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    Excellent. Everyone very helpful, had some very thought provoking discussions on signal operating mechanisms etc. Nice to see things opening up again and Traders!.
  2. Nicely painted figures but the one looking out of the Sentinel looks a bit familiar. Oh - is it you or a lookalike?!
  3. Definitely no shortage of motive power! Very nice.
  4. ‘‘Tis looking the part now. Lovers Lane has brought it to life. Yep jab was very well organised five minutes from leaving car to getting back in, my wife couldn’t believe I’d had it! Very unusual to have something so well done. Let’s hope we can now start setting dates for an exhibition, seems such a long time now. In need of a good trade show to finish off some of these kit waiting for the odd bit before the paints applied. Nice fencing and so much of it!
  5. If might not be necessary to strip everything down, sometimes just remove or reposition.. Preheating in an oven just makes things easier. I sometimes preheat white metal kits , usually keeping them on the radiator, it just means I can use a smaller iron to get to those hard to reach areas and the solder flows better. As for SWMBO are you man or mouse? Someone told me there's two types of blokes, those under the thumb and the liars. Cheers Phil
  6. Hi First thing I would do is remove the wheels and place a 3/16 rod in each axle hole . Depending on how out of square it is , you might just be able to remove the bearings open out holes and re-assemble using your nice new jig. lf the chassis is banana shaped you may have to remove the spacers and rebuild. dis-assembly will require a lot of heat , so preheating in an oven will save distortion and the part can be removed with a poke of the soldering iron. See not for Peter, he is the bees knees at this! Good luck.
  7. I do feel for you, it's a very lonely place when things don't run the way they should. It's so easy to imagine all sorts of things. It would be so nice to have someone with knowledge looking over your shoulder and with a few words of encouragement. Still if it was easy ........ and there's a good feeling when you do crack it. Some people never have that sense of achievement. Looking forward to the next installment.
  8. I’m building a Great Northern C12 in O gauge but I am unfamiliar with the livery two tone green, so I have a couple of questions:- what lining to use ? HMRS,LNER Locomotive Lining ? Is this lining still okay for GNR? Who’s Insignia? What colour are the tank tops? I also have this bit over, Many Thanks Phil
  9. Yep I did the same, went out and bought a selection of Humbrol enamels just like I always did. Most of my painting is now precision for the railway colours and Vallejo for the rest. So far Vallejo hasn't settled, it is in a nice eye dropper bottle, I just get a tiny droplet on a palette ( bit of plastic packaging). It mixes easily with water for a wash and if it does settle in the future I will try adding a ball bearing to the bottle. The heart just sinks when finish goes tits up. Phillip
  10. As Eric said to Ern, you cannot see the join. Humbrol varnish has taken a lot of stick for a while now I think for yellowing etc. Probably since production moved to China. I've had some bad paint , no thinners in the tin just pigment, wrong colour, it's quite frustrating when you just want to finish something off. Its a shame because I would always prefer something made in the UK. Testor's is now my goto and Revell is easily available. I now have a good selection of Vallejo, its a shame Humbrol have fallen so far behind, although I am sure many will disagree. Looking very nice. ATB Phillip
  11. Thanks Ade, I think I’m just about there, just the couplings, probably tomorrow now. I would love to know how many of these existed in reality and how many Hornby Dublo and how many models of it have been made over the years. Lovely kit, nice castings, would highly recommend. It’s been an interesting experience, now I know how long each wagon takes I can try to estimate how many lifetimes I’m going to need to get all these kits I’ve stashed away over the years done during lockdown. Thanks for looking. Phil
  12. So sorry for not responding sooner. The wagon in question is a Perseverance Mica B. The instructions said that sometimes they removed the fittings and sometimes just the chain. The hooks are included but not the chain, I have 4 couplings , well that’s what they look like but not something smaller? If you follow my link below and forwards to the end you will see it almost finished, with 4 holes in the headstock. In the pictures below what appears to be the only couplings supplied. Thanks for your help. As a p.s.would it have the tie-bars between axles? Just finished it and the holes don’t show, In hindsight the safety chain brackets would hardly show. I think I have seen a photo ages ago but I didn’t find anything on Google. Thanks again. Phil.
