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  1. My latest project thanks to Simon! The Scottish Malt Distillers polybulk wagon, the PAV's in the last pic are also from Simon. My only grumble with myself is that when I built the PAV's and CO2 tanks I ordered Slaters wheels, the bearings are too big for the axleboxes so I had to drill them out, on ordering this one I mentioned wheels to Simon and he recommended Peartree wheels, on arriving I found the bearings were a perfect fit in the bogies. Craig
  2. Glad I found this post, I'm starting an O gauge Slaters LMS van based on the Comrie colliery one posted on here a long time ago, the real one now resides at Bo'ness. Craig
  3. It's that time of year again! My O gauge layout "Glasshouse Loan" will be representing Bonnybridge Model Railway Club, now that my official duties as showguide editor are nearly done I'm cracking on with more rolling stock kits for the layout! Hopefully we'll see you there.
  4. Thanks Simon, The banding was made with Salters 0.030" x 0.030" microstrip, attached to the barrel before painting. Thanks for your help with the wagons, really pleased with how these have came out.
  5. No problem, thanks for helping anyway, I've now got the remaining transfers on and started on weathering them. Cheers Craig
  6. Thanks Mark, I now have the transfers I need to finish the wagons off, I'll have a look at getting a list from Appleby though.
  7. My progress so far, the orange lines have been masked and brush painted, they'll be faded and weathered anyway, the transfers on the model so far have been scavenged from other packs that I had spare, really pleased with how these are turning out.
  8. I've been following this thread for a while now and decided to take the plunge with a couple of the CO2 TTA tanks for my O gauge layout. The parcel arrived from Shapeways yesterday, really pleased with the parts I got, did a quick test assembly last night, I'm using sprung buffers and couplings bought through Invertrain and Slaters wheels, I picked up a short length of pipe for the tank barrels from ebay. Really pleased with how its went together, now to build them properly! Cheers Craig
  9. Hi all, Picked up an Ixion O gauge Folwer loco. Looking at sound for it and see quite a few posts on it here using the zimo mx645 decoder, my problem is that I don't see anywhere that supplies the decoder with the Fowler sound project. Does anyone know of anywhere that supplies it now?
  10. Great video, hate hearing the sound of my own voice! Not the most confident on the microphone either, its came out well though!
  11. Looking forward to the show, we'll be there with my first venture into O gauge "Glasshouse Loan". Hopefully we'll see you there!
  12. Our club are down with two layouts, just had a call from one of the guys telling me the news, Cheltenham and Digitrains hit hard apparently.
  13. Looking forward to this with Glasshouse Loan's first outing (not very far as it's been in the clubrooms upstairs being worked on for the last 6 months or so!). The layout is pretty much complete after some frantic work over the last few weeks, the next project is stock weathering, we'll be running a mixture of pristine and weathered stock with quite a few members of the Dalnottar Riverside fleet playing a visit! Hopefully we'll see you there. Craig
  14. Thought the programme tonight was really interesting again, the thing that jumped out at me was the Hattons rep getting upset over Hornby releasing the class 66 again, how a model which has it's roots in the old Lima tooling can be seen as competition to the forthcoming Hattons version is beyond me, they will appeal to two different markets in my opinion, the Hornby one will appeal to the modeller who's building on their initial train set, who maybe can't afford the Hattons one to begin with, the Hattons one will be the more experienced modellers choice in my opinion. Thought the programme was a great insight into the company, here's to it's future!
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