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  1. I chipped it myself so the decoder could be used for something more useful...
  2. I can only agree to Atom3624. Also I couldn't remove the body without damage of one of the ladders. Especially when you do it for the first time - the body sticks to the chassis a little bit which doesn't improve the situation. I will have to open mine again - either to take the sound decoder and speaker out and put the model on display above my desk or to send it back for good.
  3. Glasgow is a bit far and I have seen your (or Al's) brilliant layout 3 times. Wish you all the best for the show! Vecchio
  4. For me somewhere between 1 and 2. Having been several times in China I have seen the hazy winter sun - or rather not seen it, because of the pollution. So you get some grey-yellowish sky, and when the sun is low you might not see it but just the bright yellow sky. This was at Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and Baojing between 2000 and 2010. Was in Beijing last autumn, it has improved a lot. Sky was blue (probably because of windy weather) and the visibility was good. An example of the hazy sky - crossing the Jang tse in November 2003
  5. Well the text was stuck to the layout as well - about 5% of the visitors did read it - and therefore actually understand what I want to display... Anyway - children loved it, as there was constantly something happening, either the H0 passing through the station or the visitors train running through the mine or the narrow gauge going up and down the mountain. And this is what counts to me. Photos I am afraid we will not see many. Lots of people took photos, but they are not online. There is now also a video about the MK show on U-tube, showing even Thomas the tank engine, but guess, they didn't bother putting something continental on it.... It is what it is, I am still happy it worked, and I could run my H0e loco around the train in both stations without the hand of god. But this is something most of the people don't see. One was even asking me how quick I did the uncoupling as he didn't notice me doing it... Next time I put the layout together I will do a proper photo session (have to find my Nikon charger first....).
  6. Photos - well I was still to busy to take any, but - yesterday morning a club colleague made one... As so many people said this is Swiss or German I put the Austrian coats of arms into the middle of the layout and grabbed my Lederhosen out of the wardrobe... received_202187720900996 All in all it was a great weekend, I noticed some areas of improvement and for the moment my layout is stored in the shed. Don't want to see it for a few weeks....
  7. The gremlins - probably a cowboy trader blowing the fuse with a welder doing a repair job outside the building... Problem was that nobody found the key for the electric cabinet to get the switch back up.... So we had a static show for a while, kids had to find 2 wild boar, 3 red deer, a snake, a bird of prey and a mushroom collector on the layout....
  8. Paul, was too busy running the thing - didn't find time to take any pictures... Will try better tomorrow... Layout cannot be that bad - Got 2 invitations already Gerhard
  9. All set up. Some hiccup with the point control, but we will manage with the mimic panel alone. 20200214_202839
  10. Just to remind the readers: This weekend: 2020 Milton Keynes Model Railway Exhibition SATURDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2020, 10.00am – 5.00pm SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2020, 10.00am – 4.30pm Stantonbury Leisure Centre Stantonbury Milton Keynes MK14 6BN I am ready to go..... 20200213_211026
  11. Well that's affordable. Many thanks! Vecchio
  12. something I need to copy. Could you please be so kind and tell me what equipment you are using? Also as a PM if you don't want to make advertisements... Thanks Vecchio
  13. It probably would, if you would have the full documentation....
  14. As a 21 pin MTC plug is used there shouldn't be any wire necessary. The only wire I had to add on was the speaker - but there were 2 soldering pads on Hattons PCB - so no soldering to the chip or socket.
  15. What are you using the cameras for? To see the train positions while you sit at the fiddle yard? If yes a very good idea - something I need to copy as my backscene is rather high - so I need to stand up to see what's happening on the scenic part... Will not be finished for MKMRS show (Saturday...) - but may be later.
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