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  1. Hmmm...could be a plan, though only filling it perhaps 1/2 - 2/3rds to act as a heat-sink on the backhead/boiler tube joint, with de-soldering of the bush being undertaken with localised heat and the loco stood vertically upwards (and securely held). Does @Florence Locomotive Works possess a blow lamp with a very small precision flame, or will you be using a big soldering iron?
  2. Bear would repeat Hippos' suggestion to strip the boiler off the loco, thus making access a hell of a lot easier and, more importantly, enable young Douglas to wrap a damp cloth around the boiler adjacent to the soldered seam with the backhead - hopefully this should minimise any risk of this joint being at risk when you heat the bush.....
  3. Oklahoma + alcohol. Bear reckons young Douglas is taking the logical next step and using his experience with boilers and lengths of copper piping and knocking up a still.... 'Shine here we come..... A broken tap? Ah, that does make things trickier.... How deep is the tap inside the fitting? If it's not too deep then maybe using a small cutting disc in the end of a Dremel or similar to cut the fitting off very close to the backhead - hopefully the bit that remains won't have any tap in it. Then you can consider drilling it out using very small increments of dr
  4. Take a Cake offering. You'll be fine.....
  5. We need pictures. Or even better, video....
  6. Perhaps a poor, bereft Bear could help you out with such taxing task - then you'd be free to make something else.....
  7. Could get expensive...... https://auctions.dreweatts.com/auctions/7783/drewea1-10214/?utm_source=Transport14305&utm_medium=advert&utm_campaign=ModelEngineerEmail&categoryCode=MOD&orderBy=lowEstimate%2ChighEstimate%2CsequenceNumber&page=3&pageSize=60 This is rather nice....click on each photo a couple of times will show you just how nice: https://auctions.dreweatts.com/auctions/7783/drewea1-10214/lot-details/f8fa46c6-2665-4469-9f30-acd4010ade3d A lot of cake though....
  8. Could be a lot worse - could be GW blood.... Best Beary thoughts and wishes to you, Gordon - when you get around to catching up with ET. May The Force be with you.
  9. A GWR Cake Tin? No way - it'll make the contents turn rancid in seconds. Now an LNER Tin - or an LMS - or even a BR Std. - that WOULD be a fine proposition....
  10. I'm sure there must be a law against doin' things like that....
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