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  1. Gordon, as I've been co-opted (press ganged! ) into doing the electrics for Peter I shall attempt to answer your question although I have to admit I'm no electronics expert as just have a very basic understanding. The servos are Tower Pro SG90 Mini Servo obtained from Rapid Electronics. These will be controlled by MERG Four Cannel SERVO4 driver boards. To program the boards to operate the servos there are two options. The first is to use the MERG Servoset2 Servo Setting Box which has the advantage of being small so can be transported with the layout should it be required at any time to re
  2. I can't fault them for that. In fact a very good idea.
  3. Now that's an excellent idea but I think some operators might drink it all the time!
  4. Many thanks Steve. A welcome to you as well.
  5. The initiation is to test how experienced the operator will be for a layout with the brewery theme. If they have little or no experience they'll be letting the beer be poured over their head, just like the apprentice in the picture, but if experienced then they'll be tilting their head back to catch the beer in their mouth so as little as possible goes to waste. This may cost Peter quite a few bottles of beer so better get some crates of bottled beer ordered!
  6. Greetings to everyone here from the county of North Yorkshire. I've subtitled this as a "fairly new member" as been registered a while but never posted anything until now. I thought I'd give people an insight into me (before the nurse comes back!). I originate from the Midlands (someone has to!) from a once busy railway and engineering town which was a main junction on the West Coast Main Line. The railway could be seen from the house bedroom window and in those days a diesel was indeed a rarity the majority being steam. At a young age I moved up to the north west where I could delight in
  7. Yes but then they don't have a smile on their faces! lol
  8. The figures have a wire on the bottom so a hole is drilled, the figure pushed into the hole and then superglue applied to hold it firm.
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