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  1. Time will tell us if and where little problems are, I am sure I will read it in this forum in a short time.... But first let's wait until our models have arrived and let's enjoy them! Vecchio
  2. I do not agree to this. Normally the motors used in a modern model locomotive are quite strong and the friction in bearings and gears is low - if the weight of a loco (which cannot go through the roof, there is a certain volume, even if we fill everything with di-cast alloy) will limit the haulage capacity then there is a problem with the motor power or friction in bearings and gears. Vecchio
  3. Have to say I did like both reviews, who knows me will think I am normally dealing with continental rolling stock, but I have a small collection of British 00 - and a large logo GBRf class 66 will be added to this collection... (is on order since they announced it). Why this version of the loco? - Well I was several times for work reasons at the Plumstead rail head of Crossrail (and in the tunnel) where large logo GBRf locos hauled the concrete trains in double traction. .
  4. Of course you can. go for instance on the youchoos website, and look at the select decoder menue, the last 2 lines are the sound file alone, without a decoder. Regards Vecchio
  5. You can use a project only once - except it is a free one (which are almost not existing in the UK) Of course you need to own a device to upload the project into your chip, as for instance MXULFA (if we speak Zimo)
  6. Back after my expensive trip - I have of course to work, but as I am a part time man now I can snip off one or the other hour to proceed on my layout. As it is quite cold in my shed (yes, I have a gas heater, but I do not like it as it produces a lot of humidity in the shed which is not good for the layout and the tools in there) I decided to do some rolling stock work. And this I can do in my office. One of the locomotives mentioned earlier, type 1042, will pull some regional passenger train on the layout. The loco is quite new, from Roco with factory fitted sound. Normally I do not like to fiddle with those, as the price is rather on the high side. First problem was that the speaker was inside the loco, no aperture to get anything out, or in other words quite silent. As the Loco has kind of skirts between the boogies, hiding the battery and some other auxiliary equipment on the real loco, I decided using this area for the speaker. See here the loco from the side, the speaker is already in and practical invisible. 20191204_122122 And this is the view from below 20191204_120704 Now you can see where the speaker is located. Of course this gave a massive improvement in volume. The position where the speaker was located before allowed me now to add a decent stay alive, 2400uF. Having all apart I also added 2 electromagnetic couplings (Krois). All this required a bit of wiring and soldering on the decoder, but as it is a wire type this is no problem and could be done without optivisor. See here the loco with all equipment inside. 20191204_115624 I am quite happy with the modifications.
  7. Good to know about your troubles. I still have 2 Lenz handheld devices and also a rather new Fleischmann Lokmaus. Friend of mine ( and operator on the layout) has a Roco lokmaus too so we are all prepared for worst case. Points control is not affected as I have a mimic board parallel to the wireless devices. Will have to add some sockets for all those wired controllers and I hope to see the umbrella effect... ( when you are prepared it doesn't happen).
  8. well - it happened. Of course I had to look at my standard sources for used stuff in Vienna, one of them is Modellbahntraum (model railway dream), not very large but stocked with the right stuff and run by very competent Heidemarie. I looked at 3 different Roco 1020 (Arlberg locomotive), running all 3 several times, to see which one is best) as I spotted the brand new Roco 2095 (narrow gauge diesel, built at the beginn of the 60th). I checked (bad boy) quickly on the internet - and her price was equal to Lippe or other big players on the continent. Unfortunately the display loco didn't run very smooth, the second one she had on display wasn't my choice of colour (wrong epoch). Heidemarie was looking into her stock and came out with another one, ivory and blood orange with brown roof as I like it, but this was sound fitted... Well I had a test run, it ran sweet and as slow you want it to go (no wonder, I opened it later, it has a factory fitted stay alive capacitor) and somehow I thought I need a backup for my steam engine which runs passengers up to the mine at Donnersbachkogel. You should never go to a show without a backup loco... so I decided not to take the used 1020 but to go for the brand new 2095.... The lady made me a price lower than the internet, so I couldn't resist.. I had a look at the decoder, there is a ZIMO MX645 plux22 built in. Even the speaker is small the sound is good. There are 20 functions programmed, and of course I have already entered them into my Z21 app on the smartphone... So in the end my trip to the shop was more expensive than planned.... 20191126_140322(0)
  9. The closer to the MK show - the less time I have to work on the layout. First I had to go a full week to Milan for business reasons, and after that to Vienna for family reasons. I even had to extend my stay, missing Warley. And yes, I had a ticket, and yes, I had prepaid parking.... So sitting here, working from my laptop and looking after my mum who developed a heart problem I thought I have to compensate somehow. So far I visited 2 model shops and AMW, the Zimo-outlet (Arnold's Model Web, Ing. Arnold Huebsch is closely working together with ZIMO, he is partially behind the decoder instructions and has also developed several adapter boards) So I treated myself with a handful of decoders, 20191125_210351 a Krois laser cut telephone box (including internal light) 20191125_211603 And I found a second hand bargain, a Piko Siemens ES64 U2 (similar machine to the Austrian Taurus), for 54€. Absolutely new, this machine didn't run more then 5 minutes by the looks of it (looked also inside of course) Well, I have 6 Taurus so far, but you can never have enough... 20191125_132213 I buy the decoders without sound file, a lot of the Austrian loco sounds can be downloaded for free. By the way, there is also a class 66 sound file for free download in the ZIMO database (this was for the H0 version of the class 66, running in several European countries). There is a new 1016 / 1116 (Taurus) sound project which I used for my last bargain purchase (The white and blue one further up this thread) and I will use the same sound project for this new engine. Doing so the decoders are affordable at 85€ (Well you need an updating device which has the price of more than 2 sound decoders... but I have an MXULFA - so I have to use it for quick amortisation) I am planning to do exactly the same as with the last one, means servo for one of the pantographs, 2 electromagnetic couplings system Krois, stay alive. I am still 2 days in Vienna, will see what else I can find.
  10. just was at the Hatton's page for another pre-order when I noticed that since pre-ordering the class 66 almost all details changed - well my name is the same , but new phone number because of new job and credit card changed for some fraud reasons.... quickly updated everything, otherwise no loco will be at my doorstep so guys - it is quite some time since Hatton's announced the 66 - have you updated your details??
  11. Well - there are solutions - first one is called spectacles, a bit old fashioned but working. Second, more sophisticated but once set up very easy - use a modern system like Zimo z21, then you can have a picture for every loco on your controller. May help, but not always, especially if you are a fan of a certain type and you have 20 class 37 all in BR blue.... then you need to go to back to solution one.. Photos: I had a quick scroll through, and yes, it seems you need a flash or a stronger flash so the exposure times could be reduced. As I couldn't come I am happy if somebody makes himself the work to put 400 photos online.... Vecchio
  12. Small change. Mum in hospital, me in Vienna. Have a good show... Gerhard aka Vecchio
  13. I think the weathering you did on that grey container is top. Looks absolutely like the real thing. Vecchio
  14. Well I found a sponsor for the tickets - so I pay for the parking only and that makes it affordable. Unfortunately the train frequency on Sunday together with possible industrial actions doesn't allow the use of the train. Hope all is up and running well. See you on Sunday Paul!
  15. MX600 is a brilliant decoder and with a bit of soldering it allows also a stay alive function. I have currently 20 in use. They allow to change the control characteristics so they can be adapted for practically every motor. There are some examples for standard motors in the manual. You can make your own experiments to improve whatever you have.
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