will be autosmoothed and a head in 4mm scale is only 2mm or so across so the printing will smooth it out as well. skipped a bit here but most of head done and start of ear bottom lip sphere for an eye (looks a bit alienish) the mirror function doubles the eye, I then squashed it slightly in the z direction and resized to roughly fit the socket. Very rough ear. I'll tart it up a little bit tonight and 3d print over the weekend. I may or may not get time to do the hat as well. Obviously he'll need a body as well, but I'll try to amend the previous body I did rather than start a new one as that took a few weeks to do.
  5. Thanks Mikkel. The porter reminds me a bit of the old man in the Will Hay films.
  6. Fancied a change from chassis the past few mornings, so I thought about a barrow for the porter This is the actual Wantage road porter from the mid 1890's, so I googled to find similar barrows and estimated rough dimensions etc. So I chopped a piece of plasticard (about 20 x 7 mm) then started carving bits away from the middle And a bit more Then added some microstrip Still need to do the front bit that sticks out, filing and tidy up, add wheels (I was thinking 2mm brass tube cut in small bits) and give it a slop of brown paint. I've quite enjoyed doing it, may chop up a bit more plasticard for other stationy bits.
  7. Another small soldering session Not the best photo I'm afraid. From the top: another part of Holyhead breakwater Prince Albert's boiler (the overlap has rivets but that's not obvious in the photo), middle bearing for the rover new frames, and finally smokebox partly made up (Prince again) but half of it hasn't gone on right so I need to adjust it slightly. I was going to solder up the rover chassis (new one), but I converted the squareomiser to a bendomiser and can't find half the nuts it needs to put it back together. I'll get some more in the week, a local hardware/bargain shop is pretty cheap for bits like that. While the iron was out I finished the baseboard wiring Red arrow points to the new rail 'dropper' I did the other day, it's now been soldered to wire which connects the black wire at right edge and the controller wire. Blue is where the hidden dropper is (this one's the EM gauge bit), after cutting away a bit more board I found it, I'll solder that one when I do the final bit of standard gauge. I'll also stick some choc blocks in and tape it up a bit better to avoid anything getting snagged and that. The track now conducts fine for broad gauge across it's length. However, I've nothing to run on it as the tender is misbehaving (it keeps trying to turn right). One of the wheels isn't sitting square, I must have jammed it against something. I'll try to fiddle with it in the week. I also need to sort out the resistor for it.
  8. The soldering fairy paid a brief visit bit of scrap brass bent and tinned on top pushed it down then squished it under the two rails (at bottom if not clear) then soldered it on the inside. It needs a bit of solder clearing off to avoid fouling flanges etc, but it conducts current which is the main thing. While the iron was out, I soldered bearings into the suspension wobbler thing, just need to do the middle bit now. I also did a dry run with the frame spacers, but they're a tad too wide (the brass frames are quite thick and I forgot to take that into account). I'll do some more, these will come in handy for other things without silly splashers. I did wonder whether it would be worth chopping off the leading wheels part and having it just as a chassis for driver and trailing wheel (like the old triang single), with the leading wheels as a bogie just dangling. Problem would be the motor needs to be in front of the driver, in the boiler, so I think it would be top heavy.
  9. Still haven't had a chance to solder anything, so it's been mostly sawing, filing and that The smokebox front was lopsided by about 1mm, so I slowly opened the side holes out with a broach/reamer but trying to move the centres of the holes as I did it. Another staged photo, the boiler really needs soldering (or gluing) to see what's really going on. There are pics of the prototype on the original thread that started this non-wantage madness off. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/127435-holyhead-breakwater-railway/&do=findComment&comment=3512491 Anyway I've put it down for a bit and done some wantage stuff The E3 3d print. It was split in two due to the length and one piece is second/first/first with the other slightly smaller piece first/second/second. However, being the fool I am, I've printed two of the longer instead of one of each. The additional supports I've been putting on the ends have stopped the bowing, so that's something. The printer keeps having failed prints at the moment, prints peeling off the base while printing, it's either: too cold in the spare room, the base level needs resetting or it needs a new print FEP film putting on. I'll reset the base first and whack the heating up in the room as that's easier than doing the film. Finally, I cut some nickel silver for rover chassis spacers. However I seem to have lost one as there were four, but I found an old one that needs a bit of filing. They all need bending to an 'L' shape. I still need to open out the axle holes on the leading wheels for up/down movement, and it's probably better to do it now than when soldered.
