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  1. My local area is run almost entirely on 377s and 313s (for that reason they're the only 'modern' 3 digit things I'm familiar with) :p
  2. I like to refer to them as Hornby Stroudley Generics :p
  3. I mean, Giraffes are a minefield of 'liveries' and 'toolings' as it is, 4 different main species and sub species within those species :p
  4. As illogical as releasing a coach pack with a Terrier in GWR livery or a Maunsell dining saloon that is several years too early for any of the Hornby restaurant firsts to run with it... Hornby love retooling things lately so perhaps actual Stroudleys are still on the cards
  5. Remember Hatton's originally didn't announe any in LBSCR livery , they changed their mind after a lot of demand, some of us (me) at the time suggested perhaps another company was working on actual LBSCR prototypes (Tbh I suspected Rails of Sheffield), perhaps they knew Hornby were working on Stroudleys, perhaps it's all just coincidence, but for better or worse it just is what it is now
  6. I finally got around to ordering one today =)
  7. Found this photo while searching for something else, thought it would be of interest =]
  8. It's actually so frustrating how close to a prototype these are. Damn it Hornby! So near yet so far
  9. I was really hoping for some ambulance liveried carriages when the RTR market had a bit of WW2 fever a year or so ago with warwells etc
  10. One Southern Hornby 4 wheeled brake One Southern Hatton's 6 wheeled Tool van Both for department use That's about all that will be useful to me I think ? Being in Southern livery they could have come from any former pre grouping company that got absorbed by the Southern. Maybe a couple of Southern Hatton's brakes for the crew on military tank trains in due course unless an actual prototype appears on the RTR market.
  11. Perhaps I should have made my original comment clearer, in hoping for more loose stock I did mean all SR stock not just Maunsells But back to diners!
  12. Some examples where there appear to be extra carriages as strengtheners in front of sets... Unless they are the open and corridor thirds you mention https://mikemorant.smugmug.com/Trains-Railways-British-Isles/SR-and-BRS/LBSCR-tender-locomotives/LBSCR-H2/i-HhcRfsB https://mikemorant.smugmug.com/Trains-Railways-British-Isles/SR-and-BRS/LSWR-tender-engines/i-vxnMVXn https://mikemorant.smugmug.com/Trains-Railways-British-Isles/SR-and-BRS/LBSCR-tank-engines/i-bLspFzd https://mikemorant.smugmug.com/Trains-Railways-British-Isles/SR-and-B
  13. Not sure if this one is heading to Cardiff but the caption suggests it is all GWR stock No idea of any of it is available RTR, the loco certainly isn't... Yet. Edit: ex LSWR 3 sets seem to be extremely frequent on Brighton - Portsmouth services, hoping they might appear one day
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