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  1. It will come as a surprise to no one that my request has gone in for SR black :p but I will likely take a second in SR lined if both are made =) I hope it goes ahead!
  2. My guess is Rapido might take it on solo, fantastic to hear it isn't dead in the water =)
  3. Yep these prices seem to be the new normal now, is what it is. I'd feel more inclined to do kits if they were a bit more like airfix kits, with clear building and painting instructions and transfers included. A couple of wagon kits I've tried have had dreadful instructions and not gone together particularly well and just not been remotely enjoyable for me.
  4. I'd heard through the grape vine a CAD was being put together and then I heard recently it's been put on hold indefinitely which is a great shame if true.
  5. I've found it really odd that Rails have been completely silent about them since they were waiting to clear customs, I guess they're probably very busy but if it weren't for places like this forum you'd never know they'd arrived, I thought they'd be shouting about them all over their social media
  6. I think what Dapol managed to do was put sunshine numbers on the olive tender. The 3 and 7 font style are the same albeit a bit stretched on the tender and without the shading.
  7. Was looking at my bank account because it's bill day and another payment has gone to rails so I guess the Southern sunshine one is coming! This one has no lining to mess up at least just potentially over sized letters and numbers but we'll see!
  8. Was just testing it on my 9 carriage fictitious prestigious Brighton - Bournemouth express (usually hauled with ease by my H2) but it's far too light, can hear the engine making that grinding struggling sound and the bogies are lifting clean off the track with that many carriages, pity. Think I'll stick to the birdcage trio Edit: overall feeling a little underwhelmed and disappointed, perhaps my expectations were too high, but I'm definitely thinking I no longer want both of them, I think perhaps I might just keep the Sunshine one when it arrives and return the Olive. A malachite H2 is looking real tasty.
  9. I was trying to create some 1930s Southern realism with my new D Class but it looks more like a photo from a 1950s model railway mag... :')
  10. Finally got to test it today, not too bad but it don't half stop violently when it hits a loose connection! Have also managed to lose a buffer while it's been running and said buffer seems to have vanished into another dimension... I wonder if Rails have any spare parts...? Also been comparing it against other interpretations of Southern livery Here are both Rails / Dapol's Southern liveries (was the difference in shade really ever that dramatic between railway paint shops?) Hornby's H Bachmann's E4
  11. I find it curious that the same commissioner and manufacturer have managed to produce two SR locos in completely different shades of green, I know prototypes were allegedly slightly different but the Rails Terrier and D Class are two very different colours.
  12. Yes, no disrespect to the loco crews at the time, but I personally think it looks better with the painted lining than scraped brass, and in 00 it looks a little silly!
  13. We all know black and white photos are tricky when it comes to lining but it definitely looks like the black is missing from down the front edge of the cab too.
  14. Cab and tender detail is pretty awesome to be fair! I've put it in direct sunlight to catch the detail which has made the interior a rather intense bright mustard. When loco and tender are assembled there's rather more shadow cast over it.
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