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  1. What is that? Landwasser viaduct?
  2. Having worked a bit also with railway contractors I have to say - this is like in the real life. Very realistic...
  3. Craig, mix the trees. I have always a nice one in front and some cheaper or home made ones behind. I normally use spruce or fir trees from Noch in a 50 piece packet. I make them less regular by snipping the odd branches away with plyers and use also some deciduous trees of different leaf colour. Otherwise the hobby would be too expensive....
  4. Had a good time on Sunday. Was not too crowded and still some good stuff at the second hand shops (unfortunately ). And yes, also I use a rucksack, living almost two hours away from the show you need something for storage of jackets and to return goodies...
  5. ESU is a good system. Played with it. But: A z21 (plus wireless modem) is much cheaper - and you are not restricted to 2 locos at a time. Have a tablet - gives you 2 locos to view at the same time, have your phone - gives you another one, have a multimouse, and you have another one. I love it if more people are around. If several people control the same loco - useful if you have a long layout - you see fully synchronised that the throttle is moved or any function key pressed on all devices having called this particular loco. So for those who need a turning knob: Fleischmann or Roco (they are equal but the colour of the case is different...) multimouse or wireless mouse. For those who want graphic symbols and no number learning by heart: a tablet (doesn't matter if it is apple or android) or a smart phone. By the way even an I-pod touch can do it. Doesn't need to be a phone. So for me z21 and Z21 are the winners. The z21 (white) will cover 95% of all user needs and is affordable. Vecchio, owner of a black and a white one...
  6. Sniffer port: to connect other DCC controllers to the Z21 "On the Sniff-BUS, "decommissioned" DCC control centres can be connected to a output voltage from 16V. This means that this control centre can be used as an additional speed regulator. However, the transmission direction in this case is only ever from the third party control centre to the Z21®. The loco can still be transmitted to another control device on the Z21® at any time, though. For correct synchronisation, please observe the following switch-on sequence: first the Z21®, then the third party control centre. Normally the Z21® will nevertheless start up much quicker than older control centres, however."
  7. " I tend not to use LokSound F12=Uncouple functions which triggers the kadee shuffle as its rather exaggerated and manual control allows me to back the loco just a mm enough to release the coupling enough for uncoupling or even delayed uncoupling without the backward forward shuffle or the need to move the wagon backwards" This is decoder related and not a Z21 problem. If you use a Zimo - Please have a look at CV 116 - where you can set the length of time the loco has to run back during the coupling movement. (Zimo manual small decoders -3.24 Configuration of Electric Uncouplers). Vecchio
  8. What is the problem? This piece of clutter reads and programs all basic decoder parameters (CV1 to CV6) in one shot if you want. If you don't want photos of your engines - fine - give it a number. Easy to program, easy to handle. No need for complicated re-mapping of function keys. No need to learn 28 function - F key relations by heart. Walk around your layout - no cables, no need to point to any receiver. I love it. Vecchio
  9. I am surprised anybody could prefer the NCE against a z or Z21. You need to know which functions are on which key and have to map f keys if you want it on the same key on all engines and decoders used. On the z21 or its black sister you have everything on graphic symbols. You can move everything around as you want. Dead easy to use. Really easy to copy to club colleagues. We have both NCE an z21 in the club. I would never dream of going back to an NCE. Ok everybody to its own. For me it is a z21. Vecchio
  10. I use stay alive wherever I found the space for it. Even in H0e (similar 009). I use it also with cheap decoders as the MX600 which requires a connection on the PCB. No experience with supercaps. I find it easier using a few smaller electrolytic capacitors instead. My first work done on a MX63 was for several years on the zimo webpage. May be I find a link to it somewhere. Found it. It is still available on Arnolds web who by the way is my source for Zimo decoders. I made this during my Italian time - and - coincidence - I am in Milan today and can see the alps in the background when I look out of my hotel window... So for me stay alive is a yes wherever possible. Vecchio, another Zimo fan
  11. Two hours for what fits easily into a Zimo decoder box... Wild lupin (Busch) production... 20190312_213314 (2) by Gerhard Novak, on Flickr
  12. In my opinion the position of the NEM pockets on your 170 are not in the position the standard asks for... Any way to move them forward? There is a nice article from buffers which says it in the first 2 paragraphs...
  13. If you want to run in a new loco - why not going to the local club? most of them have a test loop for various scales and probably even more than one for 16.5mm. This also allows you to show off with your new loco in front of your club mates....
  14. They could also put more effort into spreading the ballast on the line...
  15. You know that there is a free class 66 sound project on the Zimo homepage? This is one of the few free UK sound files - as the 66 is also in use on the continent and there is an H0 version. I can well be that somebody (who has either a Z21 (black) or an MXDECUP or an MXULF) has loaded the sound file to the decoder himself. I own an MXDECUP and for most of my locos I buy an empty MX645 for 85Euros and download the sound file from their sound database (I model continental so there is more chance to find a free one) and load it on the decoder. Look under mulitinational in line 6. And: if it is a YouChoose I wouldn't reblow it but buy a second hand 66 without sound.... The youchoose sound is normally brilliant. Vecchio
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