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  1. You probably just need to blur out the nuclear submarine behind the class 56...
  2. I'm assuming that '727 is still with GBRf, but not carrying out any CS stock moves, hence losing the logos...unless anybody knows different!
  3. Some extra shots on GBRf's Twitter account. Core livery looks good, sits as well as on the 60s and 47. Don't mind the whisker too much but think better without (anybody else get a deltic vibe from it?) The flags though. The flags look spectacularly half arsed. Could've at least done with some fading or blending.
  4. Not sure how much they shared with the 92 beyond the body shell, but if any of the electrical wizardry in the 60 is akin to that in the 92 it might explain the 56 being an easier target for gutting and re-filling.
  5. With the new RailAdventure pairs I think this advice might be about to be very popular!
  6. Good spot - think I was too quick into revolution's site. At least I can get away without adding catenary for these!
  7. That's awesome. I'm assuming N gauge only, but hoping that this might take a similar collaborative route to the MK5 sets..!
  8. Camera picked up the reversing delivery driver, and accidentally caught 20901 and 905 leaving with a single JNA (understood to be acting as a barrier for whatever scrap move they're working this week!) 73138 has been dumped in the sidings after failing on a route learning trip. 97304 should be along any day to drag it back to Derby RTC. (...still hoping somebody will do the minions next, or a proper GBRf 73/9. Shame Hornby didn't sort the front end of their two!)
  9. Today's lockdown exercise caught an interesting move in Long Ashton sidings. GBRf 20901 and 905 had made the trip over from Worksop and were shuffling about to free up 901 to access the shed. Both the new Hornby Railroad Plus model. I'd pre-ordered 20901 when announced, mostly because I had a TTS20 chip knocking about and I liked the livery on it. Relatively cheap so willing to accept the compromise in detail compared to the Bachmann offering, and on arrival it's a well applied livery (if suffering similar colour questions to the 50s). 20905 was the dark horse. Snuck in on Hornby's 2021 announcement, and from the promo looked like 20901 with a different last number, as opposed to the centre headcode variant. Thoroughly annoyed as Hornby had that in their repertoire with the BR blue / Technical Services versions, I ignored 905 until I happened to see the listing appear on Hattons with some actual photos. Hurrah! It was the correct 20. Similar impression to 901 really. Well applied livery and a solid runner with a TTS chip. Not completely sold on the high intensity headlights, not a great moulding and look like a bit of an afterthought (flat end should be off centre etc), but they're there and look alright in the flesh. Certainly fitting for the railroad badge and the price. If I'd paid comparably to the Bachmann offering this appraisal would be less favourable, but at the end of the day the pair came in at less than a 20/3, and they look and sound the part shuffling about on the layout. As a hobbyist with limited skill (or available time at the moment!) I'm a huge fan of what Hornby are doing with Railroad Plus. I'd never get a £250+ sound equipped loco past the missus, but as most of these can be had below £100 they offer a realistic route in for those of us in the middle ground of the hobby, between the kids and those with the resources to really 'go for it'. It's a nice gently paced release schedule as well, so I reckon there's about one every two months coming this year (97302/4, 37884 - well done Hornby for changing from 510, 47812/5 (both being NHS staff we kinda had to buy that one!) Just got to resist the Colas set now, I've already got GBRf and ROG / Network Rail dropping in to the depot at the moment, think I'd be pushing it with the others!
  10. Also a lovely example of when you've got mostly 90's stock but just had to have the new Hornby release of the latest thing on British Metals!
  11. Really enjoyed catching up on this - great work!
  12. Bit of a bump, but can anybody advise as to which container flats are in use above? Cheers!
  13. ...just imagine if all three of those were firing! They'd certainly make up the time
  14. Looks pretty good with the new grilles. Maybe if GBRf do announce some partnership liveries it'll spare Hornby from attempting their colours again..! (Either that or they might do it as a railroad plus, they seemed to manage okay on 47739) Murmurs of these working some of the infrastructure for HS2, in which case I'd imagine HM Govt might want to adorn the sides with something
  15. Exciting. ROGs operations seems to be varied enough that it might induce manufacturers to a model!
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