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  1. Good evening all, I’ve recently purchased the Railtec transfer set for 97302 in current (named) guise and would appreciate a few pieces of advice before I take the plunge..! These will be going onto the Hornby Railroad / TTS sound 97301 (because I can’t get past how far from ‘301 the loco in question is!) 1) Removing the old numbers (cabside and nose) - T cut and cotton bud or cocktail stick? Cabside will be replaced, nose will not (97302 doesn’t have numbers on the nose in photos post-naming). 2) Attaching and sealing the decals - has anybody any experience with humbrol decalfix in this situation, or is there a strong recommendation on an alternative? Most (all except the cabside number) will be attached where there has been no previous marking Any help greatly appreciated. First time renumbering so very nervous!
  2. That’d be handy if it’s not too much trouble!
  3. That second shot is really quite useful actually! As you’d probably have guessed, I’m toying with trying to replicate it and I thought it’d be good to try to do something with the crossing as a scenic break as opposed to the traditional over bridge (although I could still pose a bus on it!)
  4. Good morning all. Does anybody have access to, or recommendations for sources of images of the GBRF shed at March, between the station and Whitemoor yard? Any time period between the GBRF takeover and today would be useful! So far I’ve been limited to one shot from Wikipedia and a bit of capturing from Google maps. Any help very gratefully appreciated.
  5. You’re very welcome mate. I’m guessing you manage to re-use most of the buildings etc? Between this and your take on Tees Yard I’ve found a fair bit of inspiration to start something, but I don’t think I’ll be breaking it up afterward..!
  6. I’ve got to ask (but I fear to..!) what happens to the last layout when you start the next? Your work is phenomenal, really inspirational small space modelling. Agree that sometimes less is more in terms of track and movements
  7. Cheers! Will have a go later (not used to all of this new stuff... Most of my stock is Poole era farish!)
  8. Top man, thank you! As an aside, none of the service sheets seem to detail removing a coupling from a NEM pocket. Is it a simple matter of pulling it out, or am I over simplifying?
  9. Morning all, Hopefully a quick question - are the Farish 57s (2014 onward) supplied with traditional couplings, or just the detailing parts and NEM pockets? From reading the service sheet for 'Pride of Crewe' it seems to be the latter, but I could do with confirmation... Cheers!
  10. A few ended up on trains in the north west, I think they were displaced by the arrival of the turbos etc
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