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  1. yes please Mol, any information will be of help
  2. i'm still working on gathering Port Talbot steelworks photos, it's coming on but information is very thin on hot metal carriers, torpedo, slag ladles etc,. Any further information, photos, specifications, drawings that anyone is willing to share. cheers
  3. Weymouth Harbour tramway is being lifted at the moment. Most of it has gone, I think a few short lengths are being left for posterity. Paul Webb
  4. According to Ed Murrys website EM1 arrived at Llanwern 12th June 2017 for tests before it went on to Port Talbot.
  5. Does any of our readers have any photos of the Ruston Hornsby at Port Talbot please, they were numbers 601 602 and 603.
  6. Michael, any chance of a copy of the 6w GECT drawing, I understand they had a couple at Port Talbot. Cheers Paul Webb
  7. Distington also built Torpedo wagons for Scunthorpe steelworks, but they travelled between the furnaces and works over BR metals, similar is size to the Port Talbot ones, but does anyone have the dimensions to them, they were pretty huge.
  8. Alastair I have drawings of the Brush Bagnall Bo Bo and Trojan thanks, but would appreciate the B B 0-4-0 and Alco. I gave a link in my earlier messages if you want to send them privately. Many thanks Paul
  9. Mark Thanks, I am familiar with the IRS books, have got their West Glamorgan handbook with the early stuff at PT, also their updates to the book, they list numbers an identifications. I have quite a library of loco photos but little in way of dimers ions to be able to produce drawings from. Regards Paul
  10. Not actually for modelling per say, gathering an archive that may develop in a book/booklet in conjunction with the Industrial Railway Society ( they heve not been approached yet, depends on how much info I can put together). I have written on the industrial narrow gauge of Guinness, Dublin and Somerset Peat is with the publishers now.
  11. I am putting together a list of the locos that were on the internal railway at Port Talbot steelworks (BSC, SCOW, Tata etc). I have loads of photos but need dimensions to produce scale drawings of my own. Please can anyone help with dimensions, dimensioned sketches or scale drawings, I've got info on the Trojan locos. Many thanks Paul
  12. Can't seem to locate specific industrial forum, only UK prototypes
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