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  1. Gordon, as I've been co-opted (press ganged! ) into doing the electrics for Peter I shall attempt to answer your question although I have to admit I'm no electronics expert as just have a very basic understanding. The servos are Tower Pro SG90 Mini Servo obtained from Rapid Electronics. These will be controlled by MERG Four Cannel SERVO4 driver boards. To program the boards to operate the servos there are two options. The first is to use the MERG Servoset2 Servo Setting Box which has the advantage of being small so can be transported with the layout should it be required at any time to reprogram the board. The second is using a computer software program of ServoSetPlus V3 that is downloaded from the MERG site but on modern computers it will require the additional hardware of a USB to 9pin serial port plug to connect with the 9pin serial socket on the board. I've attached some images showing the driver board and setting box as they came in component form and as finished and under initial testing with one of the servos.
  2. I can't fault them for that. In fact a very good idea.
  3. Now that's an excellent idea but I think some operators might drink it all the time!
  4. Many thanks Steve. A welcome to you as well.
  5. Looks like we've both got taste!
  6. The initiation is to test how experienced the operator will be for a layout with the brewery theme. If they have little or no experience they'll be letting the beer be poured over their head, just like the apprentice in the picture, but if experienced then they'll be tilting their head back to catch the beer in their mouth so as little as possible goes to waste. This may cost Peter quite a few bottles of beer so better get some crates of bottled beer ordered!
  7. Greetings to everyone here from the county of North Yorkshire. I've subtitled this as a "fairly new member" as been registered a while but never posted anything until now. I thought I'd give people an insight into me (before the nurse comes back!). I originate from the Midlands (someone has to!) from a once busy railway and engineering town which was a main junction on the West Coast Main Line. The railway could be seen from the house bedroom window and in those days a diesel was indeed a rarity the majority being steam. At a young age I moved up to the north west where I could delight in watching the 8F's on the ICI hopper trains and also the 1930's electrics on the MSJ&A so steam electric and diesel. After a few moves now been residing in North Yorkshire for the majority of my life. Railway interests are biased towards the LMS (naturally due to my formative years) but not the LNWR for the forerunner as most would expect but the Midland Railway. I do like the BR Standards which are rather akin to the Ivatt LMS locomotives. I have equal interests in steam, diesel and electric especially the transitional period and into the eighties. I take a keen interest in all things railway related including coaching stock and signalling. Having been a Guard on a private line I looked at accidents throughout history to give a clear understanding of how the rules and regulations were formed and expanded. Modelling wise I've had every intention of building a model railway during and since my teens with several plans being drawn up with a few false starts. The problem of accommodating it drew each one to a close and this hasn't been resolved so it got put on the back burner many years ago and there it has stayed. However a friend of mine with a layout on the exhibition circuit asked me to help him out at a few exhibitions due to my knowledge of railway operation. This has expanded to being a regular assistant at the shows he attends with what is now his third award winning layout travelling to various exhibitions around the UK and Europe. I often carry out research for him to strive to get the information so that the models and operation is correct as far as it can be possible. He has now embarked on his forth layout project and asked me to help out with the electronic side of it which I'm currently doing. So there we are, an introduction to me. Oh, and you'll now realise with my liking of the LMS the significance of "black five" as an LMS locomotive which was a versatile workhorse (yes I'm biased!). Those that know me will quickly realise who I am! Black Five.
  8. Yes but then they don't have a smile on their faces! lol
  9. The figures have a wire on the bottom so a hole is drilled, the figure pushed into the hole and then superglue applied to hold it firm.
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