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  1. Another update, Ross Ibbotson's book has now been published and is available now, details on my Searail web site, above. I have recently received copies of the Peter Hodge collection along with permission to use them. They include photographs of very good quality of the North Borneo Railway between 1967 and 1971 and I hope to be able to add these to my site in the not too distant future.
  2. The Taman Mini museum still exists and it has a good selection of old locomotives there. It could have had a few more if the scrap thieves had no got to them first. I actually visited the museum when some of the exhibits were arriving by rail from Manggarai in 1987. On that same trip I had also visited the other museum locations at Ambarawa and Bangil and also seen and photographed the majority of the other preserved and 'to be preserved' locomotives, all marked TMII. Photoraphs from this trip can be seen here: http://searail.malayanrailways.com/PJKA1987/PJKA1987.htm The museum at Ambarawa a
  3. There is actually a lot of interest in railways in Indonesia now but whatever existed prewar was virtually destroyed by the Japanese occupation followed by various postwar conflicts which continued well into the mid 1960s. What was left of the railway in 1945 fell into a gradual decline in spite of the arrival of a fleet of 100 2-8-2s for the main lines. All the branch lines, although on paper being part of the nationalised system, carried on much as before with what they had. They had lost their Dutch masters and had no replacements. Everything was run into the ground. Although they had sever
  4. I have heard back from Ross. He is on the final chapter now and hopes to hand over the manuscript (to the publishers) in July. The remaining process can take anything from a few weeks to a few years, depending on how much work has been done beforehand. Interesting article on why it might take so long; http://www.barbaradoyen.com/book-publishing/how-long-does-it-take-to-publish-my-book
  5. Thanks guys. 2 books available at a price http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ross-Ibbotson/e/B002U0JKT0 I have e-mailed Ross regarding the latest book and await his reply.
  6. I can provide a few updates and more information on this railway as I have been involved in Asian Railway research for many years and also visited the system. The old depot at Tanjung Aru no longer exists, having been replaced by a new facility at Kinarut last year. It has mostly been demolished already and new buildings are going up. All that remains (as of last month) is two short lengths of track containing one Vulcan locomotive 6-014, a 4-wheel coach and a wagon. The PW depot is now the steam depot where 6-015 and 6-016 reside. The latter is serviceable and in regular use but the former
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