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  1. As a non-member I just took a look to see what the GoG did offer; I was pretty surprised to see that there was no shop offering items relevant to 7mm - both the EMGS and S4Soc. have shops for members. As for discount admittance to shows, well forget that for this year....
  2. The S4Soc Website allows non-members to view the discussion forum (thus learning about P4 in the process) but not post in specific sections; however non-members can place posts in a guest section. Appears to work very well, helps people to learn and also promotes the openness of the Society. Win-win.
  3. When I got interested in model railways again, around 2000 and started going to exhibitions I came across both the EMGS and S4Soc. demonstration stands. On numerous occasions I discussed the various aspects of both gauges; I soon came to the conclusion that, whilst the EMGS felt much more approachable, I was usually left with the feeling that the S4Soc. was "elitist"; a similar feeling was often (not always) experienced when talking to exhibition layout operators. I think part of the issue may have been due to the "If it isn't P4, it's just WRONG" message. I'm a firm believer that what is right for one person may well be wrong for another, irrespective of gauge etc. I joined the EMGS. Now? I'm a member of both the EMGS and S4Societies - over the years the latter seems to have undergone a real change and is, I find much more friendly, approachable etc. and all too willing to pass on knowledge. Which do I model in? Neither - my interest lies with 00-sf, having been seduced by far too many RTR whilst still in the "planning" stage to make conversion a sensible option. There's a mountain of kits too.... Thanks for posting this Steve - sorry to hear about your Dad. If there was ever a reason not to join a Society (sorry - Guild...) then you've summed it up perfectly.
  4. Hi Tony, Do you think you could post some close-ups of the detailing that you've added to the MJT V2's please? Many thanks Brian
  5. I'd never heard of this before (though I did know about the wheel muffs) so I've learnt something new today Here's a useful link: HTH Brian
  6. There's also these, which are parallel action pliers: https://www.maunindustries.com/round-nose-plier-1/ https://www.maunindustries.com/round-nose-plier-3/ Here's a link for the type Clem mentions: https://www.cooksongold.com/Jewellery-Tools/-Range=Pliers,_Cutters_and_Shears/-Size=0/-Type=0/-Brand=Wubbers/-Font=0/&prdsearch=y&show=N Edit: There are endless options available on ebay also, e.g.: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JEWELRY-WRAP-TAP-PLIERS-RING-FORMING-BAIL-MAKING-WIRE-LOOPING-MEN-RING-SIZE/251631671105?hash=item3a966a9741:g:4xsAAOSwHnFVla-A HTH Brian
  7. That's what I like - a considerate Hippo As for getting stuffed, once was more than enough. Being rogered with a hand up yer wotsit is no fun, I can tell you. I needed stitches afterwards.....
  8. I'd suggest that designs varied depending on the railway, i.e. which of the Big Four, or which pre-grouping company.
  9. Ahh...but will it be scale rust? The only catch being that petrol goes stale....
  10. A lovely guy, and both a very skilled modeller and very knowledgeable. RIP Bob
  11. Also, with the Scalefour Society (= P4) you get access to a very knowledgeable discussion Forum (non- members get partial access, i.e. they can read most (all?) things but can only post in a "Guest" section) plus an excellent colour magazine - which I think is equal to (and often better than...) MRJ. The EMGS stores offers items that are likely to be of use to both 00 and EM modellers, such as wheels; the S4soc only offers P4 wheels, but many other items are useful to other gauges (e.g. the Lever Frame). I'm a member of both societies, but my interest lies with 00-sf; it was going to be EM but I was seduced by far too many RTR offerings to make conversion of these to EM a sensible option..... HTH
  12. I was just thinking yesterday that it's been a few days since we've heard from Jesse. One mention of the word "Pub" and Jesse breaks cover. Should've realised......
  13. And especially if you are fitting dummy plastic chairs, as these will cover much of the gap
  14. Personally, I'm always a little dubious about the longevity of plastic based trackwork - which may be a concern if you are building a "lifetime layout". The risk of the plastic going brittle with age etc etc. or due to the effect of paints, solvents, track cleaning methods over time. I'm sure there will now be a string of replies saying how their plastic trackwork layout is twenty years old etc with no ill-effects etc. But can those same people show evidence that the same plastics are being used today that were used then - or has the old stuff been outlawed by europe as harmful? Added to which people's layouts don't all experience the same environment (temperature, light etc.) or exposure to solvents. Admittedly, no doubt not an issue if you skip a layout every five years and start again....
  15. Non-members can also buy it at any of the EMGS Exhibitions (ExpoEM etc.) - I believe that non-members effectively become members for the day, as a consequence they are entitled to take advantage of the EM Stores. However, under present circumstances there could well be a bit of a delay before normal service resumes With recent offerings it seems to be increasingly difficult just to discover how to remove a bodyshell, let alone do it without damaging anything. Converting an expensive & large loco (4-6-2 for example, with outside valvegear) without junking the chassis must be a pretty fraught experience; the alternative would be to fight it out on ebay for a bodyshell. One of the big advantages of RTR must be the standard of finish now being achieved by the manufacturers, something that many mortals could only dream of achieving.
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