  10. Thanks for explaining the pickups. The second reminded me a bit of a watch spring when I saw it. It's a very clever design. There's enough room in broad gauge frames to try to recreate it. Could the third version scratch the back of the wheel if the wheel had little side play, or would that be less reliable?
  11. I was going to try and fix the wiring on the board (not all the rails were connected up) but didn't get much time over the weekend. This is the offending bit from above, upside down. the two rails at the top aren't wired and the right one of the middle row isn't either. I've drilled a hole through at the top (which will be behind the rail as normally viewed) and will solder a dropper so it connects both then will attempt to fill whatever hole remains. The middle rail I think I can get too from underneath, failing that I'll try to gap it on top. I knew the top rail in photo was slightly out, but it looks terrible in the photo. So I'll try to relay it at the same time as soldering. Also, when I recently cleaned and hoovered the layout I lost most of what little ballast was down. I think a light dusting next time will do. A bit more early morning cutting, filing, bending etc, and I got out the motley collection of motors, gears and worms, none of which are right or combine for anything I need. I think I mentioned before, but I'll be getting some high level gear boxes at xmas, they seem to match up well with the mitsumi motors (I've got 9 more in a box). That gives me a month and a bit to get the chassises ready. Had another tinker with the tender drive and it's slightly improved, but until the board's fully wired it doesn't get much of a run.
  12. Best wishes to Mrs Northroader. Nice looking loco, the little springs on the inside for the pick ups look a work of art.
  13. Thanks Chris. I think you're right, occasional bits are best left here. If it becomes too regular I'll start a different thread.
  14. Found the stash of 2nd hand ratio carriages in the latest box I'm 'sorting through', along with a fleet of engines, some of which I cant remember buying. For some reason I bought a load of ratio carriages in varying states of build / disrepair 15 odd years ago, however the underframes will now come in handy for my own coach bodies. The paint jobs on them vary, this one is passable for now and has blanked out luggage windows, which is nice. I might use it for lining practice and see what it looks like. My 3d compartments don't fit the ratio carriages either, but that would have been too easy. Leading it is (I think) my first ever engine, the Hornby 4 wheel thing that doesn't resemble anything (I think). It doesn't work, seems to have a short somewhere, so it's back in the box. This carriage is built the wrong way (the sides are between the ends instead of the other way round), so it's being whisked off to Swindon by 2776 (I really don't remember buying this engine) for major works. The carriage underframe looks in good condition which is handy. 2776 runs, although the track is em gauge so it just lurched and rolled from side to side along the track. Fergus Dassenger (remember him?) has taken on a few adhoc jobs around the station for scraps of food, emptying and cleaning the toilets, cleaning up after ned, the horse, sorting and grading offal etc. On hearing a whistle and seeing the cloud of steam he rushes back to the platform to grab a lift to Swindon. But he was too late. I've done a bit more cutting out and shaping for a non Wantage road thing The Holyhead breakwater railway 0-4-0 Prince Albert, which is broad gauge so sort of relevant (albeit only 7 foot, no extra 1/4" ) It's just blu tacked together. I'm seriously thinking of araldite as I've got a soldering mountain to do anyway, and it is small, with even smaller bits to come. Maybe I need a workbench style thread for the other stuff like this?
  15. We sort of had something running looks a bit Heath Robinson, but I managed to get the tender moving using the pickups and electrified track which, I have to admit, gave me a fairly big sense of achievement. It's far from finished, one of the wipers doesn't meet a wheel, another is pushing down too much which is upsetting the balance, and I need to squeeze weight in instead of using various gauges plonked on top. I also need to wire up the remaining track instead of bodging it to give a decent and reliable run. Pictured beside it is a part-failed tender 3d print which I'm hacking bits off to try and get the tender chassis to fit it. Once I get it to fit, I'll fabricate a tender top and other missing bits from plasticard and 3d print toolboxes, filler cap etc. Finally, I know I wasn't going to start any new jobs considering how much is already on the go and with trying to tidy up and everything, but I woke up early one morning and fancied a change. Marked out various bits to cut out, donked a few rivets through and even started cutting some bits out. What I should have done was get one of the carriage kits/bits out. I'll do that instead next time.
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