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  1. No panic, as and when you get the time. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi Builliednutter Did you have any success in looking at the coaches that you have at work? Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks for the replies so far, I will pass the info on. The above photo, shows it to be somewhat larger than I was expecting, surprising how by changing the perspective ones perception of size changes. Regards Chris.
  4. Hi Does anyone know the dimensions and position of the regulator backing plate, that can be seen above the driving window? I have a friend detailing one for me and he would like to add this small but important detail. Thank You.
  5. Event Name: Plymouth Model Railway Show Classification: Exhibition Address: Abbey Hall,CATHERINE STREET, PLYMOUTH, PL1 2AD Day 1: 24 June 17 Opening times Day 1: 10.00am to 4.00pm Prices: Adult £3.00Child £1.50Family 2+2 £8.00 Disability access: Yes Car parking: No Website: http://pandsecmrc.co.uk/ Organising body: Plymouh & SEC.mrc Organiser: Phil01752551516 24hr [email protected] The Plymouth & South-east Cornwall MRC Has their annual show in the Abbey Hall behind St Andrews Church, near Plymouth City Centre on 24th June 2017. There is disabled a
  6. Thanks all for your likes etc. I should like to point out that the layout has appeared in the December Railway Modeller. I would like to thank Ian, Phil and Steve for their help in producing the article for me.
  7. Thanks All, for the Likes Chris
  8. Hi All Sorry for the lack of posts but I have too have help when making posts, anyway just too let you know Ruan will be at the Minehead show in a couple of weeks time in the capable hands of Ian, Phil and Steve. Here are a few photo's from Phil
  9. Phil has finally got around to doing the track plan for me, thanks Phil
  10. Hi Andrew Phil has said he will knock up a drawing, when he sends it too me I will post it. Chris
  11. Hi Andy The layout has been too a couple of shows, most notably Bristol last year. Thanks for the welcome. Chris
  12. Hi Andrew Thanks, I will see if one of the lads in the club can knock up a track plan too post on here. Chris
  13. With the help of members of the club, who have built this layout for me and sorted me out for posting on here, this is my trainset RUAN, which is set on the Lizard Peninsula a bit Southwards of Helston. I have had to say this as at the few shows where we have had chance to show it most people seem to think that is set in Wales and not Gods Country, Cornwall. I attach a few photos taken for me by club members. A 45xx heads for Helston on a short freight. Chris
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