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  1. Good luck Dave Have had a lot of pleasure following this thread. I never planned on moving but portable boards made it easy. Echoing what Tim said, I'd be very proud of achieving modelling of this standard. Steve
  2. Very neat Duncan, thanks for posting. Some interesting pics on Flickr of its sad demise some years later ( Albeit in its final livery) after an accident near Blythe Bridge. Kind Regards Steve
  3. Would echo all of the above, good advice.... These hoods were done as one complete transfer per side. I put them together on Paint, and printed out on an inkjet. As Tony mentioned above I also adjusted RGB settings to match the blue paint I was using. As for definition, my home ink jet was at its limit with the smaller yellow text. Steve
  4. Will be watching with interest, as will many David. Westbrook and Ring Road were big influences as I got back into the hobby, and I loved watching Cross Street progress. Especially looking forward to seeing your architectural work again Kind Regards - Steve
  5. Can only agree with the comments over the previous pages David... The photos seem so well and evenly lit, the scale of the greenery and the sheer number of trees...All so life-like. All the best - Steve
  6. Thanks for the memory jog Ben... Bernard's ore tipplers also in the pipeline I believe. Kind regards - Steve
  7. Good luck Jez.. I always enjoyed the sheer scale of the buildings on Lackenthorpe. And it will always be there for others to browse and enjoy. Will of course be watching this one as well. Steve
  8. Received the KFAs this morning, just superb. Layout in storage until January prior to a house move. So I'm looking forward to getting set up again. Thank you Ben, Mike and all involved. Steve
  9. Good Afternoon... Regarding 1980s Speedlink services I would like to model a couple of the wagons that would've carried the lorry cabs, as per the picture below. Have had a look around without success, could a kind soul point me in the right direction for the rail wagons used. I model in N, and am quite happy to kit bash if not commercially available. Credited to John Dedman - Traction mag Kind Regards - Stephen
  10. Oh very nice.... I looked at the differences you mentioned on Paul Bartlett's site last night. A quick read of the NGS instructions this morning and I now understand the yellow banding variations you have there. The wear and tear on the Shark looks good, I still have that kit to build. Was then going to batch paint all the engineering stock together ( Turbots & Limpets as well ) Everything in storage presently at Warrington prior to a house move. But these pics give plenty of food for thought. The last modelling I did prior to packing was to
  11. Will watch your kit #11 build with interest Duncan. Hopefully Paul there will be some more on the horizon, this short run was briefly touched upon in the NGS newsletter this month. The next batch are apparently waiting on bogie securing pins and etches. I only bought two of the Bachmann models originally and so am looking forward to building the kits. The etches look fiddly, but plenty of completed examples on the net to look at. Kind Regards - Steve
  12. Well done with the layout article for the NGS journal Nigel. Enjoyed reading it this morning, great pictures as well. Regards - Steve
  13. Some lovely work on this section of your build Grahame. With time limited at the moment, I at least try to drop in here regularly. The castings have added a whole new feel, superb.. And a nice High Street article in the Journal this morning to match. With thanks for all the updates Steve
  14. Hi Graham, I noticed when i first set them on the track they didn't seem to roll as far you would normally expect when you pushed them off. Just had a look at one pair at random and noticed that two axles spin freely as you would expect with any model, the other two aren't as free and stop quickly... The blocks are noticeably closer middle to top on these two axles. I don't envisage a problem on the type of circuit they will eventually run on my layout, but i can fully understand why the increased drag would be giving you problems here. Only a quick look i know, the moulding is very fl
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