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  1. cannot agree to most of the comments. I consider that as one of the most elegant locomotives - a masterpiece of Carl Goelsdorf. And I paid a lot of money for my H0 copy. Here it is with it's original number, already under steam for a special train (fathers day) in 2018. Photo taken at Railway Museum Strasshof/ Austria The train went on the 10th of June from Vienna to Murzzuschlag crossing the Semmering pass (3232 feet above sea level), so the old lady had something to work on. 20180609_164828 by Gerhard Novak, on Flickr The cab is not too clean, but this machine is in mainli
  2. Great stuff, like it especially as I went to Barmouth twice for a few days of staycation.
  3. I have quite a few locos which I bought just because I wanted them - and some of them are even not running on my layout as the radius in the non scenic areas doesn't allow it. Doesn't matter, as long as I like the locos. So I display one of them in my office, and from time to time I change over to another one. Actual on display is Hornby class 66731 - of course the right choice on a day with Covid19 announcements...
  4. Train looks very nice, clean and shiny from the outside. Wonder how comfortable it is inside.
  5. For those with the smaller budget I have an alternative to the expensive German stuff. Of course you need your control panel nicely printed, but I do it on paper. Even if you go to a printer because of the format it is little money. I remember for Donnersbachkogel it was approximately 6£ per print on heavy paper. On top of the paper you go with a plastic foil (not too thin, something like 0.3 or 0.5mm). And below I go with 2 or 3mm model aeroplane ply. (why model aeroplane ply? It has 5 layers even it is 2mm thick and is much finer and much stronger than normal stuff) Those 3 layers
  6. Small upgrade on my NHS loco. TTS sound, stay alive and lights. I didn't purchase a light kit, they are homebrew using plastic optical fibres. Problem with the lights is that first you have to make lenses for all of them, and then there is no space - means the actual LED or optical fibre is in the frame. The disadvantage is that the rather strong day headlights shine over into the red lenses of the rear lights. Well, I am still happy with the result. And of course, I added two drivers. driverless locos may happen in the future, now they are only in the shunting yards of some countries.
  7. I feel like the model railway Sisyphus. 300 passengers waiting to be dressed properly...


    1. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Why do they remind me of an enormous boulder, waiting to be rolled up a mountain?

    2. truffy


      When I first saw that I thought you’d dropped something on the carpet. 

    3. Vecchio


      yes - little men and women... Not as good as Preiser or Noch but good enough to go into a choach. And of course a fraction of their price.

  8. I run two layouts with z21 and Z21 and can say there is no need for a booster with the size as described by you. regards Vecchio
  9. If you are good with traction engines we are waiting for an Aveling and Porter....
  10. Lets have a look abroad. San Giorgo - St. Georg, border layout - Austria-Italy 2006-2007 Italian multisystem locomotive on the Italian side
  11. I use the zimo 600 for almost everything which is not sound and I am rather happy with that. I have changed all my MX600 to stay alive (I am lazy at cleaning my track... ).
  12. Tried a reset? (CV8=8) may help in some cases. Anyway - after that the address is back to 3!!
  13. I see also another point. Code 100 is much more robust than code 75. I have never seen that at code 100. Photo made during building of Donnersbachkogel, the disturbing rod like thing in the picture is the tunnel overhead line. Donnerbachkogel uses code 75. 20180716_205449 Fact is that some of my very old H0 stock has trouble with the rail height of code 75, If I build another layout I will either go back to code 100 or try out code 83. I used code 100 on my last larger layout, if it is proper ballasted it doesn't look bad at all.
  14. I use a cheap Huawei 10" MediaPad which I have purchased only for the Z21 control. Display is big enough for an old guy. It works perfect and is so far very good with the battery power. Does almost a 12 hour day (wireless controllers are not wireless any more if they constantly hang on a usb power connection....). Anyway. as a show backup I have a 2m USB cable...
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