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  1. Bear recalls Jeremy Clarkson doing a wind-up in London - he was a tour guide on top of an open deck tour bus; he told those on the tour (a group from the US) that the South Bank of the Thames was the coast of France. And yes, they swallowed it....
  2. Could our very own Big H actually be a Drug Lord's plaything? Has he been plied with cake containing "special" added ingredients perhaps? Maybe this explains Big H's preference for copper colour chimneys - foggy brain syndrome accompanied by a certain glazed look in the eyes....
  3. Bear used to stay at what we knew as the Jury's Pond Hotel in Glasgow in the mid 90's - we were working in the Shipyard at Scotstoun at the time. Well Bear is in the habit of making sure things that can be turned off at the socket are turned off at bed-e-buys time; there was a plug in a socket but I didn't really know what it did (the flex disappeared thru' the floor), but I turned it off anyway. Well I'm all snuggled up with my favourite cuddly blanket when a member of the hotel staff knocked at the door - it turns out this switch powers the TV Aerial Booster for the Hotel - and they'd been flooded with calls from guests who's telly had stopped working. Oops. Is the US expecting problems in 2024? I see The Orange One is releasing his own social media platform "that will rival Facebook and Twitter"..... And a rather nice Phantom on the deck. For Pilots who take off and land such things on a pitching, rolling deck that's so short it needs a catapult and arrester gear. In the dark, with waves breaking over the deck..... Now if that doesn't get a bite......
  4. Bang goes your Knighthood. Again. Can you get a quicker one in a Chemist? There's a good chance you won't have to pay either, I'm pretty sure you can, so long as you don't go too mad on it; they're so cheap nowadays you can afford to experiment anyway.
  5. Bear can exclusively reveal why HRH didn't pull the chain himself: (And , er, thanks to @Stubby47 for puttin' Bear right off his Sultana Bran as I casually surveyed his website...) Actually, I'm somewhat surprised it still has a seat - must've been the upgrade for the Royal Visit. And I did have to do a double-take on the poster on the door - I thought it read "Org*sming......."
  6. King Poly will have an army of flunkies to do the work for him - and the loyal subjects get to pick up the tab Fear not - my first Royal Decree will be to exclude all current TNM's from shelling out. New starters don't get that privilege however - we don't want any fare dodgers now do we.....
  7. Really sorry to hear that - special Beary thoughts Was there any warning, or was it out of the blue? Bear was hoping for pictures of the food....
  8. Jeez, the front of that thing is pig ugly. The rest ain't much better Perhaps the Royals are twitchy about a secret child appearing - imagine the fall-out if it's discovered that Prince William isn't the first-born after all.....
  9. I'd also add that some members of the model buying public don't know how to deal with kit manufacturers; I'm sure all manufacturers (and traders) have horror stories of some members of the public. Actually, that could make a very interesting thread in itself....
  10. Ah...that could have his DNA on it. All we need now is the t*rd....
  11. Is HRH too posh to pull the chain? Or has he never been taught how to? Or perhaps it's simply a security thing in case the other end of the chain happens to be connected to something it shouldn't be, in which case poor security guy cops it (see what I did there?) I can't help feeling that the taxpayer ends up paying someone to flush bogs though.... How about pickled?
  12. A buddy of mine was in the RAF; he told a story of the the Royal Flight - one of the ground crew enquired as to whether or not anyone* disappeared in the loo following a flight. Apparently there is now a No.2 in a jar in the crew room that is supposedly of Royal descent..... *A certain King in-waiting
  13. There is also a move (which has been around for some years now) that new houses have to be suitable for disabled occupants - Bear's Boss ran into that when buying a conversion (that was being converted with their input) near Aberdeen; since the kitchen wasn't disabled friendly (the existing building was split level) there had to be a second, small one that was. Options were to (a) include a lift in the lounge, (b) a long ramp in the lounge, or (c) include a kitchen unit & sink in an existing small room just off the lounge. He went for (c), unsurprisingly - with an instruction to the developer to fix it & plumb it with the bare minimum, cos' as soon as the BCO had signed the place off he'd be ripping it all out again... A similar issue arose at a new build very close to Bear Towers - there had to be a ramp (about 15ft long) up to the front door; the builder must've mixed the concrete with about 5% cement (it was crumbly even before the place was finished) in order to make it very easy to smash to bits as soon as the place was signed off. It's about time (= long overdue) that no new builds are allowed on green belt land - or land that used to be, but is strangely no longer thanks to shifty goings on. Instead it should all be on brownfield sites. And that most definitely is a rant.
  14. A naughty boy? Surely not...can't imagine that for one moment....
  15. Bear has never been near East Germany, though has down an underground tunnel and peered thru' a VERY strong door into North Korea.
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