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  1. I am sure it will. My problem was that my lathe is almost 40 years old and accessories are rare... (company left the market years ago)
  2. Exactly. To overcome this I took off 2mm of the collett holder, there was no problem with mechanical strength as there is still enough material left. It may be different on your lathe, a collet holder spindle is available on the internet for less than 10£ - so probably woth a try. The only problem was that the flattened area used for the spanner gets less wide. Not a problem as I applied a few 6mm holes to take a hardened 6mm bar as a "spanner".
  3. Absolute lovely loco - body was a good find, and the chassis is excellent as expected... Really like it.
  4. It will, but in some cases the distance between MT2 cone and collet chuck is too short. I had to take off 2mm from the collect chuck to make it work. Also consider a draw bar to be sure the MK2 spindle doesn't get lose.See below draw bar and spindle adaptor. I use SX25 collets as they are the same as for my vertical unit. Lathe = Emco compact 5
  5. A workshop needs a proper drill, and of course a workbench. First a drill. Brass it is and on we go. 20210121_115931 And now the table. Was a bit of headscratching for the vice, but in the end I am happy. 20210124_164926 Now in colour. 20210124_174044 And in the shed we go. Added also some firewood, some of my oildrums, and of course a couple of fire extinguishers One time without flash 20210130_140314 And one time with. 20210130_140342 And now with the doors on. Austrian sheds all carry a railway sign - pr
  6. They are all from Wuhan and had it already a year ago....
  7. Wow, so many poeple sleeping in one coach - reminds me at my army service time.... Hopefully thye smell is better in the coach. So you need 66 little fellows and some kind of blankets. Looking forward how it comes out. I remember going from Milan to Vienna in a nighttrain in a 4-bed compartment (Cheap). It was a nightmare. Didn't close an eye. Nowadays (before the pandemic) easy jet is cheaper and of course quicker... I will watch this space.
  8. I use unpainted, sitting H0 people produced in China - very cheap from E-Bay. They come in bags of hundred, they are not as detailed as Preiser, Noch etc. but a lot cheaper - and what is important: slightly smaller. But correct, even whith these it is difficult to use all places in a coach. The Austrian Transalpine train may be an exception - they had traditional only 3 passengers next to each other in a compartment coach or 2 plus one in a standard coach. And coming back to Paul's China - was on a bus with my ex-wife some 25 years ago on the island of Lantau - where a European bu
  9. Paul, I am a fan of drivers in locomotives and passengers in coaches. And I do this since a long time. Just some examples: Found a cheap narrow gauge coach, didn't even have seats... and here we go. I use a battery system with latched reed switch on these coaches. Works a treat, batteries are accessible without opening the coach. 20201006_184313 20201006_195203 20201009_174226 20201009_183510 20201009_180647 Or another example - I recently found a 10 year old but never used push-pull train at Hattons. This Roco Transalpine is prepeared for coach l
  10. Thanks Stuart - may be when I do the next batch... They will be in the middle of the layout - so not many people will notice (if there ever will be a show....)
  11. Working on my scratchbuilt loco shed (see Donnersbachkogel) I thought I need some stuff to go inside or around the shed. And - a steamloco needs lubricants. Lots of it. So they will not buy it in litre bottles like the life steam enthusiast, but rather in standard 45 gallon barrels. Had some scale barrels in the past which were moulded plastic, but I run out of them. Shops are closed, I have some time and a metal workshop, so on we go. Some 8mm aluminium bar (if you own a lathe you always have some metal stock), a drawing from the intenet, recalculated to scale and on we go. 20210116
  12. After this little side step into old machinery and safety back to the shed. I tried to give the shed some kind of treated wood look, looks better with the naked eye and worse on a photo. 20210113_162150 20210113_162209 Now you can see the shed doors which were a convinient find in my bits box. 20210113_162325 The floor got some boards in it, probably not dirty/oily enough where the track is. 20210114_133727 Addition of some lights, I use these strips for my coaches, here I removed every second LED. Doesn't need to be too bright. And of cour
  13. The tool I used was a tungsten carbide thread cutting tool which has a 60 degree angle. So it is a common, commercial available tool. But I do grind my own tools. Exception: Tungsten carbide inserts. If you own (and use) a lathe you will always have the problem to keep your tools sharp. So I have this machine since 43 years... When I tried to remember when I got this machine it gives me an idea about my age. This machine has moved house 10 times and worked in 3 different countries. 20210115_084816 Its an Einhell double wheel grinder, 350W. It works like on its fist d
  14. So what happens to Donnersbachkogel? Well not much, of course no other show, meanwhile the shows I wanted to display the layout have also canceled their 2021 events. Well, we can't blame them, even if everything should turn to the bright side I am not shure how many people would come, as in some families the priorities have been shifted... OK, lets be less gloomy. Last February, during the show I thought my H0e steam loco needs a shed. Also, I saw that sometimes it makes sense to see also the other side of the layout, without standing up and leaning forward. (A tall background
  15. Yes, Roco. Well I had a border layout - Austria - Italy, so I have some Italian rolling stock and of course some multi-system locomotives like the ES 64U2 Hupac (rolling road, Piko) or the Swiss Re474 (Piko) in cargo livery. On that one I motorised 2 Pantographs, so it can realisticly go over the border. Just a stop, panto down, other one up, on we go. And of course the normal locos need to be changed at the border. Lots of fun, very large layout (7 modules), 3 times at an exhibition. I saw the Hupac and cargo locos almost every week as I worked in Milan and used the train to go to work. The l
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