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  1. Ullypug Toad
    AA3 Toad conversion to P4

    I was doing a demo at the recent Railwells show and was pleased that I managed to do virtually no modelling. Always the sign of a successful 'demo' weekend.
    I did get as far as dismantling an Oxford models AA3 ex GW Toad in BR livery.
    Several people pointed out the errors in the model (apart from the chassis being supplied in the wrong scale as the wheels are too close together obviously), so I didn't do much more than take it apart and compensate one axle with a low profile MJT unit. The axles are an odd length (about 27mm) so the non compensated end had 2 top hat bearings shoved into the back of the axle boxes to take up the difference (technical stuff this) and it runs ok.
    The body comes apart after a fashion and the buffers pull out (or at least they're supposed to. One end did, the other stuck fast. The end lamp irons are metal and pull out too.
    Having had a good look at things I've since set about correcting the bodywork errors namely:
    1. Plating over the ends with 5 thou.
    2. Cutting out and re-setting the non-veranda end windows one plank higher, using Evergreen strip to make the frame.
    3. Blanking over the central window to the above with 5 thou and forming individual planks from 10 x 40 thou.
    4. Swapping the sand boxes from the veranda and non-veranda ends.
    5. Removing the central chimney and replacing with brass, offset accordingly.
    6. Adding some transfers (Railtec) more suitable for Cheddar. I've absolutely no idea whether there was ever one at Westbury and I'm not bothered if there wasn't.
    7. Filling in the central cut out to the 6 wheel footboard.


    Photos show the current state of affairs, with the solvent hardening off. Still to complete are:
    8. Final detailing to non-veranda end window frame and sanding down the planking to the central window.
    9. Fit couplings
    10. Re-fit lamp irons
    11. Add rivet detail to plated ends
    12. Reassemble chassis with brake gear and fit body.
    13. Replace one pair of buffers.
    14. Paint as necessary


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