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  1. Have you thought about approaching one of the 3D printing gurus? There's a chap on this forum who operates under the name of Recreation21 who can knock up a 3D coach at the drop of the hat once he has the drawings to work from.
  2. I think we're in the middle of the quiet season now, with outdoorsy stuff being more attractive. But keep up the good work.
  3. I've come across that one before. It has a lot of links to articles on LSWR carriages. Really must get one or two...
  4. Speaking of which, is there an index to drawings in Railway Modeller...?
  5. How's the demand for an N gauge/2mm version looking...?
  6. I really wish I could run it looking like that! I've got to get the SR black version and then apply 1920s green lining and Maunsell lettering...
  7. Never trust a wagon whose buffers are too close together... or is that eyes?
  8. Well, I'm hesitant to hijack poor Locksley's thread too much, but perhaps a special 3D requests section along those lines would be possible. Any interested 3D 'producer' could pick up on a suggestion they fancy doing and then show progress in that particular thread. I'd guess you'd need to get in touch with a moderator to get it started.
  9. I've noticed that too. It seems much more focussed here on 2mmFS. But perhaps a twin poll on the 'other' forum will help to balance things?
  10. The photo is coming. I just need to file down the bogie mounts as they raise the body a little higher than expected. Perhaps start a specific Recreation21 thread with a poll of companies or carriages...? The most popular ones get produced. I'll go for anything LSWR and pre-1930 myself. Also S&DJR too - and those carriages are a real collection of odds-and-ends by 1930!
  11. I think a large number of modellers will be happy to see you reach a point at which you're able to model something like that! But starting with wagons and coaches wouldn't be a bad thing either. There are many gaps in the market there, and probably some good, fairly basic detail to get your teeth into.
  12. I certainly won't hold you to it, especially while you're still at the learning stage, but I'd love to see a superheated Drummond L12 loco body to fit a Union Mills T9 chassis in N. One for the future perhaps. I could also guarantee many Southern fans who'd be happy to see one of several carriage diagrams that almost certainly won't be available any other way.
  13. I love the promise being offered by 3D printing. I've long been after different loco bodies for existing N gauge chassis, but right now I'm into the last stages of painting and detailing a 3D printed ex-LSWR royal saloon in N, and I have to say it's looking pretty marvellous. It'll certainly never be available through any manufacturer as it was withdrawn in the early 1930s, so 3D was the only way to go. Before you know it there will be quite a crowd in this thread offering you hints and tips. I'm following around half a dozen similar threads right now, and everyone seems keen on ma
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