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  1. If anyone is stuck for space to run these, you just need a horse box for a station scene :p
  2. I *think* it is around 1937, there is. a similar photo of the same service with an assortment of Southern stock, I'd personally love a range of assorted SR stock RTR that wasn't part of a set, just odds and sods to make up these commuter services. I see ex LSWR 3 sets a lot on this route but not the ones Hornby have done (although I use them as stand ins for now) Edit: want to recreate this There's such a variety of passenger services around Barnham it's a fantastic place to model
  3. Oh gawd don't! I've already seen photos of a Brighton - Cardiff services going through where my layout is set with something like an LBSCR C2x with a rake of assorted GWR stock Edit:
  4. Absolutely! Had rails chosen an Axxx number for their Maunsell Green version, a decision to order just one would have been easier!
  5. Well, after a discussion with the boyfriend, who is supposed to talk me out of these things, an order for 1734 and 1730 has been placed. No regrets.
  6. Was just having a chat to someone about how long these early built steam engines lasted. The Bluebell Railway's Fenchurch is 147 years old next month. 147 years. And although currently awaiting overhaul I believe? It is still effectively earning a living. 147 years later. Isn't that incredible? Engineering at its finest.
  7. Even if they could guesstimate the lowest they'd be, which I reckon would be around the £180 mark. Which already makes me wonder if I can afford two, although , I'm probably going to end up doing it anyway haha. Not that I suspect there is any rush to pre order the Southern variants? To be clear I'm not one of *those* people that tend to populate every Facebook post whinging about how expensive accurate models are, it's worth every penny, just curious as to HOW expensive this one is going to be and to plan finances accordingly....
  8. Looking like it's going to be a stunning model! Are Rails able to give any sort of price estimate? Debating ordering two but as there is the deposit to pay I don't want to risk losing a deposit if I decide I can't afford two... "less than £200" could still very well be £199.99...
  9. My wish for a SECR D Class came true about 24 hours after voting! Powerful stuff this poll!
  10. Sooooo when can we expect the Rails / Dapol 00 LBSCR and / or SECR 3D printed carriages?
  11. I'll have my E4 and D, what I then just need is some old bogie stock to recreate this Lancing Belle shot! Edit : Also some inspiration for anyone buying the WWI Grey version
  12. I see they are doing 1734 in wartime black, what are the chances that's the exact the number I chose for this kit built one I bought off a Twitter Follower.... Strange world. I chose that number because I saw a photo the real 734 coming through Hove (my local station).
  13. So excited by this! Heard several rumours for ages that Hornby and /or Bachmann were working on it or thinking about it or cancelled it or whatever, but well done Rails I continue to be impressed and excited by your announcements. It'll be the wartime black for me as usual, although I am tempted by the SR Green one too as it is with later 1xxx number as opposed to early Axxx... Exciting times for modellers of South East / Central section steam. If anyone is going to give us accurate rolling stock of lbscr and / or SECR origins, it's probably going to be Rails of Sheffield.
  14. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Edit: oooo the SR Green one has a late 1xxx number, might have to get that as well as the wartime black, possibly, maybe....
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