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  1. Presumably Dave retained some casting equipment if he's still involved with the Nu-cast revised range? Could you tell me what SEF Kit Reference that would be please, as I'm unsure?
  2. I do hope that Dave will still attend exhibitions (what are they?) in some form - he's one of the nicest guys on the circuit. I wonder if manufacturing of the SEF range is transferring also, or are Squires purely covering the marketing aspect? I must get an order in - I need a tender kit for a Mike Trice V2 bodyshell, as well as flush glaze windows for a certain Deltic......has anyone else noticed that reading Sir's Forum can have a habit of leading one astray, resulting in the spending of money? Unfortunately whilst it's possible to transfer a business, it's a lot less easy to transfe
  3. But daddy needs to run it in & safety test it first, which of course can take some time....
  4. Bears never leave crumbs....just the thought of such a thing brings me out in a cold sweat. The waste, the shame....
  5. Journalists (in the main - there are one or two good 'uns) aren't interested in truth. Their only interests are sh1t stirring, making a name for themselves, selling papers. Brexit, C-19 and Trumpie? They must be like pigs in sh1t. Not to mention demanding that a Minister resigns cos' the toilet roll has run out and there's no replacement.
  6. A true story.... Some years ago (20+) there was an article in the local paper - some guy had been caught at 3am on a nearby sheep farm with what Police described in court as a "wire noose and various surgical appliances". When asked by the judge what was the defendant doing at 3am of a sheep farm with a wire noose and various surgical appliances, the defendant replied that he had "a part share in a sheep farm in Wales and he was inspecting the sheep for foot rot"...... The judge confiscated his various gadgets and he was bound over to be a good boy. The best bit is that the bl
  7. Technically a GWR man? Just when you were doing so well..... Oh, hang on.....you're starting to see the light.....there is hope after all......
  8. A favourite of Bear; you may need to lie down afterwards..... http://calvin-and-hobbes-comic-strips.blogspot.com/2011/11/calvin-asks-dad-about-old-black-and.html
  9. Ah yes, but that's how a mere skirmish becomes an all-out war.....
  10. You've not checked the HSR lately, have you...... I did stop by, gave 'em a quick sniff and a lick but then the little good gremlin inside me decided that wiping out your entire stock just wouldn't be cricket....
  11. Thanks Gordon; my reference to B&Q was purely with respect to how many free cuts they offer now - I purchased some ply there recently for a non-visible part of my kitchen refurb. Anything that requires decent timber means a proper timber yard; I learnt long ago that a straight bit of wood (if you can find one!) in one of the sheds looks like a propeller by the time you've got it home....
  12. My local B&Q Warehouse store is currently only offering 4 cuts, with no option for more by paying. As to whether this rule will be dropped after covid is anyone's guess.
  13. That's wigglin' like a good 'un..... Only not with Bear.... As for the next bit...natural justice.....
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