  13. Just have to keep your nose to the ground. The same D1 came up some time ago on a well known auction web site, 4 letters beginning E ending in a y, other auctions are also available (gosh been watching to much BBC). Also O gauge guild events. Good luck Phil
  14. Marc, they do some kits in 7mm. Looking at this 4 mm build I’m rather looking forward to making a start on this one.
  15. The Buffers arrived yesterday, so I popped them on this morning. Blackened the wheels and added the brake pipes. Normally I don’t like whitemetal pipes but now I have too many wagons really, so it’s not going to get a lot of use and I’m hoping that the long coach buffers will afford some protection. ATB. Phil
  16. And so it should, it’s a marvellous piece of modelling.
  17. I’m not sure about the ties, I normally forget to add them but I think this didn’t have any? I ordered some buffers, partly because I don’t fancy drilling them out ( I know I’m a bit lazy) and partly because of the lack of space behind the headstock. Opting for self contained. Not many bits on the frets now. Little bit of weight to add, pop the two bits together and add the casting. I think I have made a few mistakes please feel free to comment. Then it’s what colour to paint it , it’s nice to have something white-ish, but brown would have been used for fruit I believe and much more likely to be seen. Hey Ho, decisions, decisions. ATB Phil
  18. Obviously a blown up 4 mm kit but still very good. Nice to get stuck into a new build. I’m sure I’m not doing it justice but I’m happy.
  19. I’m building a brown vehicle, in 7 mm. Although I’m not fitting the chains I was going to fit the hooks on the van. I’ve tried Googling but cannot see anything so would be pleased if someone could describe what they look like. Was it just an eye bolt? Many thanks Phil
  20. Must’ve been ok then, for a carrot topped kettle. You never forget the pigs but Slaters are a good make, so I wouldn’t expect anything else. You don’t see many Saints about. Perhaps they are a bit big for most people’s layouts. Thanks again Phil
  21. Hi, how was the Slaters Saint? Did it all go together without to much grief? Did all the bits fit? It's on my lockdown list. Thanks Phil
  22. When I was building the Hall l showed the kit to my daughter and her boyfriend, my wife later remarked that it would be interesting to see how the model evolved from a two dimensional etching and I should take pictures of all the bits reducing as the model progressed. So here we go. Well, everyone should have a grey Mica, from your first Hornby Dublo to a preserved railway.
  23. Thanks Ian that’s much appreciated. Turned out as a nice build and so far not too many “in hindsights”. Maybe could have used a large scale decoder as there was the space but that would have set it apart from my other Locos. The three watt audio output is okay for normal use but when I took my layout to an exhibition the sound was a bit lost in the crowd. Ade - yep, when the safety valve lifts it does make you jump. Years ago before YouTube, when people had hi-fi , one of the most important things was to get the speakers right. So as there was plenty of space I concentrated on the speakers. The decoder has a three watt output so that should drive them. 2 x 23 dia @ 4 ohms plus 2x EM2, 4 ohms series/ paralleled up, plus a tweeter in series with a 0.1 micro F capacitor. The coal in the Tender sits on some brass plates that are spaced apart so sound emanates from above and below, although it appears to be forced forward and hits the inside of the cab, producing a very nice sound. I’m just doing another 57xx , not a lot of space, so after reading your thread I’m trying out a boom box. Pickups are on the drivers, tender and the leading bogie and with stay alive capacitors I’m hoping for good things. I haven’t tried it in anger yet but it negotiates a four ft radius ok. Next is some Modelu lamps but it looks nice on the sideboard and can sit there until the end of lockdown, all nice and clean. Then it’s in for some weathering. I took a few more pictures outside today but in the bright sunlight and thanks again. Ps. Does anybody have a Collet brake van kit from Castle Models they would be willing to sell? I had a pair but they were destroyed a long time ago. Like this but a brake.
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