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  1. I felt queasy just looking at the pictures. Not in a million years....
  2. Jeez, he's loaded almost 1600 videos onto the 'tube. Looks interesting.....
  3. Mistake Number 3 - assuming Mrs. H won't be leaving you a jobs list....
  4. The steam loco reserve does indeed exist - that's how we manage to get the requisite amounts of cake into the mountain.... Standing on a concrete workshop floor doesn't help - some form of insulated mat may do wonders...
  5. One trick I used when playing with Mamod jobbies many moons ago was to fill the boiler with boiling water from a kettle in order to give the poor little burner a head start... The mountain is rapidly becoming a hill, sadly. How so? Well there is the very necessary sample testing at regular (very regular) intervals in order to confirm no degradation of stocks during storage. It's a tough job but Bear feels committed to such tasks, despite the very real personal risks involved (have you seen HH on the rampage?)
  6. Beer? Looks more like very soapy pond water.....
  7. Personally I find these to be rather good, especially when sneaking into a certain secret Alpine Cake Depository undetected: https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/joe-90-tv-series-1968-9053973r (Sadly younger readers and/or those overseas who have never heard of, or seen Joe 90 will be totally mystified by all this. I'd recommended that the Government order the series to be repeated; however I suspect that any programme featuring a nine-year old boy packing a gun may now be considered to be bad form....)
  8. Sadly the evostick of the 70's was far superior to that available today by all accounts..... :(
  9. One of the Amazon reviews of the U-Pol product in the post above mentions "....the colour is very dark grey, almost black...." There is a U-Pol Acid 8 version (available in black in the USA but not in UK it seems), which appears to get much higher product ratings on Amazon than the grey "Power Can" can flavour. The grey can variety (if the dark grey/black? colour is suitable) appears to be a pretty good deal here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/UPol-PRIMER-Aerosol-Powercan-Primer/dp/B01NBN07Y9/ref=psdc_2495062031_t1_B0039EHREQ A check of the safety data sheets for the P
  10. Though just because a document etc. is "the latest issue" doesn't mean it is correct......
  11. At an educated guess I'd say it was The Anchor at Haydon Bridge
  12. One of my great regrets is not meeting Fred when we on holiday close to Hexham. The barman in the pub we used for an evening meal said "Fred Dibnah is staying here tomorrow night, apparently he's filming up at Hadrian's Wall". We went to the pub the following night, but no sign of Fred; we left earlier than we should've really. We heard the next day that he'd he'd been in the bar for quite some time, entertaining the locals. Bvgger. Whilst working in Bolton several years ago I went to see his former home from the roadside - it later opened as a museum (with ticket-only access and numbe
  13. Whatever the faults the SEF A4 may have - and I suspect many will be completely ignorant of them (I was) and would be happy to overlook most/all in any case, if they were to possess an A4 of the quality of that shown above they would be very happy indeed - I know I would.
  14. I recall a trader/manufacturer at Ally Pally a fair few years back who offered RTR 00 Live Steam Locos for sale (made to order) - these were before the time of the Hornby offering; I believe he lived in the IOM.
  15. I have the same, though mine have cork tile glued to them - dense and flat, and not slippy
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