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  1. The first 2 pictures are of the DBMS looking towards the guards area, count the number of hanging straps. Pictures 3, 4 are of the DTS only 2 hanging straps denoting small bench seats by the doors only the door mechanisms hidden underneath . From the pictures I have of the set that used to be at ERM Coventry. also the give away for the first 2 is the single bay by the guards door, in the second pair there are 2 bays by the back door. the 5th picture is of the TS as the area beyond the last set of doors has no bays just a bench seat only fitted to the TS, also the seats are the declassified 2+1
  2. From what I could find, for sections away from the railway the construction company used 2 cranes, The first was a was a 20 ton lift capable which was block mounted and this was rebuilt when its reach was no longer capable of lifting each beam. They may have used other methods to lift sections close to Bletchley yard, but I didn't find photos of this. This picture shows where this weekends works to remove sections was carried out but from 1958. https://www.livingarchive.org.uk/content/catalogue_item/graham-smith-collection/photographs-of-bletchley-railway-station/bletchley-st
  3. The only picture I have found of the beams being lifted into place. The photo is from the RCTS collection "Concrete Viaduct Bletchley" Construction of the concrete viaduct to carry the line from Oxford and Bicester over the West Coast main line South of Bletchley Station, photo by Bob Berry.
  4. The measurements for the RH part are 178mm x 200mm. I took a cast of the plate fitted to DE165 268881 while it was at ERM Coventry and used it to make resin copies to which were fitted to the loco. The plate over all is 260mm x 345mm cg501
  5. Came across a few great pictures of the fly over being built. When I was researching for my engineering thesis for my Masters. This shows the work involved in building each span. The photo is from the RCTS collection "Concrete Viaduct Bletchley" Construction of the concrete viaduct to carry the line from Oxford and Bicester over the West Coast main line South of Bletchley Station, photo by Bob Berry.
  6. It's not so much about budget, its about the bridge, it's design and the available space around, around the Bletchley site there is room for a large crane. At Huntingdon there is no space. Also the beams involved are very different. Each span at Bletchley is made up of 18 beams each weighting 10-15 tons with a poured reinforce concrete deck. The bridge at Huntingdon has fewer spans and less beams, but those beam are more than ten times the size and weight. But what is more important is that on the A14 bridge they have fitted a safety deck, this means they can work without closing the road
  7. It's funny they can remove the old A14 road bridge over both one of the busiest roads in Huntingdon as well as the east coast main line with very limited requirements for road closures or rail service interruptions. yet they need to closed a road for 6 months to remove or repair 3 small spans.
  8. Is the Bay platform (5) at Basingstoke electrified, I used to remember that the DEMUs from Reading coming in to the bay and those lines which were not electrified. It used to be a straight though platform but was cut back so that the station had better access from the northside. Andrew
  9. Just to correct you on this information the when BR replaced the trains on the Watford to Euston line, the class 501s were delivered to use 4th rail, with both positive and negative supply shoes fitted. During the restoration survey work on 501DT (75186) it was found that she still had the cross beams and supports for the center contact shoe. Andrew
  10. Hello Jack not sure it's the right one but try Ebay item 174269302210
  11. Hello Marc A lot of the fruit traffic from Wisbech / Ramsey and other yards in the area, as well as along the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway went up to Rowntree's in York. Andrew
  12. That's much better, looking great Andrew
  13. Darius Just to note there should be hinges on the 3 doors which are housing the grills. top hinge (bottom of the hinge inline with top of the windows). Middle hinge ( just above the bottom of the windows) and bottom hinges are inline with the bottom door hinges on the other doors. I have a picture somewhere of a Motor coach outside Stonebridge Park. For more info on the units check out the book below, has a few shots of underframe detail as well Andrew
  14. Ron Fisher has some great shots of these units after withdrawal stored at Verney Junction showing the Green with Yellow fronts on this FlickR pages, used these as reference when building my own GEC Sets January, 1964. Copyright Ron Fisher. - https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=40052043%40N03&text=Verney Junction&view_all=1 Andrew Humphries Class 501 Trust
  15. Shane just to let you know, over 700 did go to the open day last Sunday which was the museums largest attendance for a single day. The Museum also has a petition against the closure of the museum and information can be found here https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/support-a-future-for-the-electric-railway-museum Andrew Humphries 501 Project and ERM site Manager
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